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8Days 6Nights Korea Discovery  (Seoul/Busan/Gyeongju/Daegu)

Day 1     Kuala Lumpur  / Seoul (Incheon) KE 672 (2315/0640 +1) 
Assemble at the KLIA for check-in flight to Korea – Seoul.

Day 2     Seoul – KTX(Korea Train Express) – Busan                    (–/L/D)                     Hotel:Busan Hanwha Hotel or Similar

3d museum3D Trickeye Museum + Ice Museum
It is an art gallery with paintings created using ‘trompe l’oeil’ techniques that give each 2D art piece the illusion of being in 3D. Visitors can interact with the paintings, posing themselves just right so that they look as if they are part of the original work. Moreover, there is an Ice Museum which features a giant freezer with various decorative ice sculptures and carvings in display.
A beautiful place where you will find majestic palaces, fantastic food, artisan cafes and Korean traditional houses.
Tongin MarketTong-in Market
Tongin Market dates back to June 1941, as a public market set up for Japanese residents near the Hyoja-dong neighborhood when Korea was still under Japanese rule.
Yongdusan parkYongdusan Park +Busan Tower (include observatory)
Yongdusan in downtown of Busan, is one of the 3 well-known mountains in Busan. Its old name is Songhyunsan which means a mountain has a view of the sea through the dense fine tree forest. Later the name has changed into Yongdusan and 4.19 Revolution Monument and the statue of General Lee Sunsin are seated.

Day 3     Busan / Gyeongju                                                            (B/L/D)                  Hotel:Gyeongju Hanwha Hotel or Similar

represents Busan and is especially famous for its rock beach. Featuring its highest peak at 250 meters, there are forests of pine trees and 200 other varieties of trees.
gangcheon cultureGamcheon Culture Village
formed by houses built in staircase-fashion on the foothills of a coastal mountain, earning this village the nickname of “Machu Picchu of Busan”. The many alleys cutting through this community are vibrantly decorated with murals and sculptures created by the residents.
Jagachi marketJagalchi Market
Busan largest seafood market and also the South Korean wholesale seafood market.
kukje marketKukje Market
The Kukje Market is one of Korea’s largest markets; each alleyway is crowded with stalls and it connects to Bupyeong Market, Kkangtong Market and other smaller markets. The market stocks such a wide variety of goods that you can find almost everything you need right here.
biff plazaBIFF Plaza
BIFF Plaza frequently hosts international events related to movies.
Haeundae Beach is probably the most famous beach in the country.
oreukdo skywalkOryukdo Skywalk
Skywalk across the sea 12-13 meters of the trail, only 40 meters from the sea surface height, along the Skywalk can really enjoy the view the of Oryukdo and sea.

Day 4     Gyeongju / Daegu                                    (B/L/D)                                                       Hotel:Daegu Prince Hotel or Similar

bukgaksa templeBulguksa Temple
Is the representative relic of Gyeongju and was designated as a World Cultural Asset by UNESCO in 1995. The beauty of the temple itself and the artistic touch of the stone relics are known throughout the world.
seoguram grottoSeokguram Grotto
National Treasure No. 24, is Seokguram Seokgul. The Bonjon figure wearing a generous smile is seated on the stage engraved with lotus flower design. The rounded ceiling looks like a half-moon or a bow and has a lotus flower decorated cover.
gyeongju observatoryGyeongju Cheomseongdae Observatory
Cheomseongdae is the oldest existing astronomical observatory in Asia.
pondAnapji Pond
was built during the 14th year of King Munmu of the Silla Kingdom. Small mountains were created inside the palace walls, beautiful flowers were planted, and rare animals were brought in to create an exquisitely exotic garden fit for royalty
mt palgonsanMt. Palgonsan (include cable car ride)
standing almost 1.2㎞ and bordering five different cities and districts of Gyeongsangbuk-do Province, Mt. Palgonsan is one of the major mountains in the southern region.
dongseon ro streetDongseon-Ro Street
It can be described as a fashion street, where densely packed with a variety of fashion shops, from personality full of T-shirts to a wide variety of small craft and inexpensive.

Day 5     Daegu / Jeongseon / Gangwon                        (B / L / D)                         Hotel: Welli Hilli Park or Similar

丙方寺天空步道Byeonbangchi Skywalk
experience offers a thrilling experience as it gives a feeling of walking in the sky thanks to the tempered glass on the ‘U’ shaped structur. From here tourists can see the beauty of Bamseom Island and Donggang River.
太白三炭藝術廣場Samtan Art Mine
A love story of a handsome soldier and a beautiful lady doctor, “Descendants of the Sun” is the latest hit Korean drama and talk of the town. As the popularity of this television series continues to soar with record-breaking viewership ratings, the viewers are also gaining more interests in its filming locations.
太白韓寶博物馆Taeback Hanbo Coal Mine Museum
as the only natural energy source available in Korea, coal played its part as an important fuel for the industrial development of the nation.

Day 6     Gangwon / Everland / Seoul                (B/–/D)            Hotel:Benikea Rich Diamond Hotel or Similar

 everland theme parkEverland Theme Park (inclusive passport ticket)
It is a large theme park is home to over 40 heart pounding rides and attractions, boasting a Safari World, snow sled and botanical garden, it is certainly one of the most popular places in Korea For family and friends to have fun.
namsan octagonal hallNamsan Octagonal Hall & Love Lock Wall
“My Love from The Star” shooting Palace. Octagonal located in the Nanshan Park Central. Mt. Namsan in central Seoul is emerging as a must-see for a growing number of couples, young and old.
dongdaemunDongdaemun Market
Korea’s largest wholesale and retail shopping districts.

Day 7     Seoul                                 (B/L/–)                                              Hotel: Benikea Rich Diamond Hotel or Similar

daksugung palaceDeoksugung Palace
Deoksugung was originally the residence of Prince Wolsan, the older brother of King Seongjong.
National Ginseng Shop
famous Korean health product such as ginseng, ginseng tea, ginseng candy & etc.
Cosmetic Shop
shop for varieties of famous Korean cosmetic & skin product.
Herbal Outlet
Cordyceps Militaris Outlet.
 kimchi making sessionKimchi Making Session
Learn how to make Kimchi and opportunity to take photograph wearing the Korean costume.
drawing showDrawing Show
The Painters Hero is an innovative non-verbal performance that stages the entire process of painting combined with incredible visual effects and a witty blend of mime, dance and comedy.
myeongdongMyeongdong & Lotte Duty Free Shop
one of the primary shopping districts in Seoul features brand name shops and department stores

 Day 8     Seoul (Incheon)   /  Kuala Lumpur   KE 671 (1635/2155)  (B)

Red Pine Shop
ancient fairy tales with pine needles the staple food, especially for preventing organ enhanced vascular smooth aging disease, complications of diabetes, high blood sugar, blood lipids and other effects, but also resistance to therapy of civilization diseases and diseases of affluence in the 21st century the best health care products.
ladystreetShinchon Ladies Street
one of the famous retail shopping district at Shinchon.
Local Product Shop
buy some souvenirs and local food such as Korean instant noodle, Korean candies & etc.
Special Cuisine: Ginseng Chicken Soup, Seafood Steamboat, Takgalbi, Gamjatang, Chinese Food +Zhajiang Noodle, Osan Bulgogi, Korea BBQ, Shabu Shabu +Bibinbop, Buffet at Underthesea Restaurant


8 Days 6 Nights Korea Discovery  (Seoul/Busan/Gyeongju/Daegu)

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11 Dec8 Days 6Nights Korea (Seoul/Busan/Gyeongju/Daegu)KE5499AvailableWinterItinerary行程


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