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8D7N  Xiamen .Quanzhou. Fuzhou. HuaAn Tulou . Wuyishan  – Xiamen Airlines


Day  1   Kuala Lumpur ~ XiaMen ~ QuanZhou    MF 832/848 (0845/1300)      ( D )  

Assemble at Kuala Lumpur International Airport for your flight to the beautiful seaside city – Xiamen. Xiamen is known as “Egret Island” because it is home to a large number of egrets. Upon arrival, meet & asst by tour guide.
View the city – Bronze Statue of Zheng Chenggong.
%e6%bd%ae%e5%b7%9e%e5%bc%80%e5%85%83%e5%af%baKaiyuan Temple (East & West Pagodas)
Which was built in Tang Dynasty, is the largest and also a very famous temple in Fujian. Taste Quanzhou Snacks at dinner.
Hotel : Jinzhou Hotel / SML

Day   2   QuanZhou ~ FuZhou                              ( B / L / D )


Taiwan Kinship Museum
The main building of four floor and 43meters height . The entrance to the “Kowloon pillar”, 19 meters high, 2 meters wide, is one of the highest “Kowloon column” in the mainland.

%e6%b3%89%e5%b7%9e%e5%8d%97%e5%b0%91%e6%9e%97%e9%81%97%e5%9d%80South Shaolin Temple
Which is a  famous temple in Fujian, was first constructed in Tang Dynasty.
%e8%a5%bf%e6%b9%96%e5%85%ac%e5%9b%adWest Lake Park
Is famed for its similarity to West Lake in Hangzhou, it has been a tourist attraction since the Tang Dynasty.It have 1,700 years of history, is the best  classical garden preserved in Fuzhou .
%e6%9e%97%e5%88%99%e5%be%90%e7%ba%aa%e5%bf%b5%e9%a6%86Lin ZeXu ‘s Memorial Hall 
Exhibits the history of Lin Zexu, a national hero of China who banned opium-smoking and the opium trade.
%e4%ba%94%e4%b8%80%e5%b9%bf%e5%9c%baWuyi Square
Taste Buddha Jump Over The Wall at dinner.
Hotel : Tianfu Hotel / SML

Day  3   FuZhou ~ XiaMen                                ( B / L / D )


Gulang Islet
Gulangyu is the third largest island off the coast of Xiamen, a city in Fujian Province in southern China. It is about 2 km² in area. It is home to about 20,000 people and is a domestic tourist destination.

%e5%8e%a6%e9%97%a8%e4%b8%87%e5%9b%bd%e5%bb%ba%e7%ad%91%e5%8d%9a%e8%a7%88International architectural buildings
(such as Catholic Church,Union Church,various of overseas Chinese’s villas)
%e9%be%99%e5%a4%b4%e5%95%86%e4%b8%9a%e8%a1%97Longtou Business Street
You can choose and buy either local snacks or souvenirs. Taste Minnan Flavor at dinner.
Hotel : HuaXia Hotel / SML

Day   4   XiaMen ~ HuAan Tulou ~ XiaMen           ( B / L / D )

HuaAn Tulou 
Eryi Lou+Nanyang Lou(Tu Lou museum)+Dongyang Lou.Eryi Lou is the No.1 round Tulou in China and the King of Fujian Tulou. Taste Tulou local food at lunch.
Return to Xiamen.
Hotel : HuaXia Hotel / SML

Day  5       XiaMen ~ WuYiShan                ( B / L / D )

南普陀Nanputuo Temple
A famous temple in Fujian, was first constructed in Tang  Dynasty and backs on to a group of exquisite peaks.
环岛路Huandao Road
The most beautiful seaside road  in Xiamen and where you can take far view at Kinmen.
%e5%8e%a6%e9%97%a8%e5%9b%bd%e9%99%85%e4%bc%9a%e5%b1%95%e4%b8%ad%e5%bf%83Xiamen international conference and exhibition center(overlook).
%e5%8e%a6%e9%97%a8%e8%a7%82%e9%9f%b3%e5%b1%b1%e6%b5%b7%e6%bb%a8Guanyinshan Tourism Area
Taste Minnan Cuisine at lunch (Xiamen Shacha Noodles, Tongan stewed pork etc.)
Hotel : Wuyi HuaNan ShiXin  Hotel / SML

Day   6    WuYiShan                               ( B / L / D )

%e4%b9%9d%e6%9b%b2%e6%ba%aaNine-Twist Stream by bamboo raft
Take a distant view at Yunv Peak , Imitation Song Dynasty Street, Wuyi Palace, Sanqing Palace, Liuyong Memorial Hall, taste and buy Wuyi Local products (Wild Red Mushroom,Songrong Soup).
%e6%ad%a6%e5%a4%b7%e5%ae%abWuyi Palace
Wuyi Mountain scenic area is a core part of the national scenic area, known as “Wuyi Palace”, located in scenic raft trip Jiuquxi end of Riverside.
%e7%8e%89%e9%be%99%e8%b0%b7%e6%99%afYulong Valley Scenic Spot, Wuyishan Square & Wuyi Tourism Area
Taste Wuyishan Village Meal at dinner.
Hotel : Wuyi HuaNan ShiXin  Hotel / SML

Day   7   WuYiShan ~ XiaMen                                     ( B / L / D )

Wuyuan Bay Tourism Area ( includes Wetland Park, Yacht Dock and Commercial Street),walk freely along Wooden Board Road.
白鹭洲公园Egret Park (Bailuzhou Park)& Goddess of Egret’s Statue
The theme of the park are music Fountain , Egret Goddess and Trafalgar Square as the center, including entertainment, catering, leisure and other projects, so that you can play in a small park fill.
Visit Kinmen Kitchenware Shop.
Hotel : HuaXia Hotel  / SML

Day   8   XiaMen ~ Kuala Lumpur    MF 831/847 (1800/2200)          ( B / L )

SM城市广场SM City Plaza 
Enjoy you shopping here.
After lunch, transfer to Xiamen Airport.

★Special Cuisine: South Putuo Vegetarian Cuisine , Buddha Jump Over The Wall ,Wuyishan Village Meal ,Tulou Flavor, Minnan Flavor. Seafood flavor
★Optional Tour: RMB 380/Person  Minnan Shenyun” Sing & Dance Show , ZhongShan Rd Sopping Street, Impression “DaHongPao”



8D7N  Xiamen .Quanzhou. Fuzhou. HuaAn Tulou . Wuyishan  – Xiamen Airlines

Departure 2017Tour PackagesAirlinesPrice (RM)StatusSeasonENGCHI
09 FEB8D7NXiamen/Quanzhou/Fuzhou/HuaAnTulou/Wuyishan MF3196AvailableSpringItinerary行程
18 FEB8D7NXiamen/Quanzhou/Fuzhou/HuaAnTulou/WuyishanMF3196AvailableSpringItinerary行程
25 FEB8D7NXiamen/Quanzhou/Fuzhou/HuaAnTulou/WuyishanMF3196AvailableSpringItinerary行程
04 MAR8D7NXiamen/Quanzhou/Fuzhou/HuaAnTulou/WuyishanMF3196AvailableSpringItinerary行程
05 MAR8D7NXiamen/Quanzhou/Fuzhou/HuaAnTulou/WuyishanMF3196AvailableSpringItinerary行程
08 MAR8D7NXiamen/Quanzhou/Fuzhou/HuaAnTulou/WuyishanMF3196AvailableSpringItinerary行程
11 MAR8D7NXiamen/Quanzhou/Fuzhou/HuaAnTulou/WuyishanMF3196AvailableSpringItinerary行程
25 MAR8D7NXiamen/Quanzhou/Fuzhou/HuaAnTulou/WuyishanMF3196AvailableSpringItinerary行程

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