Discounted Tour Packages to South Korea


South Korea offers one of the most amazing places to visit. The winter months are more picturesque than most countries in Asia. This morning, visit Yongduam Dragon Head Rock is a volcanic rock that was created from an eruption about two million years ago. Thereafter, visit Mystery Road. Next to visit Seongsan Ilchulbaong Peak, (Sunrise Peak) is a land mass that was created about 100,000 years ago and was above 182 meters abovesea level. It rose from under the sea in a volcanic eruption. Seongeup Folk Village – Its way of life is protected, as it has been designated a Folk Village because of the vast amount of cultural property here.Continue to visit Oedolgae, Seasonal Fruit Garden & Cheonjiyeon Waterfall.

This is but one of the days in the exciting tour packages to Korea that is available. All the tours are packed with adventure, beautiful scenery. Tourist get to see some amazing sights and also the way of life offered in Korea before modernization. More tour packages to Korea are available here.