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12 Days 11 Nights Silk Road & Qinghai

(Urumqi / Turpan / Hami / Dunhuang / Jiayuguan / Jiuquan / Zhangye / Xining / Lanzhou / Xi’an)

Days 01       Kuala Lumpur / Xiamen / Urumqi            Hotel : Hoi Tak Hotel / SML  

                                                                                           MF 832 (0845/1300) + MF 8245 (1620 /0005+1)  

Assemble at Kuala Lumpur International Airport for your flight to Urumqi via Guangzhou. Urumqi is the capital of the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region in China. Upon arrival, have your dinner, and then transfer to hotel.

Days 02       Urumqi ~ Turpan                   ( B / L / D )                 Hotel : Maixi Lai Fu Hotel / SML 

%e5%9b%bd%e9%99%85%e5%a4%a7%e5%b7%b4%e6%89%8eXinjiang International Grand Bazzar
Is an  Islamic bazaar in Urumqi ,Xinjiang.It is largest bazaar in the world by scale, combining Islamic culture ,architecture , ethnic commerce , tourism and entertainment.It is one of the most famous landmarks in Urumqi and in Xinjiang.
%e5%a4%a9%e5%b1%b1%e5%a4%a9%e6%b1%a0%e9%a3%8e%e6%99%af%e5%8c%baTianshan Tianchi Scenic Area (Include Buggy + Boat Ride) 
Lake of Heaven :Lake of Heaven (Tianchi) is arguably one of the nicest spots in all of China. The huge clear water lake, the pine trees covering the hillsides and the snow capped mountains in the background which make this a spectacular sight- reminiscent of Switzerland or the Rocky mountains but somehow with more vibrant and colorful. This huge lake (3km long and 1km wide) sits half way (560 ft) up the mountain range and offers some excellent walking and horse riding with breathtaking views. And with the beautiful legend, you will get a fantastic journey.
Lake of Heaven

Is arguably one of the nicest spots in all of China. The huge clear water lake, the pine trees covering the hillsides and the snowcapped mountains in the background which make this a spectacular sight- reminiscent of Switzerland or the Rocky mountains but   somehow with more vibrant and colorful.

Days 03       Turpan                                 ( B / L / D )          Hotel : Maixi Lai Fu Hotel / SML

%e8%91%a1%e8%90%84%e6%b2%9fGrape Village
Located at west of Flaming Mountain’s gorge. The grape village is about 8km long and 500m wide. There are many mulberries, apricots, peaches and pears along the sides. The large grape ground produces the red grape, black grape and many other kinds grapes. And you will watch the beautiful ethnic girls dancing there.
%e9%ab%98%e6%98%8c%e5%8f%a4%e5%9f%8eGaochang Ancient City
Locate below of the flaming mountain; the city is the important door in the silk road from the Han and Tang Dynasty. The city includes outside city, inside city and palace, you can ride buggy to visit.
%e7%81%ab%e7%84%b0%e5%b1%b1Flaming Mountain
In the evenings the red clay mountains reflect the heat and glow of the desert and seem to burn. So give them a name flaming mountains (Hua Yan Shan). Situated on the northern edge of the Turpan basin, and stretching over 100 km long and 10 km wide, this is an intensely hot part of the desert without a single blade of grass to be seen for miles. In the severe heat of July, the mountains seem to be on fire in the burning sun and become a purplish-brown color.
Thousand-Buddha Cave

Turpan in Xinjiang, 45 km east of the foot of the flame, the west side of the cliff. There are 83 caves, the existing 57. There are more than 40 frescoes,The total area of ​​1,200 square meters, is the largest cave in the existing caves in Turpan, the murals of the richest group of grottoes, is the territory of Xinjiang, one of the larger Buddhist cave temples.

Day 4    Turpan ~ Train ~ Dunhuang                  (B/L/D)             Hotel: DunHuang Fu Guo Hotel /SML

Mingsha Mountain & Crescent Moon Spring

Located in the south of Dunhuang City Yang Jiaqiao Township, from the record in the two thousand years ago the Han Dynasty, the sisters have been attractions, the local people every year in May will go and pray.Crescent Moon Spring: the shape resembles a new round Month named.

%e6%b2%99%e6%b4%b2%e5%a4%9c%e5%b8%82Shazhou Night Market
The main square with famous snack, music cafes, culture and entertainment, calligraphy and painting craft night market .

Day 5    Dunhuang ~ Jiayuguan                        (B/L/D)             Hotel: Jiugang Hotel / SML

%e8%8e%ab%e9%ab%98%e7%aa%9fMogao Grottoes (Mogao Ku)
known as the Thousand Buddha Caves, constitute one of the three major Buddhist grotto sites in China. It is situated 25 kilometers southeast of Dunhuang city on cliffs in the eastern Singing Sand Mountains. Dating back to the Han Dynasty, the caves contain Buddhist sculpture and frescoes from ten dynasties ending with the Tang. Despite the ravages of time, the winds and sand, 492 caves are still in existence.
%e5%98%89%e5%b3%aa%e5%85%b3%e5%9f%8e%e6%a5%bcJiayuguan Fort (Include Buggy)
Is the first pass at the west end of the Great Wall of China. Along with Juyongguan and Shanhaiguan, it is one of the main passes of the Great Wall. (Jiayuguan to Jiayu tower drive about 10 minutes one way 7KM).
%e9%95%bf%e5%9f%8e%e5%8d%9a%e7%89%a9%e9%a6%86Great Wall Museum
Sometimes you can view the Gebi shoal and the mirage during the journey.

Day 6    Jiayuguan ~ Jiuquan ~ Zhangye          (B/L/D)              Hotel: Zhangye electric Building / SML

%e9%85%92%e6%b3%89%e5%85%ac%e5%9b%adJiuquan Park
Has a history more that 2000 years, also named Spring and Lake Park, because there is a wine spring in the park. According to the legend, there is gold in the spring.
Moonlight Cup Factory
%e4%ba%94%e5%bd%a9%e5%b1%b1Wucaishan (Include Buggy)
Xinjiang colorful mountain located in Xinjiang Aksu Baicheng Kranjcar Qi town faces east Kranjcar Qi town about 40 kilometers. Colorful mountain to mountain with five colors and famous, but it not only has brilliant colors.

Day 7    Zhangye ~ Xining                                 (B/L/D)              Hotel: De Gong Hotel  / SML

%e9%9d%92%e6%b5%b7%e6%b9%96Qinghai Lake (Include Buggy + Boat Ride)
view the Riyue Mountain. Qinghai Lake: It is the largest salt-water lake in China, in ancient times the lake was known as the Western Sea.

Day 8    Xining ~ Lanzhou                                  (B/L/D)                        Hotel: Changxin International Hotel / SML

Dong Guan Grand Mosque
Dongguan Mosque  is a mosque in xining, qinghai Province, china. It is the largest mosque in Qinghai.
 Tulou Temple

Xining’s most important site is the Taoist Tulou Temple or North Monastery, at the northwest end of town. Construction on this series of mountainside cloisters and pavilions began more than 1,700 years ago during the Northern Wei Dynasty. Climbing the stairs to the white pagoda at the top gives you a view of the entire city sprawled out beneath you. To get here, take a taxi.

%e9%bb%84%e6%b2%b3%e6%af%8d%e4%ba%b2%e5%83%8f Statue of Huanghe Mother
 %e9%bb%84%e6%b2%b3%e9%93%81%e6%a1%a5Huanghe Iron Bridge
The Zhongshan Bridge was the first permanent bridge over the Yellow River. The bridge located in Lanzhou, Gansu. Construction of the bridge began in 1907 and the bridge was completed in 1909.
 %e9%bb%84%e6%b2%b3%e6%b0%b4%e8%bd%a6%e5%9b%adHuanghe Water Mill Yellow River water tankers
located in the Yellow River bend from Shapotou about 6-7 km. Here stands the six giant wooden waterwheel, the water impact, slowly rotating day and night, and issued a great rushing sound, causing an infinite interest tourists. Along the Yellow River waterwheel is an ancient tool for irrigation. Now more are eliminated, the existing six giant water wheel is designed for visitors to enjoy entertainment purposes.After dinner, take a train to the capital of Shaanxi Province, Xi’an. Xi’an is one of the Four Great Ancient Capital in China with more than 3100 years of history.
General Shop

Day 9    Lanzhou ~ TianShui                             (B/L/D)              Hotel: Huatian Electronic Hotel / SML

South Zhaizi 

Is located in the Chinese historical and cultural city of Tianshui City Hu residential buildings is the State Council in June 2001 announced the fifth batch of national key cultural relics protection units.



Fuxi Temple
Fuxi Temple, facing south, facing the street, the courtyard with a set of four into the four homes, Wangkuo deep. The new building has room, Beilang. Total of 76 new and old buildings.

Day 10  Tianshui~FaMen Temple~xi’an            (B/L/D)              Hotel: Lanxi Hotel/SML

Famen Temple (Include Buggy Car)
Also known as law cloud Temple, Ashoka Temple, located in Baoji City, Shaanxi Province, China Fufeng County, 10 kilometers north of Famen town. Founded in the late Eastern Han Dynasty Huanling years, about 1,700 years of history, “the ancestral temple in Guanzhong,” said. Famen Temple for the relics and home tower, tower and built the temple, formerly known as Ashoka Temple.
Muslin Street
It is the gathering place for Muslim in Xian. This street has shops selling a large variety of interesting local delicacies, snacks and souvenirs
%e9%92%9f%e9%bc%93%e6%a5%bc%e5%b9%bf%e5%9c%baBell and Drum Tower Square
Originally built in Ming Dynasty, the tower was used to announce the time of day for Xi’an residents and serve as a watchtower that time. Today, one enormous bell dominates the top level of the four-story tower, accompanied by several smaller bells and chimes, most of which are replicas of the originals.
Jade Gallery

Day 11  Xi’an                                                    (B/L/D)              Hotel: Lanxi Hotel/SML

%e5%85%b5%e9%a9%ac%e4%bf%91%e5%8d%9a%e7%89%a9%e9%a6%86Terracotta Warriors and Emperor Qin Shi Huang Tomb (Include Buggy)
Arguably one of China’s most famous and popular tourist sites, the Terracotta Warriors (bingmayong) are among the top archaeological excavations of the 20th Century. The warriors have made Xi’an the biggest tourist destination today and the wealth in this city owes much to their discovery. This incredible collection of 6,000 men and their horses was actually discovered completely by accident by a group of peasants in 1974 who were digging a well! The warriors are over 2,000 years old and were originally constructed to protect the tomb of the Emperor Qin Shi Huang. The Warriors are now housed in a huge airplane hangar and despite their fame and the throngs of tourists visiting the site, they are still incredibly impressive. These life size warriors stand on guard as if preparing for battle. Historians believe that these magnificent men were originally painted. The paint has now worn and the original Bronze Age weapons (including swords, arrows and lances) that many of the soldiers carried only a few years ago, are now locked up away from public eyes. Although there are 6,000 of the statues remaining, there were actually many more when the tomb was first built.
%e5%8d%8e%e6%b8%85%e6%b1%a0Huaqing Pool 
is the bathroom of Concubine Yang Guifei and the place of Xi’an incident. You will visit the sitting room and office of Mr Jiang at there. Situated 30 kilometers east of Xi’an and at the foot of the Lishan Hills. The springs were a popular retreat with Emperors more than 2500 years ago, many of whom enjoyed bathing in the perfectly clear mineral water. The most romantic story that accom panies the history of the springs is that of the Chinese equivalent of Romeo and Juliet; the story of the Emperor Xuan Zong and his concubine Yang Guifei. Yang was a poor girl who the Emperor took a fancy to and promoted to the position of “Lady”.
Daxingshan Temple & Nanhu Lake scenic area

Daxingshan Temple is the royal monastery of the Sui and Tang dynasties, one of the “eight Buddhas”, “Tantric” ancestral court, the Sui and Tang Dynasties are three Chang’an translation of the Chang’an Chengdong Square (now Xi’an small Zhai Xing Shan Temple West).

Silk Gallery

Days 12      Xi’an / Xiamen  / Kuala Lumpur      ( B ) MF 8218 (1225 /1505) + MF 831 (1800/2200)

After breakfast, transfer to airport for flight back to Kuala Lumpur via Guangzhou.

Special Cuisine: Muslin Flavor, Xinjiang Nation Flavor, Xinjiang Roast Lamb, Camel Feet, Steamed Pot Chicken, Ganzhou First Steak, Islamic Flavor, Lanzhou Noodle, Dumpling Banquet, Train Bento, TianShui Flavor, Famen Temple Vegetarian Flavor, Kudai Noodle Flavor, Silk Road Welcome Feast

★Optional Tour as Below:
1. Gansu Sector RMB 80/person: Sheepskin rafts in Yellow River
2. Xi’an Sector RMB 150/person: Ancient City Wall, 1 Hour Foot Massage, Great Tang All Day Mall, Free Paper-Cut

(Remark: Content of optional tour subject to change)


** The above itinerary is for reference only, and is subject to any necessary changes in accordance to local requirement. (MF-12SLK)**

**Terms & Conditions Apply **

12 Days 11 Nights Silk Road & Qinghai 

(Urumqi / Turpan / Hami / Dunhuang / Jiayuguan / Jiuquan / Zhangye / Xining / Lanzhou / Xi’an)

Departure  Tour Packages Airlines Price From (RM)
 08 Sep 2018 12 Days 11 Nights Silk Road & Qinghai – Urumqi / Turpan / Hami / Dunhuang / Jiayuguan / Jiuquan / Zhangye / Xining / Lanzhou / Xi’an MF 8156
11 Sep 2018   12 Days 11 Nights Silk Road & Qinghai – Urumqi / Turpan / Hami / Dunhuang / Jiayuguan / Jiuquan / Zhangye / Xining / Lanzhou / Xi’an MF  8156
15 Sep 2018   12 Days 11 Nights Silk Road & Qinghai – Urumqi / Turpan / Hami / Dunhuang / Jiayuguan / Jiuquan / Zhangye / Xining / Lanzhou / Xi’an  MF  8156
** The above itinerary is for reference only, and is subject to any necessary changes in accordance to local requirement. (MF-12SLK)**
**Terms & Conditions Apply **
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