Dancing on the beach , Sleeping under the stars. Amazing Maldives, so romantic !!!

Maldives, a name that makes people pop out the beauty of heaven in their minds. Its islands, its sandy beaches, its water villas, its sea world, let countless tourists feels excited while heard its name. Every tourist is expected to have a romantic holiday, and the Maldives is the best place to achieve this dream. Each island in the Maldives is a “pearl in the Indian Ocean” and the “last Paradise” in the Indian Ocean. Republic of Maldives, full name of Maldives, is located near to India and Sri Lanka. The Maldives is a small archipelagic country with 820 km north-south and 130 km wide to the east, comprising nearly 1,200 coral islands spread over a wide ocean near the equator. The country covers an area of about 90,000 square kilometers, of which 298 square kilometers of land, with an average elevation of 1.2 meters, is the world’s smallest coral country.


Located in the vast Indian Ocean south of Sri Lanka, the Maldives is known as the last paradise on earth in the Indian Ocean, with thousands of coral islands, large and small, scattered on both sides of the equator. The islands of the Maldives are made up of ancient underwater volcanic eruptions, and the ever-changing topography, with air-clear waters and snow-white sandy beaches, has created an exotic source of water at sea.

On any island in the Maldives, there are plenty of stunning scenery, the lush tropical vegetation, crystal white sand beaches, blue waters, the colorful underwater world, just like a heaven on the earth. Here, you can wake up with the sunrise, listen to the sound of the waves to sleep, feel as if they are integrated with nature, comfortable outside. If you’re planning a trip to the Maldives, don’t miss out on these breathtaking views of the Maldives.

Due to the special nature of the geographical location of the Maldives, each island is scattered over the Indian Ocean, so the formation of the world’s unique mode of tourism, which is one hotel on one island mode. This mode of travel is simple and complex, said simple because no matter which island you choose the Maldives, all accommodation, food, snorkeling, spa, a variety of water entertainment items, etc. , are around the entire island, meaning that you stay in a hotel, so that you do not have to deliberately arrange travel routes, just need to find a professional travel agency in advance to book their favorite hotel and departure point of the big traffic, the entire trip is cover up to 95%.

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