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Hualien Taroko Scenic Area

7 Days 6 Nights Taiwan Premier Tour – Kending / Hualian / Taidong / Yilan



7 Days 6 Nights Taiwan Premier Tour  Kending / Hualian / Taidong / Yilan

(Theme Resort / Local Cuisine / Taiwan High Speed Railway / Luxury VIP Bus with Wifi )


Day 1       KLIA Taipei ~ Kaohsiung         BR 228 (1520/2000)         (MOB)

Hotel: Kaohsiung. Chateau de Chine Hotel       or similar

Assemble at Kuala Lumpur International Airport,to check in flight to Taiwan. Take High Speed Rail transfer to Kaohsiung.


Day 2       Kaohsiung ~ Kending            

National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts

National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts (Weiwuying) is the first national theater located in southern Taiwan. Its superb location and rich history signify its mission of bridging the past with the future, connecting local and global talents. Leading up to Weiwuying’s official opening, festivals, performances and events are already vibrant and happening on its adjacent compounds and outdoor areas.

Zhongdu Wetlands Park

It is one of the major projects of the Kaohsiung City Government. Located in a traffic-intensive, densely populated metropolitan area. In a highly developed environment, the Kaohsiung City Government attempts to restore the natural ecology of the old Kaohsiung River and Wetland mangroves more than half a century ago, while preserving Kaohsiung’s industrial history.

Qijin Island Black Sand beach

The Qijin beach is soft and sandy, and is close to the coastal park. It is also the starting point on the north side of the marine park. A beach with life-saving equipment is a good place for water sports for summer, swimming and surfing.

Seafood Street

Across the Qijin ferry station which has lots of seafood shop and selling variety of fresh seafood restaurant along the side. Is the most prosperous area of Qijin.


Pier-2 Art Center

The great persistence from a group of local artists who decided to create artistic expressions in the area for a “show and tell” session paid off well when Kaohsiung city government released the area for a well-deserved second lease of life – conversion into an arts centre.

Liudui Hakka Cultural Park

The Liudui Hakka Cultural Park is a cultural center in Neipu Township, Pingtung County. Hakka people Liudui Hakka Cultural Park was expected to be a tourist window for Hakka culture in southern Taiwan, with language and culture heritage, performance marketing and leisure recreation functions. The two main concepts of the park are Hakka village lives and natural ecology.

Kending . Maobitou Park

Maobitou is about 3.5 kilometers away from the White Sand Bay. Because there is a coral reef rock falling from the sea cliff in this area, its shape is named after the cat. The cat’s nose is the dividing point between the Taiwan Strait and the Bus Channel, and forms the southernmost tip of Taiwan with the goose nose.

Kending Street
Breakfast: Hotel               //               Lunch: Qijing Seafood Cuisine               //               Dinner: Lobster Abalone Meal
Hotel: Kending . Hotel day Hotel    or similar

Day 3       Kending ~  Taidung

Eluanbi Park

The Eluanbi Park Is famous for its lighthouses. Due to the lack of coordinated rides and the view of the lighthouse and the photography, there is no playground. In view of this, the former tourism bureau Kending scenic area management office has a special view of the opposite side of the bronze statue. lin was built as a park and was officially opened to the public on December 25, 1971. It continued to be renovated and by the department.

Longpan Park

Located in the southeast of Hengchun, it can be reached from the Eluanbi to the north along the Jiage highway. The Longjing scenic area belongs to a rising limestone terrain.

Chuhuo Special Scenic Area

The special fire-producing area was planned to be established in 1996. It is located about five kilometers outside Hengchun city. It is a natural scene that is stored in the mudstone layer and is formed from the fissures to the surface. After being ignited, it is called “fire.” the night looks like a wildfire, but it is a very natural landscape.

Hengchun Old Street
Breakfast:Hotel               //               Lunch:Hengchun Cuisine               //               Dinner:Dine in hotel
Hotel:Taidung . Century Hotel      or similar     ( «Kindly prepare Swimsuit & Swim Cap )

Day 4       Taidung ~ Hualian

Luye Highland Gliding Base

Enjoy East Coastline scenery




Taidung Brown Boulevard  (Include cycling experience)

Takeshi Kaneshiro Tree、Rice Field scenery



Chishang  Special Train Bento
Yunshan Water Characteristic Farm
Zhongzheng Road Pedestrian Street
Breakfast:Hotel          //         Lunch:Chishang Train Special Lunch Box          //          Dinner: Local health Cuisine
Hotel:Hualian . Azure Hotel      or similar    

Day 5       Hualian ~ Suhua Highway ~ Yilan

Local Product Shop

Hualien Taroko Scenic Area  &  Changchun Shrine

Taroko national park is the fourth national park established in Taiwan. It was formerly the second-high Taroko National Park (1937-1945) established during the japanese occupation. After the second world war, it became the national scenic spot.

Onion Field 【Experience DIY Onion Pancake】

Shangri-La Orchard Farm

Taiwan Folklore Activities Experience:

Welcome God of wealth ~ Tangyuan making session ~ Gyro competition ~Lantern wish 

Breakfast:Hotel               //               Lunch:Suao Seafood Cuisine               //               Dinner:Dine in Leisure Farm
Hotel: Yilan . Shangri-La Leisure Farm          or similar


Day 6       Yilan ~ Hsuehshan Tunnel ~ Taipei 

Golden Waterfall
 Gold Musuem      
The Gold Museum formerly known as the Gold Ecological Park, is a museum of the gold mining industry Taiwan.  The Gold Building provides information about the discovery of gold in the area, with displays on the Benshan Tunnels, old mining equipment, mining transport systems and introduces the properties of gold, with works of art made of gold.

Taipei Fish Market

( LunchOwn Arrangement)


Taiwan  Tea

Experience DIY Biscuit



Wufenpu Shopping District
Breakfast:Hotel               //               Lunch:Own Arrangement               //               Dinner:Western Cuisine
Hotel:Taipei.  Sato Castle Motel         or similar

Day 7     Taoyuan Airport KLIA    BR 227 (0940/1425)         BreakfastHotel


Taiwan EVA Air (BR )  or China Airline ( CI )   ( 托运行李Check In Luggage — 30KG )

Tour Fare ( Included Airport Taxes, Tips & Chubb Travel Insurance ) :

※29/10 , 03/1 , 22/1 , 19/2 , 26/2   group by Taiwan China Airlines 台湾中华航空 (CI ) :

KLIA / TAIPEI  CI 722 (1440/1930)  +   TAIPEI / KLIA  CI 721 (0850/1330)

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