5 Days 4 Nights Cambodia ~ Phnom Penh / Siem Reap



5 Days 4 Nights Cambodia ( Phnom Penh /  Siem Reap)


Day 1     Kuala Lumpur /  Phnom Penh                     (Lunch/Dinner)

Royal Palace
It faces towards the east and is situated at the Western bank of the cross  division of the Tonle Sap River and the Mekong River called  Chaktomuk, surface magnificent.
Silver Pagoda
Sits next to the Royal Palace, moniker “Silver Pagoda” after the solid silver floor tiles than adorn the temple building.
Chaktomuk River
It was known as The ‘Four Faces’ – so called for its location   at the four branched confluence of the Mekong River.
Cambodia Naga World Casino

 Day 2       Phnom Penh                                                        (Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner)

Independence Monument
This monument was built in 1958 and intended at the end of 1953 France’s rule in Cambodia. It was the place  where the Cambodian people, King Norodom Sihanouk declared Cambodia’s independence. 
Victory Monument
The monument was commemorates in  November 9, 1953 from French colonial rule in Cambodia as it gained full independence. The whole monument base 36 m wide and 37 meters high, a total of 7 floors, on a four-pillar-mounted seven-layer Lotus-bud-shaped pagoda, each layer around the “petals” are actually fine “Naga” sculpture
Toul Sleng Museum
Which is displays items of the inhuman acts of Pol Pot.
Wat Phnom
The only one hill in Phnom Penh, magnificent temple on the top of Wat Phnom, is the leisure place for local people.
Central Market
The building has as its core a central dome, The Central Market is a bustling emporium  of numerous stalls selling a wide variety of  upmarket goods.
Factory Outlet Shop

Day 3     Phnom Penh~Siem Reap                         (Breakfast/ Lunch / Dinner)

Tonle Sap Lake (Included Boat Ride)
Ler Artisan  D’ Angkor
Appreciation of local art handicraft ,handicraft centre for your own shopping.
Handicraft Shop
Rosana Show

 Day 4    Siem Reap ~ Angkor Wat ~ Sim Reap                      Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner)

South Gate of Angkor Thom
Capital cities of South Gate of Angkor Wat which gate up to 23 metres, above the big four statues with face serene smile and welcome to people. It also act as a one sign of Angkor. Gates with 3 heads of elephants for decoration and its nose has a thick decorative patterns like waves, extraordinary momentum.
Bayon is well-known by the pomp of the Khmer Temple that located in Angkor in Cambodia. It was built in the late 12th century late or early 13th century as the official temple of the Mahayana Buddhist  King Yes Mo Kasi bhàradvàja VII.
The air Palace formerly known as Jin Jiaoshan that located inside the Tom King City in the northwestern part of Bayon. It is a temple in Angkor Palace that originally made for the Shiva temple and later was turned into Mount Meru of Hindu temples. Tong Wang was the tallest building in the city and now remaining complete building of the Palace.
Elephant Terrace
Terrace was selected horse of the King of Angkor that carved on the walls around a number of elephants and Hindu gods. The tower was built in the late 12th century Angkor by Jaya of rajendravarman VII. More than 300 meters in length with three platforms. The cascade with three elephant headdress as a column in the South and trunk volume with Lotus flowers. The lion and bird on the platform walls are carved.
Prasat Suor Prat
Chau Say Tevoda
Thommanom Temple
Ta-Ke Temple
Angkor Wat
Ta Prohm Temple
Ta Prohm is a quiet and sprawling monastery.. Some walls and doorways of the ancient structure were left overgrown and gripped by huge trees and other foliage. Flocks of parrots in the trees add to the atmosphere and give the visitor about the feeling of discovering a temple lost in the jungle.
Srah Srong
Srah Srang always has water and is surrounded by greenery. According to one French archaeologist, it offers at the last rays of the day one of the most beautiful points to view the Park of Angkor. It was built in the end of the 12th century by the King Jayavarman VII and dedicated to Buddhist to replicato style of art.
Pre Rub Temple
You can view the beautiful sunset and the view of Angkor Wat.
Gems Gallery

Day 5    Depature Siem Reap / Kuala Lumpur         (B/MOB)
(11.45pm) Depart to airport, check-in and transfer your flight for back home. 


Special free:

-01 bottle mineral water / day/person

-1 Drink at HARD ROCK Angkor Cafe

-1 Hour Foot or Body Massage (Adult Only)

** The sequence of itinerary, meals and hotel arrangement are subject to the final adjustment of the local ground operator. ** (PPT-2)

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