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17/10 Day 1      Kuala Lumpur / Taipei    CI 722 ( 1430/1900)    (Dinner : meal on board)
Upon arrival, proceed to Taoyuan Night Market, transfer to hotel take a rest.
Hotel: Taoyuan . Chuto Plaza Hotel      or similar class

18/10 Day 2     Taipei Yamagata   CI 7510 (0820/1230) ~ Mogami River ~ Ginzan Onsen Street ~ Yamagata

mogami riverMaple Leaf Viewing Spot : Mogami River ( included Boat Trip )
Proceed to Furukuchi Station for taking boat and followed downstream of one of the top three jet stream in Japan. Boat trip roughly one hour.  The uppermost gorge has roughly 48 different sizes waterfall. Enjoy the Yamagata ballad sing by boatman and fall in love into this beautiful scenery.

ginzan onsen streetGinzan Onsen Street ( Experience Foot Onsen )
It was famous because of the silver mining; was the shooting place of NHK Drama「Oshin」. Wooden building that constructed into two style during Taisho Era was standing both sides of this street. Three of four overlapping roof tiles are showing us the historical of this place. Pass over the Silver Bridge, , feet soak into hot spring, enjoying scenery with chit chatting that created another type of delight.
Breakfast Box        //       Lunch : Meal On Board     //      Dinner : Hotel Buffet  OR  Japanese Set
Hotel : Yamagata  . Sakaeya Hotel ( Hot Spring )        or similar class

19/10 Day 3      Yamagata ~ Fuganokuni ~ Shiogama Jinja ~ Duty Free Shop ~ Godai-do Temple ~ Cruise Ride on
Matsushima ~ Miyagi

fuganokuniMaple Leaf Viewing Spot : Fuganokuni
Sarah Cliff and Yama-dera were under your eyes, famous because of the poet, Matsuo Basho prefer to visit here for create his poem. Tourists can visit various of architecture somemore can buy different kind of Japanese desert and traditional local product.
shiogama jinjaShiogama Jinja
Is a large Shinto shrine complex at the center of Shiogama City. Believed to be over 1200 years old, it is historically one of the most important shrines of the region and the protector of fishermen and safe childbirth. The shrine contains a wealth of history and fifteen of its buildings, which were built during the Edo Period, have been declared important cultural treasures.
 godai do templeGodai-do Temple
Is the representative attraction places of Matsushima which located at alongshore of a small island. Constructive are all using the beech which is the oldest Momoyama architecture in Tohoku. Is on the list of the important cultural assets of Japan. There is a red bridge that connecting the small island and coastal which known as “Fate Bridge” that very attract the couples visit over here.
cruise ride matsushimaJapan Top Three Scenery : included Cruise ride on Matsushima
Matsuo Basho had mentioned about this scenery which can rival with the West Lake and Dong Ting Lake in China. Matsushima Bay is formed by various size of islands and enjoy the most represent view of Japan.
Breakfast : Hotel         //   Lunch : Japanese Cuisine            // Dinner : Japanese Buffet BBQ  OR  Japanese Style Buffet
Hotel : Miyagi  . Sendai Joytel Hotel       or similar class

 20/10 Day 4      Miyagi ~ Gembikei Gorge ~ Hiraizumi . Chusonji Temple ~Matsuba to Kakunodate by Train
~ Lake Tazawa ~ Iwate

gembikei gorgeMaple Leaf Viewing Spot : Gembikei Gorge FREE Dango Testing
Is famous for its dango, or sweet rice dumpling. You put money in a basket hanging on a cable stretched across the river and knock on a board to signal the store on the other side of the river; the basket is then pulled up to the store, and comes back across the river with dango and tea inside. Three types of dango are available: an(red bean), goma(sesame), and mitarashi(sweet soy sauce syrup) .
 hiraizumi chusonji templeMaple Leaf Viewing Spot : Hiraizumi. Chusonji Temple ( UNESCO )
Tourists need sloping along the stone steps and needed pass through the hook only can visit this temple which was thriving on 12th century and was the way of Fujiwara prominent the power. Many pagoda were burnt on the 14th century and one of leaving was, Chusonji Temple. It was located at Big Mountain that at Tohoku’s Tendai northeast area. UNESCO was listed it inside on 26 Jun 2011.
matsuba train( Taking Sightseeing Train ) Matsuba to Kakunodate
Along the journey, we can enjoy the Japan local cuisine – Ekiben (Railway Mealbox) and also the beautiful scenery of this rural countryside.
kakunodate bukeyashikiMaple Leaf Viewing Spot: Kakunodate Bukeyashiki ( Samurai house Street  )
Known as “Small Kyoto” since it just as big as Kyoto’s area and also covers its cultural style. For example, street by street that form like a chessboard. Kakunodate is located at Akita and surrounded by three mountains–East Mountain with flower, North Mountain with old town, South Mountain reinforced by Tamagawa to the wide range until Semboku. These was the best terrain that constructed a castle town.
lake tazawaLake Tazawa
Lake Tazawa Akita is close to the center of the eastern caldera lake, depth of 423.4 meters, ranking first in Japan, the transparency of the water is also ranked second in Japan. Lake approximately circular shape, glass color rippling lake, mysterious, surrounded by endless stretches of mountains peacefully quiet, filled with a bright atmosphere.
Breakfast : Hotel         //   Lunch : Japanese Cuisine            //        Dinner : Hotel Buffet  OR  Japanese Set
Hotel : Iwate . Hamanaki Hotel Koyokan ( Hot Spring )        or similar class

21/10 Day 5       Iwate ~ Fruit Farm experience fruit picking ~ Oirase Mountain Stream ~ Lake Towada ~ Aomori     

fruit farmFruit Farm  : Experience Fruit Picking
oirase mountainMaple Leaf Viewing Spot : Oirase Mountain Stream  (Tohoku’s  most beautiful Scenery  )
Was the 1st spot attractive point of Lake Towada. There were many waterfalls and torrent, various type of rock formation as well as the different type of flora along the 14km journey that catching the eyes of tourists.  。
lake towadaMaple Leaf Viewing Spot : Lake Towada
The most popular scenic area among the Tohoku area is Lake Towada, transparency are up to 9meters of the lake, the scenery of lakeside are very attractive as well. The best visit time is during spring and autumn season. No matter the green leave during spring or even the red maple leaves during autumn, when it combine with the Lake Towada, both are providing tourists the best travel experience.
Breakfast : Hotel         //   Lunch : Japanese Cuisine            //        Dinner : Hotel Buffet  OR  Japanese Set
Hotel : Aomori . APPI Resort ( Hot Spring )        or similar class

22/10 Day 6       (Pass by) Hakkoda Mountain ~ Aomori  Taipei    CI 505 (1130/1420) ~ Shilin Night Market          

hakkoda mountainMaple Leaf Viewing Spot : Hakkoda Mountain  (Pass by)
Enjoy the beautiful mountain landscape of the maple leaves.

Breakfast : Hotel         //   Lunch : Meal On Board           //             Dinner : Own Arrangement at Shilin Night Market
Hotel :  Taipei.    Hotel Day Plus   or   Grand Forward Hotel     or similar class

23/10 Day 7           Taipei City Tour:Jiufen】【Tapei101】【Fishermans Wharf+Danshui Old Street】【XiMenDing
Breakfast : Hotel                        //         Lunch : Taiwanese Cuisine              //      Dinner :   Taiwanese Cuisine
Hotel :  Taipei.    Hotel Day Plus   or   Grand Forward Hotel     or similar class

24/10 Day 8           Taipei  Kuala Lumpur                  CI 721 (0850/1330)  
Breakfast         //   Lunch : Meal On Board         

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