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8 Days 7 Nights Xiamen / Nanjing Tulou Gou / Chaoshan / Quanzhou Anxi / Yongchun – Air Asia

DAY 1   KUALA LUMPUR ~ SHANTOU   AK 142 (1050/1510)     ( D )      Hotel : Jiada Hotel / SML

Assemble at Kuala Lumpur International Airport for your flight to Shantou, Taste Chaoshan 18 flavor at dinner(such as mashed taro and pumpkin,fried oyster ect.)

DAY 2           
SHANTOU~CHANZHOU        ( B/L/D )          Hotel : Hongwei Riverside Hotel / SML

汕头人民广场After breakfast, proceed to visit Haibin Walkway+People’s Square (view) .People’s Square, located between Beach Road and Shantou municipal government building, area is 6.3 hectares, is an important landmark in Shantou, can accommodate large gatherings. Is for open-air stage, Roman colonnades and the musical fountain composition, and close to the port of Shantou, is a must-see tourist attractions.
中山公园Zhongshan Park – the earliest and largest park in Shantou.
老妈宫Laoma Palace(Mazu Temple)- it is One of the earliest building in Shantou,also named Laoma Place or Tianhou Palace.
华侨新村步行街Free shopping at Overseas Chinese Village Walking & Shopping Street.  Shantou Overseas Chinese Village Road pedestrian street in the center of the rear side of Jinsha Park, in November 2000 officially open for business, public visitors referred pedestrian street.
%e6%bd%ae%e5%b7%9e%e5%bc%80%e5%85%83%e5%af%baTransfer to Chaozhou, Visit  Kaiyuan Temple , ancient city walls, Stone Archway Street , The whole temple retains the layout of the Tang Dynasty, and the condensation of the Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties of various architectural art, incense. During the “Cultural Revolution”, Kaiyuan Temple who have been severely damaged ,  in 1982 overseas Chinese, Hong Kong and Macao compatriots donated, to conduct a comprehensive maintenance, so Kaiyuan Temple reproduce past glory.
湘子桥View Xiangzi Bridge and Guangjimen Ancient City Gate which has a history of more than 600 years. Taste Chaozhou Traditional Preserves. Taste Chaozhou local Cuisine at dinner(Marinated Goose etc.)

(B/L/D)      Hotel : Hakka Hotel / SML

田螺坑土楼群Transfer to Yongding taste, Yongding Hakka Flavor(salted chicken etc.),visit One of the most beautiful village-Nanjiang Tulou Gou Village, surrounded by green mountains with murmuring stream, the stone bridge, meandering pebble road, the earthen building.
Then, visit local famer’s fruit farm, enjoy Fruit-picking there(the fruit picking season is from April to December, visit the fruit farm & taste fruits during the other months when there are no fruits. )


DAY 4            YONGDING~ XIAMEN                 ( B/L/- )                   Hotel : Hooray Hotel / SML

南普陀Visit Nanputuo Temple, A famous temple in Fujian, was first constructed in Tang Dynasty and backs on to a group of exquisite peaks.
 五缘湾休闲区Visit Wuyuan Bay Tourism Area ( includes Wetland Park, Yacht Dock and Commercial Street).Walk freely along Wooden Board Road.

DAY 5              XIAMEN                               ( B/L/D )                          Hotel : Hooray Hotel / SML

白鹭洲公园After breakfast, visit Egret Park (Bailuzhou Park) & Goddess of Egret’s Statue . Egret Park (Bailuzhou Park) Egret Island Park, the theme of the park are music Fountain , Egret Goddess and Trafalgar Square as the center, including entertainment, catering, leisure and other projects, so that you can play in a small park fill.
环岛路Then go to Huandao Road – The most beautiful seaside road  in Xiamen,where you can  view to Kinmen.
%e6%9b%be%e5%8e%9d%e5%9e%b5Visit Zeng Cuo An, the most classic village in China-it’s nameed  The Land Gulang Islet, you can freely explore the old buildings built by Overseas Chinese, special gift shops, coffee shop etc.

DAY 6              XIAMEN~YONGCHUN                    ( B/L/D )                    
Hotel :Yongchun Hotel

%e8%80%81%e9%99%a2%e5%ad%90%e6%b0%91%e4%bf%97%e6%96%87%e5%8c%96%e9%a3%8e%e6%83%85%e5%9b%adVisit Xiamen Laoyuanzi Folk Culture and Customs Garden Scenic Area . It shows the lives of ordinary fishermen and their families in southern Fujian, tells the lives and endeavors of the generations of Hokkien Chinese who migrated to Southeast Asia near the end of the Qing Dynasty. It mainly demonstrates local fishing village culture, folk culture and customs, Mazu culture, the culture of  Southeast Asia migration, and the culture of search for ancestry and origins. Taste Minnan Fisherman’ family  Flavor (Fried Osyster Etc.)
%e6%ac%a7%e9%99%86%e9%a3%8e%e6%83%85%e4%b8%80%e6%9d%a1%e8%a1%97Transfer to Yongchun ,visit Chenghuang Temple, free &easy shopping at Yongchun European style Street .Taste White Duck Soup  Flavor at dinner.

DAY 7              YONGCHUN~ANXI~QUANZHOU       ( B/L/D )        Hotel :
Huijin Hotel / SML

%e5%ae%89%e6%ba%aa%e8%93%ac%e8%8e%b1%e6%b8%85%e6%b0%b4%e5%b2%a9%e7%a5%96%e5%b8%88%e5%ba%99After breakfast, visit Qingshui Rock Zushi Temple at Penglai, taste Anxi Local Flavor(Hutou rice noodle,Dried Tofu etc.)

Transfer to Quanzhou, visit the Fujian-Taiwan Kinship Museum – the main building of four floor and 43meters height . The entrance to the “Kowloon pillar”, 19 meters high, 2 meters wide, is one of the highest “Kowloon column” in the mainland.

%e6%b3%89%e5%b7%9e%e5%8d%97%e5%b0%91%e6%9e%97%e9%81%97%e5%9d%80Visit South Shaolin Temple, it is a  famous temple in Fujian, was first constructed in Tang Dynasty. overlook the city statue of Quanzhou- Bronze Statue of Zheng Chenggong.
%e6%bd%ae%e5%b7%9e%e5%bc%80%e5%85%83%e5%af%baVisit Kaiyuan Temple (East & West Pagodas) , which was built in Tang Dynasty, is the largest and also a very famous temple in Fujian. Taste Quanzhou Minnan  flavor (Quanzhou Braised  noodle, Chongwu Fish Roll)at dinner.

DAY 8           
QUANZHOU~XIAMEN ~ KUALA LUMPUR   AK 143 1555/2035         ( B )

In the morning, proceed to Xiamen Train Station, take bullet train(second class seats)to Shantou(lunch by own).Shantou driver pick up the passengers at Shantou Train Station, transfer to Chaoshan Airport.

★Special Cuisine: Chaozhou 18 Flavor , TeoChew Flavor , Tulou FlavorQuanzhou Minnan Flavor , Ludao Seafood Flavor, Yongding Hakka Flavor, YongChun White Duck Soup Flavor , Anxi Local Flavor.
★Optional Tour: RMB350 : Watch The Legend of Hokkien-it is the first theater that has ever featured a 360-degree indoor reality stage Night coach tour in Xiamen  includes beautiful Lujiang Avenue, Yuandang Lake, Asia First –YanWu Bridge to enjoy  the beautiful night scenery ZhongShan Rd Sopping Street.

8 Days 7 Nights Xiamen / Nanjing Tulou Gou / Chaoshan / Quanzhou Anxi / Yongchun by Air Asia

Departure 2016Tour PackagesAirlinesPrice (RM)StatusSeasonENGCHI
18 Dec8D7NXiamen/NanjingTulouGou/Chaoshan/QuanzhouAnxi/YongchunAK2879AvailableWinterItinerary行程
25 Dec8D7NXiamen/NanjingTulouGou/Chaoshan/QuanzhouAnxi/YongchunAK2879AvailableWinterItinerary行程

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