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9Days 7Nights Perfect Greek Island (Athens / Mykonos / Santorini / Crete) – Qatar Airways


Day 01  Kuala Lumpur / Doha / Athens            QR 853 ( 0200 / 0420 ) – 7h20m + QR 209 ( 0715 / 1215 ) – 5h

constitution-square-syntagma【Constitution Square (Syntagma) 】
Is the central square of Athens. The Square is named after the Constitution that the first King of Greece Otto was obliged to grant, after a popular and military uprising on September 3, 1843.It is located in front of the 19th century Old Royal Palace, housing the Greek Parliament since 1934.
The Greek parliament on Syntagma square in Athens【House of Parliament】
The Greek Parliament Building was erected between 1836 and 1842 as the royal palace for king Otto I, the first king of modern Greece. The architect was the German Friedrich von Gärtner, who designed a monumental building with neoclassical facade.
the-memorial-of-the-unknown-soldier【The Memorial of the Unknown Soldier】
Refers to a monument in dedication to the services of an unknown soldier and to the common memories of all soldiers killed in any war. Such tombs can be found in many nations and are usually high-profile national monuments. Throughout history, many soldiers have died in war with their remains being unidentified. Following World War I, a movement arose to commemorate these soldiers with a single tomb, containing the body of one such unidentified soldier.
the-national-library【The National Library】
Is situated near the center of city of Athens. It was designed by the Danish architect Theophil Freiherr von Hansen, as part of his famous Trilogy of neo-classical buildings including the Academy of Athens and the original building of the Athens University. It was founded by Ioannis Kapodistrias.
Breakfast: MOB        //                  Lunch: Greek Cuisine                  //                  Dinner: Greek Cuisine
Hotel: 5* Metropolitan Hotel or similar


Day 02    Athens (10km) ~ Piraeus Port (3:30hrs) ~ Mykonos

cycladic-island-of-mykonos【Cycladic Island of Mykonos】
The playground of the rich and famous. Walking tour of Mykonos to see the most impressive places and some of the most beautiful beaches. Walk through the small and narrow streets, where you can find numerous spots for nice photographs. Walk around the town of Mykonos, surrounded with its array of quaint blue and white shops and boutiques. See the famous 5 windmills, from where you also have a beautiful view on ‘Little Venice”; with winding narrow streets lined with colorful decorated shops.
Breakfast: Hotel   //                      Lunch: Greek Cuisine                 //                  Dinner: Greek Cuisine
Hotel: 4* Pelican Bay Hotel or similar


Day 03    Mykonos (2:40hrs) ~  Santorini

santorini【Island of Santorini】
Where we spend the next two days. We are met at the port and transferred to our hotel.  After dinner, make yourself available to explore the most dynamic nightlife, have made the island one of Europe’s tourist spots.
Breakfast: Hotel   //      Lunch: Own Arrangement              //            Dinner: Chinese Cuisine
Hotel: 4* Daedalus Hotel or similar


Day 04    Santorini

Which unique colour was created by the eruption of the volcano in the ancient a coastal village on the southeastern part of the Aegean island of Santorini, Greece, in the Cycladesarchipelago with a population of approx. 1800 according to the 2001 census. It is part of the Municipality of Thira and is situated approximately 8 km away from the island’s capital Fira. Kamari was built by residents of the nearby village of Episkopi Gonias, which was almost flattened by a devastating earthquake that hit Santorini in July 1956.
santo-wine【Santo Wine tasting】
In a typical Santorini family vineyard , try some wine.
the highest point in Santorini for panoramic view. This hillside village was declared a protected settlement in 1995.
The best known breath-taking sunsets site, 150m above sea level with traditional 250 steps (you may ride a donkey at own expenses), small whitewashed houses, cobblestone streets in cliff-top restaurants and cafes, lazing on the sun-soaked black, red and white
Breakfast: Hotel   //         Lunch: Greek Cuisine        //       Dinner: Greek Cuisine with spectacular sunset view
Hotel:  4* Daedalus Hotel or similar


Day 05    Santorini (1:30hrs) ~ Crete

Greece’s largest island, is known for its varied terrain, which ranges from fine-sand beaches at Elafonisi to the White Mountains. Mt. Ida, the tallest of the range, is home to the Ideon Cave, which was the birthplace of Zeus, according to Greek mythology. The capital, Heraklion, is home to the renowned Heraklion Archaeological Museum, housing Minoan artifacts, and Knossos, a Bronze Age settlement.
Breakfast: Hotel   //            Lunch: Own Arrangement               //                Dinner: Greek Cuisine
Hotel:  5* Galaxy Hotel or similar


Day 06    Crete  

heraklion-old-town【Heraklion Old Town】
Sightseeing tour to see the Medieval Venetian Fortress, the harbour gate, the old harbour, the Lion Square, the Morosini Fountain and the 25th August Street.
A 3000 year old palace of the Minoan era with thrilling legends, such as the myth of the Labyrinth, the Minotaur, and the story of Daidalos and Icaros.
arolithos-traditional-cretan-village【Arolithos Traditional Cretan Village (include entrance)】
A traditional village that would reflect many aspect of Cretan tradition, such as art and crafts, cuisine and local customs. While wandering around, you’ll see the traditional houses, blacksmith’s, weaver’s, village church and café’s. And you will also have chance to learn make your own Greek Coffee and Loukoumades (doughnuts). Don’t forget to bring home the collection of postal cards depicting landscapes of Arolithos, which is unique in Greece.
Breakfast: Hotel   //                      Lunch: Greek Cuisine                 //                  Dinner: Greek Cuisine                        
Hotel:  5* Galaxy Hotel or similar


Day 07    Crete (50mins) ~ (Domestic Flight) Athens   

theater-of-herod-atticus【Theater of Herod Atticus】
Is a stone theatre structure located on the southwest slope of the Acropolis of Athens.It was built in 161 AD.
the-propylaea【The Propylaea】
Is located on the southwest side of the Acropolis, located on a steep and prominent platform. Here has been used to place the deprivation of the wings of the goddess of victory Nicky  like, the temple hence the name. The Temple was built between 427 and 424 BC to mark the triumph of the Athenians in the Persian War. This small and exquisite carved by the Parthenon, one of the designers of the design of Khalilitisi presided over the construction, in the aftermath of the war.
the-nike-athena-temple【The Nike Athena Temple】
Is a temple on the Acropolis of Athens. Built around 420BC, the temple is the earliest fully Ionic temple on the Acropolis. It was a prominent position on a steep bastion at the south west corner of the Acropolis to the right of the entrance, the Propylaea. In contrast to the Acropolis proper, a walled sanctuary entered through the Propylaea, the Victory Sanctuary was open, entered from the Propylaea’s southwest wing and from a narrow stair on the north.
the-parthenon【The Parthenon】
Is a former temple, on the Athenian Acropolis, Greece, dedicated to the goddess Athena, whom the people of Athens considered their patron. Construction began in 447 BC when the Athenian Empire was at the peak of its power. It was completed in 438 BC although decoration of the building continued until 432 BC. It is the most important surviving building of Classical Greece, generally considered the zenith of the Doric order. Its decorative sculptures are considered some of the high points of Greek art. The Parthenon is regarded as an enduring symbol of Ancient Greece, Athenian democracy and western civilization, and one of the world’s greatest cultural monuments. The Greek Ministry of Culture is currently carrying out a programme of selective restoration and reconstruction to ensure the stability of the partially ruined structure.
acropolis-museum【Acropolis Museum (include entrance)】
Is an archaeological museum which hosts all collection of artifacts in the archaeological excavation that lies at its foundations. The museum’s exhibition program is enriched with the extensive finds from the ancient Athenian city, and the excavation is visible through a series of well positioned large glass openings.
the-plaka【The Plaka】
The oldest section of Athens. If time permits, you may stroll along the street and lines with local cafés, souvenir shops, jewelry stores and many more!
Breakfast: Hotel   //         Lunch: Greek Cuisine                 //    Dinner: Typical Greek dinner with Local
 Hotel:  5* Metropolitan Hotel or similar


Day 08 Athens /  Doha /  Kuala Lumpur            QR 210 ( 1345 / 1800 ) –  4h15m + QR 844 ( 1945 / 0805+1 ) – 7h25m

Breakfast: Hotel


Day 09 Kuala Lumpur


★Special Cuisine: Tzatziki, Soutzoukakia, Taramosalata, Greek Coffee & Donut
★Drinks: Local meals include 1 drink (choices: coffee or tea)

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