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7Days 6 Nights Japan Tohoku【maple leaf】/Niko/Tokyo –All Nippon Airline

Day 1 Kuala Lumpur / Tokyo / Sendai NH 816 (0705/1505) + NH 3235 (1840/1950) (B/L/D:Meal on Board

Hotel:Sendai. Sendai Hills Hotel or Similar

Day 2 Gembikei Gorge ~ Hiraizumi. Chusonji Temple ~ Morioka handmade village ~ Iwate

Gembikei Gorge( Maple Leaf Season: Mid of OCT – End of OCT )
It was designated as a national place of scenic beauty and a natural monument.Gembikei is famous for its dango, or sweet rice dumpling. You put money in a basket hanging on a cable stretched across the river and knock on a board to signal the store on the other side of the river; the basket is then pulled up to the store, and comes back flying across the river with dango and tea inside. Three types of dango are available: an  ( red bean ) , goma  ( sesame ) , and mitarashi  ( sweet soy sauce syrup ) .
Free Dango testing

UNESCO: Hiraizumi. Chusonji Temple
Tourists need sloping along the stone steps and needed pass through the hook only can visit this temple which was thriving on 12th century and was the way of Fujiwara prominent the power. Many pagoda were burnt on the 14th century and one of leaving was, Chusonji Temple. It was located at Big Mountain that at Tohoku’s Tendai northeast area. UNESCO was listed it inside on 26 Jun 2011.
( Maple Leaf Season: Mid of OCT – Mid of NOV )

Morioka Handicraft VillageTraditional craft
Morioka City Government planned, in order to inherit the northeast of the traditional handicraft production, to retain the northeastern local cultural traditions and preservation of the former handmade skills, well-intentioned, especially the southern iron shape. All kinds of teapots, Wind chimes and other accessories, with their own characteristics.

Breakfast: Hotel       //        Lunch: Japanese Cuisine        //     Dinner:   Dinner: Hotel  Buffet or Japanese Set
HotelIwate. APPI Resort       or Similar

Day 3   Iwate ~ Hakkōda Mountains ~ Lake Towada ~ Oirase Mountain Stream ~ Fruit Picking

Hakkōda Mountains (Pass By)
Enjoy the gorgeous maple leaf view.
(Maple Leaf Season: Beginning of October – Beginning of November)

Lake Towada
The most popular scenic area among the Tohoku area is Lake Towada, transparency are up to 9meters of the lake, the scenery of lakeside are very attractive as well. The best visit time is during spring and autumn season. No matter the green leave during spring or even the red maple leaves during autumn, when it combine with the Lake Towada, both are providing tourists the best travel experience.
(Maple Leaf Season: Beginning of October – Beginning of November)

Oirase Mountain Stream — Tohoku’s prettiest scenic
Was the 1st spot attractive point of Lake Towada. There were many waterfalls and torrent, various type of rock formation as well as the different type of flora along the 14km journey that catching the eyes of tourists.
(Maple Leaf Season: Beginning of October – Beginning of November)
Fruit Picking ( Apple )
Breakfast: Hotel  // Lunch: Japanese Cuisine //  Dinner:   Dinner: Hotel  Buffet or Japanese Set
HotelIwate. Shizukuishi Prince Hotel   ( Hot Spring )       or Similar

Day 4 Kakunodate・Bukeyashiki ~ Lake Tazawa ~ Naruko-Kyo Valley ~ Ginzan Onsen Street ~ Yamagat

Kakunadate has another nickname which called as “Small Kyoto” since it just as big as Kyoto’s area and also covers its cultural style. Kakunodate is located at Akita and surrounded by three mountains–East Mountain with flower, North Mountain with old town, South Mountain reinforced by Tamagawa to the wide range until Semboku. This was the best terrain that constructed a castle town. Before Century Era 1620, there was total 80 bukeyashiki, 350 shops and some houses. ( Maple Leaf Season: Mid of OCT – Mid of NOV )

Lake Tazawa
Lake Tazawa is a caldera lake in the city of Semboku, Akita Prefecture, northern Japan. It is the deepest lake in Japan at 423 metres. The area is a popular vacation area and several hot spring resorts can be found in the hills above the lake. ( Maple Leaf Season: Mid of OCT – Mid of NOV )

Naruko-Kyo Valley Observation Deck
Naruko-Kyo is a V-shaped canyon in Miyagi Prefecture that sits about 5 minutes by car away from Naruko Onsen Station on the JR Rikuu East Line. Both sides are about 100m in height and it stretches about 2.5km. During each season you can enjoy the beautiful scenery, and most tourists come during mid-October to November to see the autumn leaves.                                                                            (Maple Leaf Season: Mid of OCT – Beginning of NOV )

Ginzan Onsen Street–
During the Edo Period, this Onsen Street was famous because of the silver mining; was the shooting place of NHK Drama「Oshin」. Wooden building that constructed into two style during Taisho Era was standing both sides of this street. Three of four overlapping roof tiles are showing us the historical of this place. Pass over the Silver Bridge, strolling along the stone road with hot mist, sit on the long chair with special design, feet soak into hot spring, enjoying scenery with chit chatting that created another type of delight.

Breakfast: Hotel   // Lunch: Japanese Cuisine  //  Dinner: Hotel  Buffet or Japanese Set
HotelYamagata. Sakaeya Hotel ( Hot Spring )     or Similar

Day 5 Godai-do Hall ~ Matsushima Cruise ride ~ Duty Free Shop ~ Kinugawa  

Cruise ride on Matsushima — Japan Top Three Scenery
<Oku No Hosomichi> that come out form the famous poet, Matsuo Basho had mentioned about this scenery which can rival with the West Lake and Dong Ting Lake in China. Matsushima Bay as formed by various size of islands and we can enjoy the most represent view of Japan among the four seasons at here. Matsushima is covering the historical relics of Date Masamune as well.

Godai-do Hall
Godai-do Hall is a Rinzai Myoshinji Buddhist temple located in Miyagi Prefecture’s scenic Matsushima. The gorgeous landscape that embodies Matsushima has been voted as one of the 3 most scenic locations in Japan. The original building was constructed in 807 but it was reconstructed in 1604 by Date Masamune upon the revival of Zuiganji Buddhism. It is said to be the oldest building in the Tohoku area that uses Momoyama architecture, and is designated at important cultural property.

Duty Free Shop- There are variety of goods and friendly service introduced, you can enjoy to shopping here.
Breakfast:Hotel // Lunch:Matsushima Local Cuisine // Dinner: Japanese Cuisine
Hotel:Kinugawa Kankou ( Hotspring ) or similar

Day 6 Kinugawa ~ Nikko Toshogu ~ Mito Kairaku-en ~ Tokyo


Nikko Toshogu

Nikko Toshogu is a Shinto shrine located in Nikkō, Tochigi Prefecture, Japan. It is part of the “Shrines and Temples of Nikkō”, a UNESCO World Heritage Site


Kairaku-en Kairaku-en is a Japanese garden located in Mito, Ibaraki, Japan. Along with Kenroku-en and Koraku-en, it is considered one of the Three Great Gardens of Japan.


Breakfast: Hotel // Lunch : Japanese Cuisine // Dinner : Japanese Cuisine
HotelTaipei. Grand Forward Hotel  or   Lealea Garden Hotel  or similar

Day 7 Shopping at Tokyo ~ Duty Free Shop ~ Mitsui Outlet ~ Narita airport / KLIA NH 815 ( 1715/2355 )

Breakfast: Hotel // Lunch : Ramen Cuisine // Dinner: Meal On Board

8Days 7 Nights Taiwan / Japan TohokuMaple Leaf Season

Famous Hot SpringBeautiful  Scenery : Lake Towada / Oirase Mountain Stream / Matsushima / Ginzan Onsen Street

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