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8Days 7Nights Harbin / Changbaishan / Jilin /Changchun/ Shenyang / Panjin / Dalian – Xiamen Airlines

Day 1    Kuala Lumpur ~ Xiamen ~ Dalian        MF 832 (0845/1300)       (D)        Hotel: Mercure Teda Hotel

Assemble at Kuala Lumpur International Airport for your flight to Xiamen via Dalian. Dalian is a major city and seaport in the south of Liaoning province. After arrival, proceed to hotel.

Day 2    Dalian ~ Harbin [High Speed ​​Rail]                    (B/L/D)              Hotel: Metro Park Holiday Inn / SML

Take high-speed rail to Dalian [about 4 hours].
St. Sophia Church Square

The Cathedral of the Holy Wisdom of God or Saint Sophia Cathedral in Harbin is a former Russian Orthodox church located in the central district of Daoli, Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province, China.

Stalin Park & Flood Control Monument

Park was founded in 1953, is located in the Songhua River south bank, is along embankment Bangshui built ribbon-shaped open park, because Russian classical architectural style and famous. The whole area to flood monument as the center, but also the Harbin symbol to commemorate the Harbin people to overcome two devastating floods established. 13-meter-high monument by the cylinder tower and attached semicircular corridor composition, the tower in relief depicting the year overcome the flood vivid episodes.

Europe Central Street

The main commercial street in Harbin; architectural style known as the European museums, including the Renaissance, baroque, eclecticism, Art Nouveau and other kinds of four schools buildings.

Russia Product Shop

Day 3    Harbin ~ Dunhua                                              (B/L/D)              Hotel: DHL Internation Hotel / SML

Volga Manor (Include Entrance Fee)

The name Volga maybe always remind people of the Europe’s longest river flowing through central Russia and Russian Vodka Wine. Thus a manor called Volga is taken for granted that it was something with Russia. Actually, the Volga Manor offers a glimpse of charming Russian pastoral scene in North China Harbin.

Sun Island Park (Include Buggy)
Snow Sculpture

The Sun Island and Ice & Snow World is the main attraction for the Harbin Ice Festival in each year.

Day 4    Dunhua ~ Changbaishan ~ Erdaobaihe            (B/L/D)              Hotel: Shanjiang Hotel / SML

Tianchi (Heaven Lake)

Is a crater lake on the border between China and North Korea. It lies within a caldera atop the volcanic Baekdu Mountain and is surrounded by 16 mountain peaks.

Changbaishan Waterfall, Small Heaven Lake and Green Deep Pool.

Day 5    Erdaobaihe ~ Jilin ~ Changchun                      (B/L/D)              Hotel: Guoshang Hotel / SML

Beishan Park

Beishan Park is a large, quiet park, situated in the west of Jilin. The park has many interesting features, and is considered an optimum venue for its summer lotus flowers and winter “rimy pines”. Originally the park was established in 1927, but has undergone renovations and expansion many times since then. The park is reminiscent of many of the similar areas in Suzhou and Hangzhou, with pavilions, bridges, corridors and terraces well designed and scattered about among the hills.

Man Folk Museum
Century Square

Public Square. Locals come to skate (skate and skateboard hire shops avail.), or sit and people watch.

Catholic Church (View)

This is an active church with a few dedicated nuns. To visit this church is a way to escape from the contemporary modern money-oriented city for a time. The interior design of this church is similar to that of modern churches which were built in Scandinavia during the early 20th century. There is a very small library inside, with Bibles mainly in Chinese and a few in Russian.

Changchun Ginseng Shop
** 25/09 ~ 05/10 Jilin Sightseeing will be replaced to Red Valley (depend on whether condition)

Day 6    Changchun ~ Shenyang                                   (B/L/D)              Hotel: Jinjiang Metropolo Hotel / SML   

Puppet Manchukuo (View)
Culture Square

Located in the center of Chaoyang District, Culture Square is the largest city square in Changchun, with a total area of 20.5 hectares. In the north of the square, the majestic former New Palace of the Emperor of Manchukuo stands soundly facing the former Manchukuo State Council and Military Affairs buildings in the south of the square. All of these buildings adopted the early 20th Century Japanese architectural style.

Shenyang Imperial Palace

The Imperial Palace was built in 1625, is Nuerhachi and Qing Taizong construction and use of the palace, the existing more than 100 ancient buildings. Shenyang Imperial Palace is China still preserved Qing earliest palace complex, its historical and artistic value after the Forbidden City in Beijing, known as “outside the Forbidden City.”

ManQing street

where the buildings are built according to architectural style of the Qing Dynasty.

Feather Paiting Shop
Zhong Street

For shopping.

Day 7    Shenyang ~ Panjin ~ Dalian                             (B/L/D)              Hotel: Mercure Teda Hotel / SML

Red Beach Scenic Spot

Red Beach Scenic belong to wetland eco-tourism area, it the world’s best-preserved and largest wetland resource as the background to the world’s rare Red Beach, the world’s largest reed marshes as the basis, is the perfect combination of natural environment and cultural landscape is set tour, tourism, leisure, vacation of an integrated green eco-tourism area. Red Beach is a plant tissue color. Causes of Red Beach, Suaeda grass, large tracts of salsa grass grow together on converging sea of red, the color more vivid.

Day 8    Dalian ~ Xiamen ~ Kuala Lumpur        MF 831 (1800/2200)       (B)

Binhai Road

Binhai Road repair in the 1970s, was originally a combat readiness road ends by the army guarding. The early 1980s, Deng Xiaoping visited in Dalian, the city proposes to open, from this road becomes a tourist road.

Exhibition Centre (View)
Tiger Beach Park

Six massive 7 meter high tiger statues stand in the Tiger Beach Marine Park, brave and powerful. These tiger statues cost 3 years of time to complete.

Special Cuisine: Stewed Cuisine, Northeast Dumpling banquet, Changbaishan banquet, Jilin Three Set Bowl, Changchun Medicine Meals, Shenyang Roast duck.

Optional Tour: RMB 380 / person: Harbin Polarland; Sun Island Indoor Ice Sculpture



8Days 7Nights Harbin / Changbaishan / Jilin /Changchun/ Shenyang / Panjin / Dalian – Xiamen Airlines

Departure 2017 Tour Packages Airlines Price (RM) Status Season
15 Oct  8Days 7Nights Harbin / Changbaishan / Jilin /Changchun/ Shenyang / Panjin / Dalian – Xiamen Airlines MF 3867  Available Autumn 
20 Oct 8Days 7Nights Harbin / Changbaishan / Jilin /Changchun/ Shenyang / Panjin / Dalian – Xiamen Airlines MF  3867 Available Autumn 

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