Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, Exhibitions

Today, in order to motivate employees to invest extra efforts at work, they must be offered something more than a pleasant experience. With corporate groups increasingly looking for ways to encourage and motivate their staff, incentive travel programs are gaining high popularity.

Incentive travel trips are not just for motivating or rewarding employees, it is also an experience on the trip which would enliven them with surprises, special moments and unusual events. The experience they cannot relive… no matter how rich they are. The incentive travel basically implies unforgettable and entertaining trips paid by employers, to keep their staff happy and feeling treasured.

Hello Holiday MICE is not only doing the tours for Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, Exhibitions, but also the specialists to handle private mini groups especially for the personages such as governor, celebrities who need privacy for their vacations; as well as custom-made tours & innovative tour for the niche market such as Pilot Training @ Flying School, be the gourmet to try the local cuisine in oversea, be the ranger walk with lions, be the expeditions to explore Antarctica & North Pole, ……

Hello Holiday MICE, the ideal planner who specialize in incentive travel deals have a lot to look forward to a profession that perfectly blends business with pleasure.

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时至今日,不少企业集团正透过各种管道激励或鼓励员工,其中一个最受欢迎的方式就是奖励旅游。为了激励在工作时付出额外努力的员工,他们应当获赠一些超出心意的奖励作为表扬。 奖励旅游,意味着应当由雇主付出,并确保员工有个愉快的旅行。然而,旅程并非只是纯粹激励或者奖励员工;旅途中还需要一些趣味活动的安排,制造与众不同的惊喜,让他们在这些美好与特别的时刻中回味无穷。