Hokkaido Lavender

Ready to enter the colorful world with us? Don`t be disappointed if you missed the sakura season, Hokkaido flower festival will give you a different experience. Plan your japan holiday now and add japan Hokkaido to your travel list when during summer. Weather temperature in Hokkaido on summer season is feel cool, because Hokkaido is the northernmost part of Japan. However, is that HelloHoliday.com can offer some tips and advice on this aspect.


Flower Festival

There are many flowers in Hokkaido are blooming in summer and common flower in Hokkaido is sunflower. One of the attraction we have to visit is Himawari no sato, located Hokkaido Hokuryu, it is seen as the biggest sunflower garden in Japan. In Hokuryu, sunflowers are the emblem of the local people, can be seen in gardens, road signs, street lights and others. The season of sunflower is from mid of July until mid of August.






Then, friends who like flowers must visit to Furano. We have visit to Biei Hills in our japan itinerary. The whole hill is covered with beautiful flowers and paddy fields. Here are planted different varieties of flowers example sunflower, lavender, different type of chrysanthemum and many, look like a large rainbow of nature. Has few famous attraction at Biei Hills like: Ken & Mary Tree, Seven Star Tree, Mild Seven Hills and many.







Next, we have proceed to Tomita Flower Farm. Here are full of lavender and different of flowers. Summer is the best time to visit Tomita Flower Farm. After the lavender harvesting and machining, will be making into different skin care product or make a pillow and other uses.








Hot Spring

Hot springs are very famous in Japan. In our japan tour has stay 3 nights at hot spring resort. The primary reason to visit hot springs is that they offer a sense of relaxation. Since natural  hot springs include silica, you will get to have stronger, have more beautiful hair and skin, and your bones will be strong as well.









Can try different fruits when during summer season and must try to eat Melon in Hokkaido. And our japan Hokkaido tour have to provide fruit picking experience to pick the cherry or plum.








3 kinds of crab must want to try that is King Crab, Matsuba Crab and Hairy Crab.


Can experience to different flower fields to look different type of flower in one journey. Get the value japan tour and travel with us now! Enjoy your holiday with beautiful memories with us and different package tour japan offered by Hello Holidays.

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