Hokkaido Tours in Japan

The best places to visit in Japan: Hokkaido

Are you looking for the best place to visit while on your much needed holiday? If you are interested in beautiful views, historic landmarks, thriving culture, relaxing activities, and exciting adventures then look no further than Hokkaido Japan. Hokkaido is the second largest of Japan’s four islands and has something for everyone.

Relax on your vacation in one of Hokkaido’s famous hot springs. The hot springs minerals and warm water is therapeutic for your whole body and will help you relax.  The island is home to the most hot springs in all of Japan and you can find them at various locations. Not only will a trip to the hot springs provide physical restoration, but you will also enjoy the glorious views of the picturesque mountains and lakes of the island.

Another scenic location on the island of Hokkaido is Toya National Park. The main attraction of the park is the fascinating diversity of nature. The park is home to some active volcanoes including the Mt. Yoteizan. This volcano is reflected on the calm and virtually clear lake below, which is truly a sight to behold.  Wildlife and vegetation are abundant in the park and include bears and a variety of water birds. Not only is this a beautiful location, it is also home to one of the best hot water spas in all of Japan were you can get pampered while you enjoy the scenic views of the lake, volcanoes, and geysers.  Cap off your night with an amazing fireworks show on the lake. The best place to view the fireworks is on a boat that is sitting on the lake itself. It is truly a sight to behold and will leave you breathless.

The Nixe Marine Park is a great place for all ages to observe sea creatures in a close up setting. It is a Danish style theme park mixed with an aquarium where you can observe a variety of sea animals including; sharks, giant octopi, king crabs, and sturgeon. The park is location in a Danish styled castle that really adds a little something extra to the already amazing aquarium. You also have the opportunity to touch small sharks, horse shoe crabs, and rays. Not only is there sea life on display but there is also a reptile house that houses snakes, turtles, and lizards. One of the best attractions at Nixe Marine Park is the dolphin and sea lion show, and the king penguin parade.

One of the most popular tourist destinations is Furano flower fields. It is a wondrous sight to behold when you look upon the millions of flowers that grow in the fields and rolling hills. The fields are most known for their lavender flowers, but they also grow other seasonal flowers such as the poppies, lupines, sunflowers, lilies, and cosmos. You can ride a bus around and through the breath taking fields of flowers and you will not believe you eyes at the number of them. Several of these flower fields are accompanied by a range of mountains that provide an amazing backdrop. You can enjoy the full experience by making a lavender pillow, pressing flowers, tasting the lavender flavored ice cream, and looking at the shops. Another beyond amazing place to visit is the Biei Hill which is another flower garden which also has a variety of flowers that grow over the rolling hills with a gorgeous mountainous background. You will not want to miss the view.

If you are looking for a night of romance, or just a day in the city, the Otaru Canal is the place for you.  Not only is it a beautiful location but it is filled with history. Formerly it was an economic city filled with warehouses; now those warehouses are filled with shops, museums, and restaurants. During the day enjoy the local artists that show you their resent work, while at night take a romantic stroll of ride along the canal with the old fashioned gas lamps to light your way.

Looking for a bit of adventure? Take a ride on one of the North Ranch’s horses while you enjoy the views as well as the thrill of horseback riding. If you are looking for something a little tamer, they also offer horse drawn carts for you to ride in. These rides are equally as pleasurable; simply choose according to your taste. If you want to get a little shopping done while in the area be sure to check out the Tanukikoji Shopping Street. This is home to such a variety of merchandise and you are sure to leave happy.


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