5D4N Japan.Okinawa (Okinawa Ocean Park / Fruit Land / American Village/Castles of The Ryukyu Kingdom )

27/1    Day 1    KLIA   Taipei  / Okinawa (Naha Airport)           CI 726 ( 0720/1150 )+ CI 122 ( 1720/1945 )
( 5:20 am ) Assemble at KLIA for your flight to Okinawa. Upon arrival , transfer to hotel .

Meal On Board
Hotel : (Seaside) Okinawa Zanpamisaki Royal Hotel       or similar class

28/1      Day 2    Koursi Bridge ~ GALA Sea Salt Museum ~ Cape Manzamo ~ Okinawa Fruit Land

kouri-bridgeKouri Bridge
Kouri is Okinawan’s sacred island in legend. Connect Kouri Island and mainland is this longest bridge in Japan that has 2020m.
gala-sea-saltGALA Sea Salt Museum
Used Okinawa Salt as theme’s sightseeing facility!
cape-manzamoCape Manzamo
Raging wave at the cliff of protuberant coral reef and a dazzling view of emerald ocean. It characterized by cliffs on the coast, with the shape of the stone, like elephant nose.
okinawa-fruit-landOkinawa Fruit Land + Bird Park + Butterfly Garden
Known as Tropical Kingdom. They have hundreds of fruit trees, butterfly garden with some interested décor and variety of different birds, some in cages, but the ones that definitely will catch your attention are the free flying multicolored parrots!
pineapple-farmPineapple Farm FREE one Cup of Pineapple Sunday /per two persons
Breakfast : Hotel    // Lunch : Japanese Toufu Cuisine  // Dinner : BBQ Buffet + Drinks
Hotel : (Seaside) Okinawa Zanpamisaki Royal Hotel       or similar class

29/1      Day3        Ocean Expo Park ~ Chatan Mihama American Village ~ Castles of  The Ryukyu Kingdom ~

Wine Factory ~ Outlet Mall

okinawa-ocean-expo-parkOkinawa Ocean Expo Park Dolphin Show ~ Rainbow Coral Sea ~ Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium
Amazed by their incredible dolphins jumping out of the water while you’re looking at the spectacular views of the ocean. Enjoy the beautiful Rainbow Coral in the sea.

chatan-mihama-american-villageChatan Mihama American Village
The most recognizable feature of the American Village is the large Ferris Wheel. Many American military bases are located in the area, and the entertainment complex’ theme of Americana provides a nostalgic pleasure for residents of the bases as well as an interesting diversion for the locals. The Mihama American Village resembles a big American outdoor shopping mall with lots of shops, restaurants and cafes.

 castle-of-the-ryukyu-kingdomWorld Heritage :Castles of The Ryukyu Kingdom
Cultural heritage sites are scattered among the southernmost islands of Japan and on the main island of Okinawa. There are nine ruins symbolizing the unique culture and religious beliefs of the Kingdom of Ryukyu that once flourished here. Shuri Castle is built on upland 120m above sea level overlooking Naha City. The castle area surrounded by stone walls.
 wine-factoryWine Factory
Tasting Sakae ( Japanese Rice Wine ).
Outlet Mall
customer can also enjoy your shopping moment at here. There selling branded product and unique handicraft’s “Local Farm”.
Breakfast : Hotel   // Lunch : Japanese Cuisine     // Dinner : Japanese Cuisine            
Hotel : (City) Hotel Royal Orion  Okinawa           or similar class

30/1      Day 4       Heiwakinen Park ~ Okinawa World ~ Naminoue Shrine ~ Duty Free Shop  ~  Kokusai Dori

heiwakinen-parkHeiwakinen Park
is the biggest battle of Okinawa war zone, to commemorate the return of Okinawa in the construction of this Peace Park.
okinawa-worldOkinawa WorldGyokusendo Caves + Ryukyu Drum Performance + Experience Wearing Traditional Costume
is one of the most popular destinations on the Okinawa Main Island. One of the most popular attractions in Okianwa World is the Gyokusendo Caves that stretch underground for over 5km. Kingdom Village is a replica of a traditional Okinawa village. Enjoy the Harvest Festival folk dance by traditional drum team.
naminoue-shrineNaminoue Shrine
Is one of the eight temple in Okinawa that located above the coral reef which can having the panorama view of Naha Port. Important festivals also are organizing at here and attract many Okinawan and foreigners come here to make a wish.
kokusai-doriKokusai Dori
The street takes its name from the former “Ernie Pyle International Theatre”, a movie theatre that was built along the road after the war. The street bustles with everything you can find in Okinawa.
Breakfast : Hotel            // Lunch : Ryukyu Buffet             // Dinner : Own Arrangement            
Hotel : (City) Hotel Royal Orion  Okinawa           or similar class

31/1      Day 5       Okinawa (Naha Airport) /  Taipei   KLIA     CI 121 ( 1155/1235 ) + CI 725 ( 1840/2325 )
After breakfast, transfer to airport for the flight return home.
Breakfast : Hotel            // Lunch : Meal On Board           // Dinner :  Meal On Board           


5D4N Japan.Okinawa (Okinawa Ocean Park / Fruit Land / American Village/Castles of The Ryukyu Kingdom )

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27 Jan 5 Days 4 Nights Japan Okinawa CI 5488 Available Winter Itinerary 行程

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