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Aurora is a natural light display in the sky, particularly in the polar region, caused by the collision of charged particles directed by the Earth’s magnetic field. If you notice the night sky is clear and starry, your chances of seeing the light are good. The light shine every other clear night between Octobers to early April.   In this program, you have a chance to spot the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) from Day 3 to Day 6 at Arctic Circle areas.  (Aurora Borealis is a natural phenomenon and subject to weather conditions) 


Day 01  Kuala Lumpur ~ Doha ~ Oslo   QR 853 ( 0205 / 0510 ) – 8h05m + QR 175 ( 0645 / 1140 ) – 6h55m

Viking ship, Oseberg, a 9th century burial ship, Vikingskiphuset (Viking Ship Museum), Bygdoy peninsula, Oslo, Norway, Scandinavia, EuropeDepart to Oslo, is the capital city of Norway and one of the most exciting winter holiday destinations!
Sightseeing tour of Oslo to see the Aker Brygge, The City Hall Square, Karl Johan Street, Vigeland Sculpture Park and Holmenkollen area. Next , visit Viking Ship Museum (include entrance) : Displaying the world’s two best-preserved wooden Viking ships built in the 9th century, as well as small boats, sledges, a cart with exceptional ornamentation, implements, tools, harness, textiles and household utensils.
.Breakfast: MOB      //      Lunch: Own arrangement       //    Dinner: Norwegian Cuisine
Hotel:  Oslo. Radisson Blu Alna Hotel or SML

Day 02
Oslo  (2h15m) ~ Kirkenes

king crab safariAfter breakfast, take a domestic flight to Kirkenes, far up in the northernmost stretch of Norway—even further North than the Arctic Circle—lies Kirkenes.
Enjoy King Crab Safari – named as the world’s best experience!
Our original and famous King crab safari is one of our specialties! Join us on safari by snowmobile sledge to catch the legendary King crab.  An experienced guide will show us how to saw a hole in the ice and to catch a crab – a catch is guaranteed!  Savor this fresh delicacy in the traditional farmhouse (Includes: warm clothing, helmet and Snowmobile ledge).
A visit to Kirkenes Snow hotel. Visit the coolest hotel in the world! To see the beautifully decorated snow suites and the largest ice bar in Norway.  Admire the snow and ice art and pay a visit to the souvenir shop dedicated to native craft.
Breakfast: Hotel    //   Lunch: King Crab Cuisine       //      Dinner: Norwegian Cuisine
Hotel:  Kirkenes. Thon Hotel or SML

Day 03 
Kirkenes (199km) ~ Lake Inari , Lapland (40km) ~ Ivalo

哈士奇农场After breakfast, Experience an Ice Fishing Safari on Lake Inari, the largest lake in Lapland. Learn to fish like the locals! Ride on snowmobile across the impressive frozen Lake Inari, you will follow your guide to the best spots for drilling a hole in the ice. Then it’s a case of sitting patiently in the vast white landscape, hoping for something to bite! (Includes: hot berry juice or coffee and warm clothing).
After dinner, visit the Husky Farm, get closer to the puppy and get to learn how the huskies train to become sled dog in husky safari.  Experience the Aurora hunting with the husky sledge through the wilderness, drawn by these eager and friendly dogs (Includes: A demonstration and training how to ride on husky sledge, hot drink and warm clothing
A lifetime experience to spend a night in the unique Glass Igloo! From inside of glass igloos, you can admire the northern light and the twinkling of the blinking starry sky with your loved one, with a comforting warmth room temperature inside the igloo (The toilet is inside the igloo, the shower and a female and male sauna are available in separate building).
Breakfast: Hotel     //     Lunch: Laplander Cuisine   //    Dinner: Laplander Cuisine
Hotel:  Ivalo. Kakslauttanen Glass Igloo or SML

Day 04   
Ivalo (404km) ~ Kemi

芬兰破冰船After breakfast, Experience the Sampo Ice Breaking Cruise in the midst of vast open arctic sea-scenery!
A guided tour on board the icebreaker visiting its facilities from the engine room all the way up to the captain’s bridge.  A delicious lunch to be served on board.  After lunch, you’ll have the chance for the exciting experience of swimming in freezing cold waters, dressed in warm impermeable survival suits.  At the end of the tour, the captain will honor each cruise participant with a Sampo Icebreaker Certificate.
Breakfast: Hotel    //    Lunch: Cruise Lunch     //     Dinner: Laplander Cuisine
Hotel:  Kemi. Cumulus Kemi or SML

Day 05   Kemi (117km) ~ 

北极光After breakfast, proceed to Rovaniemi is a gateway to the arctic wilderness and to witness the Northern Lights.  Also known as the official town of Santa Claus.
VisitRanua National Park (include entrance): meet the polar bear and 200 other representatives of Arctic animal species such as brown bear, snowy owl, wolf, wolverine, mink, arctic fox, otter, and many more.  These animal species live in a natural and a near wilderness environment.
Then experience the greatest Reindeer Safari in Lapland! Visit an authentic reindeer farm and meet people living on the farm and their wild and trained safari reindeer.  Get close to the reindeer and participate on a reindeer safari sledge in the wilderness while enjoying beautiful landscapes (Includes: an arctic cross ceremony by a Lavish dressed in traditional costume and a hot drink)
Breakfast: Hotel // Lunch: Typical Reindeer Cuisine //Dinner: Typical Lavish Salmon Cuisine
Hotel:  Rovaniemi. Rantasipi Pohjanhovi or SML

Day 06    
Rovaniemi ~ Overnight train to Helsinki

santa claus officeAfter breakfast, visitArktikum (include entrance) : Is a museum, science center, attraction and a popular cultural destination. The exhibitions provide the history, nature, people, climate and culture of Lapland as well as of Arctic knowledge.
Visit the Santa Claus Office, you can see and make a wish with the old man every day of the year.  Our elves can create a lasting memory of your meeting with Santa Claus(Includes: Photo with Santa Claus base on per family per photo)
Enjoy a relaxing and comfortable overnight train ride on the VR Train from Rovaniemi to Helsinki (ETD: 1915 / ETA: 0900), 2 people in 1 double decker berth with shower and toilet facility).
Breakfast: Hotel    //     Lunch: Laplander Cuisine     //   Dinner: Chinese Cuisine
Hotel:  Overnight Train (Bunk Bed) or SML

Day 07   

岩石教堂After breakfast, Sightseeing tour of Helsinki to see the Rock Church, the Sibelius Monument, the Senate Square and the Uspenski Cathedral. Then, spend some free time to do shopping in the capital city of Finland.  Look for the famous designer brand of Marimekko, which a Finnish design company renowned for its original prints and colors since 1951. The company designs and manufactures apparel, bags, textiles, kitchenware and many more!
Breakfast: Hotel     //     Lunch: Finnish Cuisine      //      Dinner: Chinese Cuisine
Hotel:  Helsinki. Sokos Presidentti or SML

Day 08 
Helsinki ~  Doha                  QR 302 ( 1640 / 0005+1 ) – 6h25m       

Time to bid farewell to these exciting destinations and bring home an unforgettable experience of the Arctic Circle! 

Breakfast: Hotel

Day 09  Doha ~  Kuala Lumpur       QR 846 ( 0230 / 1500 ) – 7h30m

A warm welcome home!

★Special Cuisine: Arctic King Crab, Reindeer meat, Lavish Salmon, Hot Berry Juice

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