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8 Days 7 Nights Shanghai / JiaXing /Hangzhou / Dongyang / Hengdian / Yiwu / Suzhou / Nanjing / Wuxi – Malaysia Airlines


Day  1    Kuala Lumpur ~ ShangHai ~ FengJing Town ~ JiaXing       MH 388 (0900/1420)      ( D )

Assemble at Kuala Lumpur International Airport for your flight to Shanghai .
%e6%9e%ab%e6%b3%be%e5%8f%a4%e9%95%87Fengjing Ancient town
Which  is a typical water town, being one of the eight new views of Shanghai.The largest ancient water town in Shanghai.
Yuehe street which is known as entertainment, shopping , leisure, catering, and tourism as a whole .
Hotel : Sun Shine Hotel  / SML  

Day  2   JiaXing ~ HangZhou                          ( B / L / D )           

%e5%98%89%e5%85%b4%e5%8d%97%e6%b9%96South lake 
Which is only arrived by boat. Located in the center of Nanhu lake. Yanyu Lou founded in the Five Dynasties, from the Tang Dynasty from the smoke blowing Zhu, the breeze is brewing hazy scenery famous, Lake boats gathered, song and dance in the incessant, called Jiangnan spectacular. Qian Long, Sun Zhongshan and other literati tour on the island for many times.
长桥公园Walking in West Lake
A well known street for bars, art galleries and entertainment . Long Bridge Garden; is one of the lover bridge in Hangzhou, according to the folk story, Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai was send each other back for 18 times at this bridge. You also can view Leifeng Pagoda  inside the garden.
杭州京杭大运河1Hangzhou Canal
The 38th session of the World Heritage Committee announced that China Grand Canal project was selected as the World Heritage List, becoming China’s first 46 World Heritage Project . 
Hotel : Hangzhou Shitang Relax  / SML

Day  3  HangZhou ~ DongYang ~  HengDian ~ YiWu              ( B / L / D )

%e4%b9%89%e4%b9%8c%e5%9b%bd%e9%99%85%e5%95%86%e8%b4%b8%e5%9f%8eYiwu International Trade City
The largest trade city in China with more than 30000 booths inside. Here lays a good assortment of goods which is filling at the price.
Visit the Woodcarvings City.
%e6%a8%aa%e5%ba%97%e5%bd%b1%e8%a7%86%e5%9f%8eHengdian World Studio 
It is the largest studio in China; a popular film & TV production base.
%e7%a7%a6%e7%8e%8b%e5%ae%abEmperor Qin Palace
Many blockbuster film and drama were shot here including some popular films, such as “The Emperor and the Assassin”, “Hero”, “The Promise”, “Mummy 3”, “Curse of the Golden Flower” and so on. Then, visit to Dream Valley, is a theme park specializes in evening entertainment.
%e6%a2%a6%e5%b9%bb%e8%b0%b7Dream Valley
Is a theme park specializes in evening entertainment. You will experience a special effect show call Rainfall & Mountain Torrents inside.
 Hotel : Jiahua Business Hotel / SML

Day  4      YiWu ~ SuZhou                                          ( B / L / D )                 

%e8%8b%8f%e5%b7%9e%e6%9c%a8%e6%b8%8e%e5%9b%ad%e6%9e%97Mudu scenic area
Located in the southwest of Suzhou City, Mudu Town Scenic Area is a National 4A scenic area with gardens, mountains and rocks. Mudu town is a famous cultural town in China’s history. With numerous gardens built in the Ming and Qing dynasties, Mudu is famous for its gardens.  Hongyinshanfang Garden, this was the private landscape garden of a scholar named Xu Shiyuan who lived during the Qing Dynasty,combines the characteristics of a delicate southern landscape and a grand northern royal garden. In the eastern part of Xiaoyin Garden, old trees, remarkable rocks and bamboo show people a charming but peaceful natural scenery.
圆融时代广场Yuanrong Times Square
You can see the largest LED Screen in the world at there. This screen is 500M long and 32M wide.
苏州科技文化艺术中心Jinji Lake
 Then view the “Bird Nest of Suzhou” – Suzhou Science & Culture Art Centre (SSCAC), it is known as twin brother of “Bird Nest” in Beijing because is same designer who design the building
Hotel : Nanya Hotel / SML

DAY 5    SUZHOU ~ NANJING                   ( B/L/D )                Hotel : Nanjing Rsun Hotel / SML

苏州寒山寺Morning tour in the history of China’s top ten temples of Hanshan Temple, founded in southernXiaoling generation day prison years (AD 502 ~519 years ) , at the begining of the name ‘Miao Li Puming Tayuan ’ . Hanshan Temple covers an area of about 13000 square meters , contruction area of Sanqiansibaiyu square meters .
长江大桥To the capital of Jiangsu Province , is the ancient capital of the Six Dynasties called Nanjing (about 3 ½ hours ) integrant drive . Upon arrival ,  visit to a total length of more than 6000metres of  Yangtze River Bridge & view The Nanjing Circumvallation , on the Yangtze River Bridge , the first completely by Chinese design , construction and using domestic materials of double type railway .

Day  6    NanJing ~ WuXi                                ( B / L / D )                

中山陵Dr Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum (exclude buggy)
There is a granite reposing statue of Dr. Sun in the Sacrifice Hall. The statue is vivid and looks alive; Dr Sun was dressed in a long robe and a mandarin jacket and sat there quietly. On the granite wall carved with his posthumous work – The article of The Fundamentals of National Reconstruction.
灵山大佛风景区Lingshan Giant Buddha (include buggy) 
With Lingshan at its backdrop, the statue rises 88 meters to become the highest bronze Sakyamuni standing Buddha outdoor. It was built in the end of 1996 and is one of the largest Buddha statues in China. Enjoy a special fountain show call “JiuLongGuanYu” inside the scenic area.
梵宫Fangong Palace 
This palace is built for Second World Buddhist Forum and is full of artwork and treasure.
Hotel : Wisdom Hotel / SML

Day  7    WuXi ~ ShangHai                                 ( B / L / D )                 

蠡湖风景区Lihu park
Li Hu, also known as Wuli Lake, Taihu Lake extending into Wuxi, located at southwest suburb of the southern city of Wuxi, about 10 km from the city center, shaped like a gourd, something previous six kilometers long, north-south width of 0.3 to 1.8 km, area 8.0 square kilometers. Southeast ten long wide river link with Taihu Lake.
%e6%96%b0%e5%a4%a9%e5%9c%b0Visit the new world
%e7%8e%af%e7%90%83%e9%87%91%e8%9e%8d%e4%b8%ad%e5%bf%83100%e5%b1%82Global Financial Center 100
The tower 474 meters high. Look into the distance, all the beautiful panoramic view of the Bund. In addition, in vacant corridor experience walking in the cloud space beauty of artistic conception, see the Huangpu River flowing at the foot, the Oriental Pearl Tower and Pudong Lujiazui picture.
Hotel : Friend Hotel / SML

Day  8    ShangHai  ~ Kuala Lumpur          MH 389 (1535/2100)              ( B /L )

Shopping District, is a large number of rebuilt Ming and Qing dynasty-style buildings. It is known as “Kingdom of Shanghai Arts & Crafts and small Articles”, is a good site for specialty Chinese goods ranging from antiques, jewelry to silk threads and so on.
磁悬浮列车Maglev Train
Proceed to Pudong International Airport and flight back to Kuala Lumpur. This line is 30 kilometers long and only take 7½ minutes to station, maximum speed can reach 431KM/H.

★Special Cuisine: Golden Jaguar Buffet , Hot Pot Flavor ,Barbecue Buffet ,DongPo Pork , Beggar’s Chicken, Salted Duck , Wuxi Pork Ribs ,Wuxi Qianlong Banquet , Squirrel Mandarin Fish.
★Optional Tour-RMB 300/person: Cruise ride in Huangpu River , Nanjing Road Lakeside Top Brand Street , Southern Song Imperial Street,  Suzhou Guanqian Street , Nanjing Confusion Temple Shopping Area , Wuxi Wanda Plaza .



8 Days 7 Nights Shanghai / JiaXing /Hangzhou / Dongyang / Hengdian / Yiwu / Suzhou / Nanjing / Wuxi – Malaysia Airlines

Departure 2017Tour PackagesAirlinesPrice (RM)StatusSeasonENGCHI
18 MAR8D7NShanghai/JiaXing/Hangzhou/Dongyang/Hengdian/Yiwu/Suzhou/Nanjing/Wuxi MH2579AvailableSpringItinerary行程
19 MAR8D7NShanghai/JiaXing/Hangzhou/Dongyang/Hengdian/Yiwu/Suzhou/Nanjing/WuxiMH2579AvailableSpringItinerary行程
27 MAY8D7NShanghai/JiaXing/Hangzhou/Dongyang/Hengdian/Yiwu/Suzhou/Nanjing/WuxiMH2579AvailableSpringItinerary行程
28 MAY8D7NShanghai/JiaXing/Hangzhou/Dongyang/Hengdian/Yiwu/Suzhou/Nanjing/WuxiMH2579AvailableSpringItinerary行程
03 JUN8D7NShanghai/JiaXing/Hangzhou/Dongyang/Hengdian/Yiwu/Suzhou/Nanjing/WuxiMH2579AvailableSpringItinerary行程

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