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7Days 6Nights Taiwan Leisure Tour

(Qing Jing Farm/Flower Farm/Tainan Salt Filed. Crystal Church/Kaohsiung: Cijin Island , Ten Drum Show/Yilan).

Day 1  KLIA  Taipei   CI 726 (0720/1150)  ~ Yilan ~ Hot Spring Resort

Onion Field Experience DIY Onion Pancake


Yi Lan :  Jiaoxi Hot Spring Park
Breakfast :meal on board     //  Lunch : Taiwanese Cuisine            //           Dinner : Seafood Cuisine
Hotel: Yilan . Jiaoxi Sun Spring Resort (Hot Spring Hotel)  or similar class (« Kindly Prepare Swimsuit & Swim Cap)

Day 2  Fisherman’s Wharf /Danshui Old Street ~ Taipei 101 ~
Taichung : Chung Se Flower Farm ~ Yizhong District

Fisherman’s Wharf
Develop fisheries together with sightseeing leisure park, has become the scene of many advertisementDanshui Old Street
Was the earliest develop port that gather restaurant, antique shop.
Taipei 101 Building Shopping Mall Own Expenses for Observation Deck


Taichung . Chung Se Flower Farm (included entrance fee )


Taichung : Yizhong District Free Pineapple cake
Breakfast : Hotel     //  Lunch : BBQ + Buffet         //           Dinner : Own Expenses
Hotel: Taichung . Ever Delightful Business Hotel    or similar class

Day 3    Taichung ~ Nantou : Sun Moon Lake & Wen-Wu Temple ~ Qing Jing Leisure Farm ~ Qing Jing Sky Walk

Sun Moon Lake ( included cruise ride )
The lake is located in the middle of Taiwan, is the only natural big lake in Taiwan. The southern part of Kuang-Hua Island is shaped like a new moon, and the northern part is shaped like a sun; hence the name Sun-Moon Lake.
Local Product Shop
Wen-Wu Temple
This is a very large temple celebrating Confucius. Lovely place to walk around and admire the ornate chinese temple, as well as the intricate marble carving on all the walls…… It has a great view of the Sun Moon Lake from atop the temple.
Qing Jing Leisure Farm (included entrance fee of Grass Land, The Sheep Farm )

Enjoy the great view and nice scenery on the Qing Jing Sky Walk

Breakfast: Hotel  //   Lunch: Taiwanese Cuisine (3 Cup Chicken)   // Dinner: Farm Resort Cuisine
Hotel: Nantou . Qing Jing  Sweden Holiday Boutique Hotel  or similar class

Day 4    Qing Jing ~ Tea Farm ~ Tainan: Crystal Church + Whale Specimens ~ Salt Field ~ Kaoshiung:
Cijin Island & Seafood Street & Cijin Seaside Park ~ New Jue Jiang Night Maket

Tea Farm
Beimen Tourist Service Center
Crystal Church & Whale Specimens
Copy Guam’s St Lguna Chaple’s Crystal Church, it show romantic, mystery under the sunny day  
Salt Fields FREE Prosperity Pack
the first salt field in Tainan’s Beimen area, you can make own solar salt using the ancient method.
Cijin Island ( Included Ferry Ticket) & Seafood Street & Cijin Seaside Park
across Kaohsiung waterway which has lots of seafood shop and selling variety of fresh seafoods restaurant.
New Jue Jiang Night MaketFREE Pearl Milk Tea
Breakfast : Hotel     //  Lunch : Pork Knuckle Cuisine      //           Dinner : Own Expenses
Hotel: Kaohsiung . Sun Hotel   or similar class   

Day 5  Kaoshiung: Tem Drum Cultural Village ~ Moon World Landscape Park ~ Taichung Feng Jia Night Market

Ten Drum Cultural Village (included entrance fee )
Enjoy the Wonderful Drumming Arts Performance
At here got introduction to ten drum history, Drum Classroom and others.
Pearl Gallery
Moon World Landscape Park
Is mainly composed of mudstone, sandstone, shale and other limestone, chalky terrain. Due to the high alkalinity of chalky soil is not suitable for vegetation growth, only thorn bamboo can survive in here.
Taichung Feng Jia Night Market
Breakfast : Hotel     //  Lunch : Local Cuisine               //           Dinner : Own Expenses
Hotel: Taichung .  Kun Hotel     or similar class 

Day 6  Taichung ~ Taipei: Yehliu Scenic Area ~ Jiufen Old Street ~ Experience DIY Biscuit ~ Shilin Night Market

Yehliu Scenic Area
Is a long cape formed by Datun Mountain reaching into the sea. Yehliu is full of seawater-eroded holes as well as numerous rocks in the shape of mushroom and etc.
Jiufen Old Street
To see the old fashioned way of life that still exist. It is said that long time ago there were only nine families in Jiufen. Before the roads on land were built, all materials were transported via ships. Thus a habit was formed that nine pieces of same object were purchased at one time for reservation. Hence, the place was called Jiufen.
Experience DIY Biscuit
Cosmetic Duty Free Shop
Shilin Night Market
Breakfast : Hotel     //  Lunch : Seafood Cuisine          //           Dinner : Own Expenses
Hotel: Taipei . Hotelday  or similar class

Day 7  Taipei : Martyr’’s Shrine ~ Xi Men Ding ~ Airport   Kuala Lumpur  CI 725 (1840/2325)

Martyr’’s Shrine
Fongsui Art Gallery
Xi Men Ding
Breakfast : Hotel     //  Lunch : Taiwan Steamboat         //        Dinner : Meal on Board


** The sequence of itinerary, meals and hotel are subject to the final adjustment of the local ground operator. ** Terms & Conditions Apply


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