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Hokkaido Tours Japan

Hokkaido Tours Japan

Japan has distinctive change of seasons and the seasonal changes add more beauty to Hokkaido. Clean air,blue sky,colorful flowers,undulating hills and the majesty of the mountains…there is so much more and cannot all mention here! In the spring, all the flowers start to grow and the hibernating animals wake up and get ready to be active again. In the summer, Hokkaido is rather dry with low humidity, and the weather is usually very pleasant. In the autumn, while many delicious seasonal food becomes available, the breathtaking autumn colors mountains are seen.

Hokkaido Winter Tour

In the winter, white snow covers the ground as far as the eye can see. This is Hokkaido where such four seasonal differences are gathered in one place. Hokkaido has a lot more to offer to visitors than its scenery,you can also try various activities to communicate with nature! There is no other place like Hokkaido, where you can do sightseeing, eating, playing and your will be satisfied to the fullest!

Watch The Real Hokkaido Pure White Winters Video

Hokkaido is cool and dry throughout the year. Unlike other areas in Japan, the region experiences almost no rainy season, and during winter, you will experience powder snow everyday in Hokkaido! Wherever you may be in Hokkaido, you can feel the distinctiveness of each season.

Everywhere You See, It is Just Like a Painting!

hokkaido winter tour packagesThe nature of Hokkaido has many different faces depending on places and seasons. Just a few days of staying, you should be able to come across many nature’s faces. What is appealing about Hokkaido is not just the specious land, but also its fascinating scenery. you may call it an art work created by rich nature.

From the hills decorated with various colorful flowers to natural wonders that makes you feel as if time had stopped a long time ago, fantastic hills veiled in the morning haze, and a breathtaking sunset over the shoreline. Every nature’s face is seen in Hokkaido and there is NO natural scenery cannot be found.

Hokkaido Winter Tour Packages

hokkaido winter tour packages malaysia8 Days 6 Nights Hokkaido Snow and Ice Festival, Famous Hot Spring, 3 Types Crabs and Japanese Cuisine (Promotion 30 Nov 2012)
Super Posh Hokkaido
Silver Hokkaido (Snow & Ice Festival) / Hakodate Million Dollars Night Scene/Super Hokuto Train / Famous Hot Spring / 3 types Crabs & Japanese Cuisine

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