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8Days 6Nights Winter Korea Hit-Pop Ski Tour +Jeju Island

Day 01      Kuala Lumpur / Seoul(Incheon) KE 672 (2315/0640+1)
Assemble at the KLIA for flight check-in to Korea

Day 02                Seoul(Gimpo)/Jeju Island     (Domestic Flight)       (L/D)Hotel: Jeju Robero Hotel or SML

1374200968754110963Namsangol Hanok Village
is a collection of five hanoks (traditional Korean houses) from the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910), recovered from different parts of the city and relocated to the northern foot of Namsan Mountain
龙头岩Yongduam Rock
A volcanic rock that was created from an eruption about two million years ago, its looks like a roaring dragon rising from the sea into the sky.

Day 03                Jeju Island                        (B/L/D)                                      Hotel:Jeju Robero Hotel or SML

神奇之路Mysterious Road
experience the phenomenon of going uphill with the vehicle’s engine off.
seongsan sunrise parkSeongsan Ilchulbong Sunrise Peak
enjoy the scenic views and spectacular natural surroundings of one of 360 parasitic volcanoes which is the world’s biggest crater at seacoast.
“Seopji” is the old name for the area and “Koji” is Jeju dialect meaning a sudden bump on land
城邑民俗村Seongeup Folk Village
opportunity to see the Korean traditional folk custom material and you can meet the island people who still live behind the stone courtyard walls in thatched roof rock homes.
泰迪熊动物王国Teseum Safari
is a popular Korean drama “Palace” was filmed, has a variety of super cute teddy bear shape. A surprising number of cute teddy bear, pretty interesting theme parks, it is suitable for a sweet couple and families traveling with a baby. In the galleries, you can enjoy the teddy bear into the path of  world art masters of live work, as well as by children like animated characters.
凯蒂猫梦幻岛Hello Kitty Island
The globally popular character Hello Kitty-themed playground in Jeju. It built in a 3story building in the southern tip of Jeju Island, is a newly opened space for families with children offering a variety of fun programs, a 3D animation theater,a brand shop where you can meet a variety of Hello Kitty goods and Hello Kitty Café where you can enjoy warm coffee and sweet deserts with our character, Hello Kitty. Hello Kitty Island is a place where you can sympathize and communicate all things aforesaid.
绿茶博物馆O’Sullo Tea Musuem
The museum first opened in September 2001 and is widely known in Korea. The entire building takes the shape of a green tea cup. It seeks to harmonize the cultures of the West and East, and past traditions with the modern world.

Day 04       Jeju Island / Seoul(Gimpo)~ Nami Island ~PyeongChang    (B/L/D)  Hotel:Kensington Flora or SML

小法蘭西Petite France
A French cultural village set in the Korean countryside and consists of 16 French-style buildings where visitors can lodge and experience French food, clothing and household culture.
南怡岛Nami Island
visit the famous Korean Drama “Winter Sonata” shooting place by ferry.

Day 05 Pyeongchang~ Jeongseon ~ Ski Resort                       (B/L/D)      Hotel:Welli Hilli Park or SML

丙方寺天空步道Byeonbangchi Sky Walk
experience offers a thrilling experience as it gives a feeling of walking in the sky thanks to the tempered glass on the ‘U’ shaped structure (11m) projected from the cliff at altitude of 583m. From this observatory, tourists can see the beauty of Bamseom Island and Donggang River, making it an attractive point to visit.

太白韓寶博物馆Samtan Art Mine
A love story of a handsome soldier and a beautiful lady doctor, “Descendants of the Sun” is the latest hit Korean drama and talk of the town. As the popularity of this television series continues to soar with record-breaking viewership ratings, the viewers are also gaining more interests in its filming locations.

太白三炭藝術廣場Taeback Hanbo Coal Mine Museum
As the only natural energy source available in Korea, coal played its part as an important fuel for the industrial development of the nation.*** Welli Hilli Park/ Oak Valley Ski Resort (4 paxs into 1 Unit consists of 1 Tatami Room + 1 Twin share room & 2 bathroom)***

Day 06                 Ski Resort~ Seoul        (B/–/D)                           Hotel:Uljiro Co-op Residence or SML

半日安排滑雪Half day skiing
(own expenses for rental of Ski equipment USD35 per person & Ski suit USD15 per person)

 塗鴉秀:HEROThe Painters Performance:Hero
The Painters:Hero is an innovative art performance that stages  the mind-blowing skills of live drawing with incredible visual effects filled with a witty blend of mine, dance and comedy right before your eyes. Rather than finding satisfaction from a completed artwork, THE PAINTERS: HERO embodies and shares the joy and awe-inspiring journey of creating works of art with the audience.

东大门购物商场Dongdaemun Market
Korea’s largest wholesale and retail shopping districts.

Day 07   Seoul~Lotte World~Seoul                  (B/L/–)            Hotel:Uljiro Co-op Residence or SML

德寿宫Deoksugung Palace
Deoksugung was originally the residence of Prince Wolsan, the older brother of King Seongjong. This residence became a royal ‘palace’ during the Imjin war after all of the other palaces were burned in 1592 during the Imjin wars. King Seonjo was the first Joseon king to reside at the palace.

National Ginseng Shop
famous Korean health product
Cosmetic Shop
shop for varieties of famous Korean cosmetic & skin product
Herbal Outlet
Cordyceps Militaris Outlet

海苔博物馆+韩国饮食体验中心“泡菜DIY +韩服体验”Seaweed Musuem +Kimchi Making Session & wear the Korea traditional costume
Songhakgim is a brand of seaweed harvested from some of the cleanest waters of the Western Sea, where the fresh waters of the rivers and the salty waters of the ocean mix. Learn how to make Kimchi and opportunity to take photograph wearing the traditional Korean costume

乐天世界(含自由卷) & 乐天免税店Lotte World (inclusive passport ticket) & Lotte Duty Free Shop
July 12, 1989 opening of the “Lotte World” has been loaded is the Guinness Book of World Records for the world’s largest indoor theme park, the United States Disneyland as known as the world-class theme park.  Lotte World in Seoul’s city center, thrilling theme park entertainment, cool ice rink , a huge lake outing, a variety of arena, museums and other folk entertainment visit as one of the entertainment. Beside that Lotte World also had department stores, restaurants, duty-free shops, large discount shopping malls, sports centers

Day 08                                Seoul (Incheon)/ Kuala Lumpur         KE 671 (1635/2155)              (Breakfast)

3D 炫彩幻覺藝術館 +冰雕馆3D Trickeye  Gallery +Ice Museum
It is an art gallery with paintings created using ‘trompe l’oeil’ techniques that give each 2D art piece the illusion of being in 3D. Visitors can interact with the paintings, posing themselves just right so that they look as if they are part of the original work. Moreover, there is an Ice Museum which features a giant freezer with various decorative ice sculptures and carvings in display.

Red Pine Shop
ancient fairy tales with pine needles the staple food, especially for preventing organ enhanced vascular smooth aging disease, complications of diabetes, high blood sugar, blood lipids and other effects but also resistance to therapy of civilization diseases and diseases of affluence in the 21st century the best health care products.
Local Product Shop
opportunity to buy some souvenirs and local food such as Korean instant noodle, Korean candies

Special Cuisine:
Ginseng Chicken Soup, Chinese Food +Zhajiang Noodle, Jeju Black Pork BBQ,Seafood +Abalone Steamboat,Chuncheon Dakgalbi,Osan Bulgogi,Takdoritang,Korean BBQ,Shabu-shabu +Bibinbop Buffet at Under the sea Restaurant

8 Days 6 Nights Hitpop Winter Seoul + Jeju Island  Group Tour Packages (by Korean Airlines)

Departure 2016Tour PackagesAirlinesPrice (RM)StatusSeasonENGCH
28 Nov8D 6N  Winter Seoul + Jeju (Hitpop)KE4729AvailableWinterItinerary行程
30 Nov8D 6N  Winter Seoul + Jeju (Hitpop)KE4729AvailableWinterItinerary行程
4 Dec8D 6N  Winter Seoul + Jeju (Hitpop)KE5029AvailableWinter Itinerary行程
12 Dec8D 6N  Winter Seoul + Jeju (Hitpop)KE4929AvailableWinter Itinerary行程
30 Dec8D 6N  Winter Seoul + Jeju (Hitpop)KE4629AvailableWinter Itinerary行程
Departure 2017Tour PackagesAirlinesPrice (RM)StatusSeasonENGCHI
01 Jan8D 6N  Winter Seoul + Jeju (Hitpop)KE4129 AvailableWinter Itinerary行程
02 Jan8D 6N  Winter Seoul + Jeju (Hitpop)KE4129AvailableWinter Itinerary行程
03 Jan8D 6N  Winter Seoul + Jeju (Hitpop)KE4129AvailableWinter Itinerary行程
04 Jan8D 6N  Winter Seoul + Jeju (Hitpop)KE4129AvailableWinter Itinerary行程
05 Jan8D 6N  Winter Seoul + Jeju (Hitpop)KE 4229AvailableWinter Itinerary行程
08 Jan8D 6N  Winter Seoul + Jeju (Hitpop)KE4129AvailableWinter Itinerary行程
09 Jan8D 6N  Winter Seoul + Jeju (Hitpop)KE4129AvailableWinter Itinerary行程
10 Jan8D 6N  Winter Seoul + Jeju (Hitpop)KE4129AvailableWinter Itinerary行程
11 Jan8D 6N  Winter Seoul + Jeju (Hitpop)KE 4129Available WinterItinerary  行程
12 Jan8D 6N  Winter Seoul + Jeju (Hitpop)KE 4229Available WinterItinerary行程
13 Jan8D 6N  Winter Seoul + Jeju (Hitpop)KE4029AvailableWinterItinerary行程
15 Jan8D 6N  Winter Seoul + Jeju (Hitpop)KE 4129Available WinterItinerary行程
16 Jan8D 6N  Winter Seoul + Jeju (Hitpop)KE 4129Available WinterItinerary  行程
17 Jan8D 6N  Winter Seoul + Jeju (Hitpop)KE 4129Available WinterItinerary行程
18 Jan8D 6N  Winter Seoul + Jeju (Hitpop)KE 4129Available WinterItinerary  行程
19 Jan8D 6N  Winter Seoul + Jeju (Hitpop)KE4229AvailableWinter Itinerary行程
20 Jan8D 6N  Winter Seoul + Jeju (Hitpop)KE4029AvailableWinter Itinerary行程
22 Jan8D 6N  Winter Seoul + Jeju (Hitpop)KE4129AvailableWinter Itinerary行程
23 Jan8D 6N  Winter Seoul + Jeju (Hitpop)KE4129 AvailableWinter Itinerary行程
24 Jan8D 6N  Winter Seoul + Jeju (Hitpop)KE4129 AvailableWinter Itinerary行程
25 Jan(CNY)8D 6N  Winter Seoul + Jeju (Hitpop)KE4929AvailableWinter Itinerary行程
29 Jan(CNY)8D 6N  Winter Seoul + Jeju (Hitpop)KE4929AvailableWinter  Itinerary行程
31 Jan8D 6N  Winter Seoul + Jeju (Hitpop)KE4529AvailableWinter  Itinerary行程
02 Feb8D 6N  Winter Seoul + Jeju (Hitpop)KE4229AvailableWinterItinerary行程
03 Feb8D 6N  Winter Seoul + Jeju (Hitpop)KE4229AvailableWinterItinerary行程
05 Feb8D 6N  Winter Seoul + Jeju (Hitpop)KE4129AvailableWinterItinerary行程
06 Feb8D 6N  Winter Seoul + Jeju (Hitpop)KE4129AvailableWinterItinerary行程
07 Feb8D 6N  Winter Seoul + Jeju (Hitpop)KE4129AvailableWinterItinerary行程
08 Feb8D 6N  Winter Seoul + Jeju (Hitpop)KE4129AvailableWinterItinerary行程
09 Feb8D 6N  Winter Seoul + Jeju (Hitpop)KE4029AvailableWinterItinerary行程
19 Feb8D 6N  Winter Seoul + Jeju (Hitpop)KE4129AvailableWinterItinerary行程
20 Feb8D 6N  Winter Seoul + Jeju (Hitpop)KE4129AvailableWinterItinerary行程
21 Feb8D 6N  Winter Seoul + Jeju (Hitpop)KE4129AvailableWinterItinerary行程
22 Feb8D 6N  Winter Seoul + Jeju (Hitpop)KE4129AvailableWinterItinerary行程
23 Feb8D 6N  Winter Seoul + Jeju (Hitpop)KE4229AvailableWinterItinerary行程
24 Feb8D 6N  Winter Seoul + Jeju (Hitpop)KE4229AvailableWinterItinerary行程
26 Feb8D 6N  Winter Seoul + Jeju (Hitpop)KE4129AvailableWinterItinerary行程
27 Feb8D 6N  Winter Seoul + Jeju (Hitpop)KE4129AvailableWinterItinerary行程
28 Feb8D 6N  Winter Seoul + Jeju (Hitpop)KE4129AvailableWinterItinerary行程

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