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DAY 1       Kuala Lumpur~Taipei ~ Shenyang   ( D )  CI 726 (0720/1150) + CI 975 (1435/1745)

Assemble at International Airport for your flight to Shenyang. Upon arrival, meet and greet by local guide and check in hotel.    Hotel : Jinjiang Metropolo Hotel  / SML


DAY 2       Shenyang ~ Jilin                  (B/L/D)        Hotel : Heng Yang Hotel / SML

沈阳故宫Shenyang Imperial Palace the Imperial Palace was built in 1625, is Nuerhachi and Qing Taizong construction and use of the palace, the existing more than 100 ancient buildings. Shenyang Imperial Palace is China still preserved Qing earliest palace complex, its historical and artistic value after the Forbidden City in Beijing, known as “outside the Forbidden City.”
满清一条街ManQing street – where the buildings are built according to architectural style of the Qing Dynasty.
中街Zhong Street China’s first commercial pedestrian street, China’s top ten famous shopping street, the first batch of malls and shops , so far the longest commercial pedestrian street in China.


DAY 3      Jilin ~ Dunhua                        (B/L/D)        Hotel : Dunhua Taige Hotel  / SML

吉林雾凇Songhua River and Jilin Rimy. Jilin Rime, also known as snow willow, hanging tree, and ice flower, is a kind of phenomenon where winter fog condenses on tree branches and leaves to form individual white ice crystals. Together with the breathtaking mountains and waterways of Guilin, stone forest of Yunnan, and Three Gorges area of the Yangtze River, Jilin rime ice is regarded as one of the 4 natural wonders of China.
吉林天主教堂Appearance of Catholic Church.
北山公园Beishan Park is a prestigious temple . The mountainous landscape main peak elevation of 270 meters.
松江中路Songjiang Road  parkway is major of Jilin City, along 2.6 km-long, extending to the middle of the river 16 meters, the construction is been elevated road.
陨石博物馆Aerolite museum China’s first museum to exhibit meteorite topic.The museum have the world largest meteorite.The museum showcases a variety of electronic technology objects, Dome Theater image shows the meteorite rain boldness.


DAY 4     Dunhua ~ Snow Village           (B/L/D)        Hotel : Snow Village family Guest house / SML

中国雪乡Snow Village (included the gate ticket and down station car, other activities own expense).When arrival guest have free time to go for the scenic area to build snowman, take photo , can spend some time to visit the Shili Gallery, Dream House, night Snow. Besides, the view that the big red lantern mapping the Snow Town looks so beautiful.


DAY 5     Snow Village ~ Yabuli       (B/L/D)    Hotel :  Yabuli International Convention & Exhibition Centre / SML

羊草山Guest can get their own expenses participate to ascend the Chinensis Hill to capture the Rime wonderful view or enjoy the free time.


DAY 6      Yabuli ~ Harbin                       (B/L/D)        Hotel : Metro Park Holiday Inn  / SML

亚布力旅游滑雪度假区Yabuli Ski Resort ( included admission) Ski and snow activities own expense, guest also can ride the skiforing at the Northeast Snow National Culture Village into mountains or self spend to participate. The World’s First Slide, at the same time guest also can take photo.


DAY 7      Harbin                                            (B/L/D)        Hotel : Metro Park Holiday Inn / SML


Europe Central Street, the main commercial street in Harbin; architectural style known as the European museums, including the Renaissance, baroque, eclecticism, Art Nouveau and other kinds of four schools buildings.

防洪纪念塔Stalin Park & Flood Control Monument Park was founded in 1953, is located in the Songhua River south bank, is along embankment Bangshui built ribbon-shaped open park, because Russian classical architectural style and famous. The whole area to flood monument as the center, but also the Harbin symbol to commemorate the Harbin people to overcome two devastating floods established. 13-meter-high monument by the cylinder tower and attached semicircular corridor composition, the tower in relief depicting the year overcome the flood vivid episodes.
太阳岛雪雕博物馆Sun Island Sculpture Musuem (exclude buggy). The snow sculpture at the Sun Island and Ice & Snow World is the main attraction for the Harbin Ice Festival in each year.The snow sculpture at the Sun Island and Ice & Snow World is the main attraction for the Harbin Ice Festival in each year.
冰雪大世界1Ice & Snow World first organized by the Harbin government in 1999. The ice carvings at the Ice & Snow World are regarded as some of the world’s finest examples of ice art, with visitors able to admire some of the largest and most majestic ice-sculpted masterpieces. (Remarks: If Ice & Snow World not open, will be replace by Indoor Ice Lantern; Sun Island Snow Sculpture will be replace by Sun Island Park; Ice Activities will replace by Confucian Temple.)


DAY 8      Harbin  ~ Changchun                 (B/L/D)          Hotel : Guoshang Hotel / SML

伪满皇宫Museum of the Imperial Palace The Palace was the official residence created by the Imperial Japanese Army for China’s last emperor Puyi to live in as part of his role as Emperor of the Japanese puppet state of Manchukuo. In the People’s Republic of China the structures are generally referred to as the Puppet Emperor’s Palace & Exhibition Hall.
伪满八大部Coach by pass Puppet Manchukuo.
长春 文化广场Culture Square located in the center of Chaoyang District, Culture Square is the largest city square in Changchun, with a total area of 20.5 hectares. In the north of the square, the majestic former New Palace of the Emperor of Manchukuo stands soundly facing the former Manchukuo State Council and Military Affairs buildings in the south of the square.


DAY 9      Changchun ~ Taipei ~Kuala Lumpur   CI 270 (1040/1420)+ CI 725 (1840/2325)    (B)

After breakfast, take the bus proceed to airport.



9Days 8Nights   Shenyang/Jilin/Dunhua/Snow Village/Yabuli/Harbin/Changchun – Taiwan China Airlines

Departure 2016Tour PackagesAirlinesPrice (RM)StatusSeasonENGCHI
24 Dec9D8NShenyang/Jilin/Dunhua/SnowVillage/Yabuli/Harbin/ChangchunCI4844AvailableWinterItinerary行程
31 Dec9D8NShenyang/Jilin/Dunhua/SnowVillage/Yabuli/Harbin/ChangchunCI4744AvailableWinterItinerary行程
Departure 2017Tour PackagesAirlinesPrice (RM)StatusSeasonENGCHI
07 Jan9D8NShenyang/Jilin/Dunhua/SnowVillage/Yabuli/Harbin/ChangchunCI4744AvailableWinterItinerary行程
14 Jan9D8NShenyang/Jilin/Dunhua/SnowVillage/Yabuli/Harbin/ChangchunCI4744AvailableWinterItinerary行程

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