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Travelling has been part of all our lives for a very long time, the urge to travel not seeming to go off or fade away even as decades roll by.

An issue that is constantly brought up is whether we have enough money to travel. This is a problem faced especially by the younger generation, who can’t seem to budget their money in terms of fun, and practicality. According to Forbes, young travellers alone, spent $217 billion in 2012.

Fortunately, there are solutions, and the easiest is group travel. Travelling in a  group, especially when you go for tours organised by professional travel agents, really saves you a lot of money. Not only do they find the best places to stay and eat, you also have the luxury of sitting back and relaxing, as your destinations are the best and hand-picked for you!

Besides, there are loads of other good things that come with group travel. For one, you’ll never be lonely, and when you’re surrounded by those close to you, it just becomes ten times more fun. You can have great bonding moments during the trip, especially when travelling with family and close friends, and perhaps even have a couple of inside jokes as you truly get to know your travel companions.

Travelling in low season, is also a sure way to keep your budget in check. Cheaper travel, accommodation, and tickets for tourist spots, will save a chunk of your money, that would have been otherwise needlessly spent.

Group travel during these times, will further reduce your expenses. Buying several tickets usually entitles you to a discount, and for other expenses, everyone pitches in, usually ending up with you not spending on a whim during a holiday.

When travelling in a group, the most plausible choices of companions are either friends or family. Group travel with your family is a great choice, because you can spend quality time together, outside the typical setting of your living room. Plus you can get that perfect picturesque family photo on a scenic vacation, rather than spending money for a professional photographer. Plus, the good memories and a relaxing vacation of course!

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