Affordable tour packages to Hokkaido in Japan


Hokkaido is the second largest and one of the most unspoilt islands in Japan. This attracts a lot of skiers, snowboarders in the colder season and hikers, family campers and cyclist over the warmer periods. The spring periods and the bloom of the beautiful flowers is a popular travel time for tourist. Tour packages to Hokkaido run year around however the most popular are the winter packages or the Lavender season period for the blooming.

Hokkaido offers a range of activities from hot air balloon, dolphin and whale watching, canoeing, rafting, horseback riding. Hokkaido is also considered a great place to fish. Some other activities are bird watching and golf. Hokkaido really brings the four seasons to life with all the available things to do.

Tour packages to Hokkaido are offered from June to August. The tours are for eight days and seven nights. Tour packages itineraries are available in English and Chinese for easier understanding. The Lavender season offers some of the best scenery are person may ever see. The Lavender fields in Furano bloom in July making this an ideal time of the year to take a holiday to Hokkaido.

Another option for any would be traveler is the hot springs provided in Hokkaido. The minerals from the springs are long believed to be good for the body. With over ten hot springs to choose from, one of the most famous is the Toyako Hotsprings. The surrounding hiking trails around there offer the most beautiful natural scenery. The tramp or hike up the volcanic mountain of Tarumaezan in the southern part is one of the most well known hikes around the world making it very popular.

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