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Taipei 101 – located in Xinyi District, Taipei 101, is a new landmark in Taipei. 101 floors above ground and 5 floors underground, the total height of 508 meters, the tallest building in Taiwan. The world’s largest, most important, the only exposed to visit the wind damper, and the world’s most high-speed constant pressure elevator. Set foot on the elevator is a need for 39 seconds in the end 89 floor observation deck, this can make pleasant to the eye the beauty of Taipei 360 degrees from a height.

Sun Moon Lake is located in Nantou County, central Taiwan the island full-Tan area of 827 hectares, the lake surrounded by about 33 km, is Taiwan’s largest fresh water in lakes, but also the most beautiful alpine lakes. The east side of the lake surface shape is round the west side shaped like a month hook, hence the name.

Alishan – railways, forests, clouds, sunrise, play, more than are synthetic Alishan five odd. Alishan sunrise sunset, drifting clouds in between Hill Love cloud waterfall, thrashing around, every minute every second moved! Cliff, cliffs, waterfalls, flying rocks everywhere amazing! Alishan mountain green love, Sclerotium like waterfalls, clear streams, calling the Leshan Yue water tourists come to visit, big mouth respiratory phytoncid and anion, watching the fish play, precipitation in natural mountain forests. Alishan is shaped by a rich tourist treasures Taiwan preferred, will not be excessive.

Taroko Gorge – Taroko National Park is a magnificent, almost vertical, the marble canyon landscape famous line along the landscape profile reach the gorge wall, cliff, stretching and winding canyon cave tunnel, marble rock formations and streams, and other scenery .

Kenting – Kenting mountain surface of the sea, located in the southernmost tip of Taiwan, is the only tropical areas of the island of Taiwan. Four Seasons warmth, sunshine, blue sea and sky, the Kenting let people forget Worry, energetic and enthusiastic. Beach, sun, sea breeze, you are welcome to visit.

National Palace Museum – one of the famous world’s four major museums. The National Palace Museum’s collection of heritage treasures, is a world famous cultural assets from the imperial collection to the total of the whole people, sustainable heritage of the National Palace Museum Taipei collection, the era of its collection of virtually every aspect of the history of eight thousand years of Chinese culture as a whole has not been interrupted, from the Neolithic to Tang Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing and Republican period, unique in the history of world civilization. 650 000 museum collections, most of the old Chinese royal collection royal collection of original from the Song dynasty, 1000 years ago.

British Consulate at Takao – alive the small hills of West Bay in 1858, the Qing Dynasty of foreigners in Taiwan, built the first seat of the consulate. Consulate General of the internal rows of precious the Kaohsiung historical literature, photographs, models, consulate, also known as the Kaohsiung Historical Relics Museum.

Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall Taipei – Memorial Hall specially designed to commemorate the centenary of the birth of Dr. Sun Yat-built. Sun Yat-sen is the forerunner of Chinese revolution, is an outstanding figure in modern Chinese history. The Memorial Tang Dynasty palace-style building, Zhuang Yan Dengli. Outside the Zhongshan Park surrounded by zigzag bridge, ponds, rockeries, willow and other attractions dotted. The museum’s four exhibition room is beautifully decorated, and perennial based development.

Yangmingshan – Yangmingshan National Park, and dense vegetation, environmental quality, located in the urban nature reserve is not only unique in Taiwan, the world’s rare. Belong large Xiao Youkeng of sulfur Valley, the mountain’s volcanic activity of the most famous yellow smoke curl in the valley, like a fairyland. The annual Yangmingshan Flower Festival will attract millions of people up the mountain flowers, become a grand occasion.

Yehliu – Taiwan’s northernmost Yehliu Geopark scenic areas of natural beauty, with a variety of transgressive spectacle. Is the most famous queen’s head, like the noble queen heroic glow to lemon, let the years and the sand the next round after round of traces of painting in his body ruthless. Variety of rare transgression terrain. Referred to as the Geological Museum.

Shilin Night Market – Shilin Night Market is one of Taipei’s largest night market, famous for a variety of traditional snacks at home and abroad, many tourists come here especially, has become a food landmark, a collection of the north and south snacks, tourists must to the night market, one of the must-visit place for tourists around the world to Taipei.

Tuntex Sky Tower or Kaohsiung 85 Building – Kaohsiung side of Kaohsiung 85 Building, is a landmark of southern Taiwan. “High” as the building shape, height of 347.5 meters, coupled with the antenna, a total of 378 meters; the 85th floor of the ground, underground, was completed in 1997, is inferior to Taipei 101, Taiwan’s second high-rise.

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