Incentive travel that will inspire, motivate and reward

Incentive travel is more than a trip abroad. To truly motivate a team, a midweek flight to the Med or an end of season ski trip will no longer cut it. Social media and the sharing economy have raised expectation levels to new heights. Travel incentives should be life-changing experiences, but all too often they’re not.

At Black Tomato Agency we specialise in creating bespoke trips to engage and motivate your entire workforce. Inspire them to pursue ambitious targets and communicate fundamental business messages. All through once-in-a-lifetime experiences unavailable anywhere else in the world.

How incentive travel will help you reach new heights

Deliver impressive ROI and meet your objectives

Research shows that if you’re looking to harness the full potential of your team, experiential rewards are the most effective way to incentivise; a simple thank you email can only go so far. Incentive travel programmes can increase individual performance by up to 22% and of a team by 44%. Moreover, companies that recognise their employees in this way outperform competitors by 30-4Build a connection between teams and targets

Our travel and events experts create remarkable incentive travel programmes across the globe. But a travel incentive is only as effective as its messaging. That’s where our dedicated Communication team adds all-important value, generating excitement, building anticipation and ensuring your entire workforce is aware of the stakes. A deep emotional connection that fuels ambition, increases team effectiveness and boosts productivity in pursuit of a seat on the plane.

0%. We may be biased, but you really can’t argue with the stats.

Drive customer retention with inspiring rewards

It’s not only high-performance teams that enjoy our unparalleled group incentives. Your customers and prospects can be a part of the action too. A memorable reward adds to the buzz around your brand, increases awareness on a global scale and elevates your company above the competition.

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