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Japan is one of the most futuristic countries in the world with its mighty towers, prestigious services  and beautiful sceneries. It is a tourist hotspot year round because people from different parts of the world come to witness the beauty of Japan.

Kyoto is a city in Japan on the island of Honshu. Once the capital of Japan, Kyoto has many attractions. Kyoto is famous for its traditions and culture, especially for its old fashioned Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines. Other than that Kyoto’s attractions also consists of its food, for example the traditional kaiseki dining.

Kaiseki is a style of traditional, multi-course dinner in Japan that is prepared by using small and intricate dishes. Kaiseki is a Japanese word that is originated from ‘kaichu’ which means kimono pocket and ‘seki’ which means stone. This description is a basic explanation of the purposeful plating of the kaiseki dishes. Kyoto is well-known for its kaiseki since it was the city of the imperial court. Although traditional kaiseki can be expensive, if one would like to experience the true Kyoto flavour, it will be a worthy spend.

One of Kyoto’s attractions include a Shinto shrine, which roughly translates to ‘a way of the gods’. A Shinto shrine is a building that was used in the early 8th century for safekeeping of sacred objects. The ancestors in the Shinto shrines are called ‘kami’. Shrines were built to attract these ‘kami’ to ensure successful harvest. The structure of a Shinto shrine consists of stone lanterns, wooden plaques and intricate gates. It is clear from its structure that the Shinto shrines had Buddisht influences. One of the most famous Shinto shrine in Kyoto is the Fushimi Inari Taisha with its beautiful high arches and striking colours, it definitely will be a fulfilling visit.

Many tourists also come to Kyoto, especially during spring time, to witness the blooming of the Sakura trees. It is one of the biggest highlights of going to Japan and one of Kyoto’s attractions. The blooming of the Sakura trees are treated with high regard in Kyoto, and all over Japan, and is said to be a magical experience that is perfect for tourists.

Another famous one of Kyoto’s Attractions is the Kiyomizudera Temple, a World Heritage. It is the oldest temple is Japan, a famous sight listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. A beautiful opportunity and a must see sight for all who visit Kyoto as you look over the beautiful scenery of Kyoto at the observatory deck. Whatever the season, the Kiyomizudera Temple is always ever-waiting and beautiful, with cherry blossoms tress in spring and Maple leaves in autumn, waiting to just take your breath away.

What are you waiting for? These are just a few of Kyoto’s many, many attractions and reasons on why you too should now, pack your bags, get your passports ready and start travelling to Kyoto!

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