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The entire peninsula from the Changbai Mountains in the north to the south of Jeju Island, no matter what season, the mountain is covered with bright and multi colours of the Maple Leaf or snow flakes flying decorating the beautiful land. Let us take a look at South Korea, a good place to visit.

Spring :
March to May is spring in Korea. After the harsh winter, it is the best season for travelling, with new shoots and beautiful flowers blooming. The warm and pleasant weather in April and Cherry blossoms season has transformed the whole town into vibrant colours and full of life. What a feast to the eyes!

Nanshan cherry blossoms and winter jasmine – from the Namsan Library to the octagonal, winter jasmine, azaleas, cherry blossoms can be seen from the octagonal to the the Jangchung Cave National Theater, very beautiful. Though Nanshan has a altitude of 262 meters, it is a relaxing walk along the trail up to the hill with beautiful scenery.

Reclamation cherry Tunnel – has 220,000 cherry trees, In spring, reclaimed urban areas are famous for cherry blossoms viewing . Tourist can enjoy cherry and other flowers from Emperor Hill Park, overlooking the reclamation land and near the sea. On can climb a total of 365 steps to watch the cherry blossoms and winter jasmine.

The Mustard flower of Jeju – Jeju Island, because of the location at the southernmost tip, so South Korea could experience Spring early. End of February in Jeju island, one is able to see the sprouting of the mustard fields and from March – April, the whole area is in full bloom of bright yellow mustard flowers, very impressive sight. The end of February to early spring will be able to continue to see a bright yellow mustard fields. The most beautiful and spectacular views of the mustard flowers field is Jeju Island is found in east of the Seongsanpo area. 99 the pinnacle of the formation of the walls of the Mo Yang, hence the name “Shiroyama”. Every March, the bright yellow of the mustard plants, the mountain city of green and blue of the sea form a colorful picture.

Autumn :
Seoraksan – talking about maple leaves, Korean will think of Seoraksan . To them, it is the sacred mountain of Korea, in addition to the beautiful landscape, South Korea Maple Leaf is the best. South Korea in addition to distinct climate, four seasons are very beautiful, but the fall is the most beautiful Maple Leaf season. Maple leaves spreads from Seoraksan famous Daecheongbong main qingfeng, small Qingfeng , slowly to Hangyeryeong, 12 fairy soup and so on, the whole Seoraksan formation of a mountain is covered with leaves of an impasse. Seoraksan, the famous tourist attractions, are worthy of tourists to visit the famous Food Street, close to the beach, a variety of seafood, raw fish and seafood, are the finest cuisine . Well received by visitors alike.

Jeju Island – South Korea’s Jeju Island in the southernmost tip of South Korea ,North Pacific Ocean , is the largest island in South Korea. Jeju is also South Korea most beautiful exotic island. A lot of newly married couples spending their romantic honeymoon here. Therefore, the “honeymoon island” and “Romantic Island” reputation are derived. Jeju Island has got three most comprising : Stone, the wind, the sea women. Leading rock attractions of Jeju Island is the the first attraction. Leading rock formed 200 million years ago after lava eruption cooling, like the one leading from the sea out of the sea. South Korea’s Jeju Teddy Bear Museum for centuries has been the world’s favorite teddy bear museum. 100 years with 1300 pieces of precious works of the traditional teddy bear museum houses large and small teddy bears and the world’s most expensive LV teddy bears, the world’s smallest teddy bear, it has 4.5 mm. We certainly feel very familiar with the picture or Korean (Palace) to film it here.

Coffee Prince / Hongdae completion card – located near Hongik University, Coffee Prince, now a tourist attraction. (Coffee prince the 1st shop), the location turned out to be a closed down café. For filming, the drama group step by step converted the Coffee Prince into finished filming place and it has become groupies pilgrimage, business is booming. The location is one of the favorite meeting place for young people in Seoul. There are nearby coffee shops and PUB everywhere, there are many street vendors and stores selling clothes, jewellery. Besides Lihwa university, this place has yet became another modern cultural base.

Dongdaemun Market – Dongdaemun Market is South Korea’s largest wholesale and retail markets. T he market has more than 20 kinds of shopping complexs and more than 30,000 specialty shops. It is the shopping Kingdom of Seoul with Doosan Building, MIGLIORE FREYA Building, designers, clubs and other large shopping centers, as well as peace Market new peace Market, East peace market, modern shopping malls and traditional markets mixed region. From leading popular trinkets, to the gentleman clothing, ladies clothing, shoes, etc. to all the items of the foot. In the Dongdaemun market, prices are 20-30% cheaper than other places. Here with wholesale and retail, many late night shoppers like to frequent this place.

Suwon Hwaseong – Hwaseong Fortress guards ceremony is referred to as the world cultural heritage of the Chinese city. North Korea Jeongjo King will be established to strengthen the imperial power Yong Ying is royal amount Chikae Force. Among them, the guard the Hwaseong Yong camp outside the camp on the Jeongjo King most loyal. Suwon City history to create a “Chinese City, OK Camp Yong camp guard ceremony, reproduce Jeongjo King Forum Search Chinese city have conducted Yong camp guard ceremony and military honors ceremony

New Village Ladies – before leaving South Korea, this is a must visit place. ! The last leg to come to New Village Ladies. New Village Ladies is where New Village subway station is. It is surrounded by a number of major universities. Young people often gather and shop here. New Village, along the road are a variety of restaurants, fast food restaurants, cafes, shops, as well as female students favorite clothing store, the entire street full of youthful vitality of university students to learn about the latest fashion, this is definitely your first choice and not to be missed.

Myeongdong – Myeong-dong is a place where people Lenovo since a great shopping city. Here, a wide variety of brand stores, department stores, duty-free shops densely together. Here is called the center and fashion, you can buy leading apparel, footwear, accessories, and so on. Here is different from the Namdaemun and Dongdaemun, focused on quality brand feature here. In addition, there are a variety of stores gathered at Central Avenue and on both sides of the alley. In Myeongdong, in addition to shopping, there are many delicious cuisine and fun things to do. Eating, restaurant, fast food shops, as well as Korean, Western, Japanese, and other kinds of restaurants, including Myeongdong pork cutlet, are the most famous.

Winter :
Seen (Endless Love), (Winter Sonata), (Snow Queen), drama Seorak, Gangwon-do, tree-lined trail, Gyeongbokgung Palace – scenery everywhere picturesque, like Scenery Video (Winter Sonata), snowflakes, people yearning for more and more want to embrace the winter in South Korea. South Korea, most of the skiing is concentrated in Gangwon Province, loved by young people.

Phoenix Resort – Phoenix Resort 700 meters above sea level, with hotel, apartment suites, ski resorts, golf courses, a full range of cultivation apartment. Phoenix resort two hours’ drive from Seoul with convenient transportation. 1998 has been designated as tours to all seasons of cultivation resort. Especially in the winter ski season, tourists flock. From a few years ago, visitors can take the peak of the Senior Snow Road, Paradise slope and the ski slopes. The beginning of the points of each ski, 3, visitors are free to choose different levels of play. The ski resort built on mountains, a total of 12 ski runs. Settings of the ramp so that visitors can see 500 meters wide base of the ski resort, in terms of where to enjoy the excitement and fun of skiing. In addition, the ski Mogul lane, 8-seater cable car, East Asia’s largest ski base-class facilities of international standards. Other facilities include the most advanced rent, and can accommodate more than 1,000 people, cafeteria, meeting room, children playroom.

Ski paradise – Gangwon-do – Gangwon-do, Korea first into the winter areas, is also the longest region in winter. The vast majority of ski resorts are concentrated in a total of eight ski resorts in Gangwon Province.l Gangwon and Nami Island are familiar in the show (Winter Sonata), the audience must feel these two places first cordial, play a lot of classic scenes are filmed here. In the show, two hand in hand through the two rows of green trees, beautiful picture, it is the beauty of the Nami Island.

Yongpyong Resort – This place became very famous because of the show ,Winter Sonata. Asian visitors were well aware of the footprint along the (Winter Sonata), all the way around. Yongpyong Resort is South Korea the largest and most famous ski resorts, a total of 31 surface of the blood aside, 15 cable car run. DRAGONVAKKEYHOTEL not only overlooking the ski resort of, is also (Winter Sonata), shooting location. The visitors can also take the cable car to the top of the hill, overlooking a beautiful scenery. TIgerWorld South Korea, is the first large indoor ski slope. In particular, set the most advanced artificial snow equipment, and high-end air conditioners provide excellent snow quality visitors quality and fresh air, in particular, allows you to experience a rapid decline of a snow basin stimulate and Chao Kuaigan, which also has an indoor ski slope experience the fun of skiing, skateboarding is the best choice for skiers.

Yongin Everland – full of laid-back ambience, the world’s only comprehensive playground – Everland, give it to the endless happiness of mankind, and fantasy, full of thrills and excitement, poetic and romantic. Yongin Everland is an integrated international resort for leisure, entertainment, education and culture, has 23 years the amount of historical and joy in the world posed by the five themes, with the different seasons and expand the different celebrations in held within fourteen thousand square garden of tulips, roses, lilies, chrysanthemums: the colorful Flower Festival: the world’s largest indoor and outdoor waterpark. People like being back in the childhood of the world to enjoy the unparalleled state-of-the-art recreational facilities. Take the cable car to visit the lions, tigers, giraffes, fire bear safari park, etc., should be as much. To find a copy of their own happiness in the world full of laughter,

Nami Island – if you see the snowflakes in the show Winter Sonata, you must have felt very romantic. In winter, South Korea, from the most southern island of Jeju to the most northern part of Gangwon-do, the whole place has become the snow world. Speaking of the best snow place, it must be the southern island of Jeju. Complex island topography, climate changing, sometimes early in the morning sun shines at noon will be covered with dark clouds, but afternoon there will be snowflakes.

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