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8Days 6Nights Japan Tohoku / Niko/Tokyo – Japan Airline (01JUNE 2019) Famous Hot Spring/ Beautiful Scenery/Matsushima/GinzanOnsen/ Edo Wonderland Nikko



8Days 6Nights Japan Tohoku / Niko/TokyoJapan Airline  (01JUNE 2019)

Famous Hot Spring/ Beautiful Scenery/Matsushima/GinzanOnsen/ Edo Wonderland Nikko


Day 1   Kuala Lumpur / Tokyo ( Narita )      JL 724 ( 2250/0645+1 )

Day (0645am) arrive Tokyo ~ Tsukiji Fish Market ~ Shibuya ~  Haneda Airport / Yamagada   JL 179 (1730/1830)

Tsukiji Fish Market


Shibuya is the center of young generation, and the most energetic district in Tokyo, offering countless restaurants, shops and entertainments!


Lunch:  OWN EXPENSES                   //         Dinner: Hotel Japanese Cuisine  
Hotel:Yamagata. Sakaeya Hotel ( Hot Spring )     or Similar


Day 3    Fruit Picking: Cherry or strawberry ~ KakunodateBukeyashiki ~ Train ~ Lake Tazawa

[Fruit Picking : Cherry or strawberry ] ** base on season

KakunodateBukeyashiki ( Samurai House )

Kakunadate has another nickname which called as “Small Kyoto” since it just as big as Kyoto’s area and also covers its cultural style. Kakunodate is located at Akita and surrounded by three mountains–East Mountain with flower, North Mountain with old town, South Mountain reinforced by Tamagawa to the wide range until Semboku. This was the best terrain that constructed a castle town.


Included Akita Nairiku Jukan Railway , take train from Kakunodate to Matsuba

Lake Tazawa

Lake Tazawa is a caldera lake in the city of Semboku, Akita Prefecture, northern Japan. It is the deepest lake in Japan at 423 metres. The area is a popular vacation area and several hot spring resorts can be found in the hills above the lake.

Breakfast:Hotel             //        Lunch:Japanese Cuisine           //         Dinner: Hotel  Buffet or Japanese Set
Hotel:Iwate .Shizukuishi Prince Hotel (Hot Spring)


Day 4    Iwate ~ Grand Farming Koiwai ~ Gembikei Gorge ~Ginzan Onsen Street~ Sendai Ichiban Shopping Street~ Sendai 

GRAND FARMING KOIWAI ( Experience making butter )


Gembikei Gorge-It was designated as a national place of scenic beauty and a natural monument.Gembikei is famous for its dango, or sweet rice dumpling. You put money in a basket hanging on a cable stretched across the river and knock on a board to signal the store on the other side of the river; the basket is then pulled up to the store, and comes back flying across the river with dango and tea inside
Ginzan Onsen Street–this Onsen Street was famous because of the silver mining; was the shooting place of NHK Drama「Oshin」. Wooden building that constructed into two style during Taisho Era was standing both sides of this street. Pass over the Silver Bridge, strolling along the stone road with hot mist, sit on the long chair with special design, feet soak into hot spring
Sendai Ichiban Shopping Street
Breakfast:Hotel             //        Lunch:Japanese Cuisine           //         Dinner: Japanese BBQ                    
Hotel:Sendai. Hills Hotel       or Similar

Day 5    Sendai ~  Matsushima Cruise ride ~ Godai-do Hall ~ Outlet ~  Kinugawa     

Cruise ride on Matsushima — Japan Top Three Scenery

< Matsushima Bay as formed by various size of islands and we can enjoy the most represent view of Japan among the four seasons at here. Matsushima is covering the historical relics of Date Masamune as well.

 Godai-do Hall-is a Rinzai Myoshinji Buddhist temple located in Miyagi Prefecture’s scenic Matsushima. The gorgeous landscape that embodies Matsushima has been voted as one of the 3 most scenic locations in Japan. It is said to be the oldest building in the Tohoku area that uses Momoyama architecture, and is designated at important cultural property. 
 Mitsui Outlet

No matter what seasons or weather, customer can also enjoy your shopping moment at here. There is a 650 seats’s food court and selling local vegetable and unique handicraft’s “Local Farm”.

Breakfast:Hotel             //        Lunch:Matsushima Local Cuisine           //        Dinner: Hotel Japanese Cuisine          
Hotel:Kinugawa Kankou Hotel  ( Hot Spring )   or similar


Day 6     Kinugawa ~  Nikko Toshogu ~  Edo Wonderland Nikko Edomura – Shibuya~ Tokyo

Nikko Toshogu

Nikko Toshogu is a Shinto shrine located in Nikkō, Tochigi Prefecture, Japan. It is part of the “Shrines and Temples of Nikkō”, a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Edo Wonderland Nikko Edomura is a cultural theme park that recreates the atmosphere of Edo (pre-modern Tokyo)


Breakfast: Hotel         //        Lunch : Japanese Cuisine         //        Dinner : Japanese steamboat          
Hotel:Tokyo.    Shinagawa Prince Hotel or Similar


Day 7    Free at own leisure   Today no bus provided

Free at own leisure Today no bus provided

For those who want to go to Disneyland , tour guide can  bring you to Disneyland by JR train ( train ticket own expense ) &  Disneyland entrance ticket RM 300/person  . [Tokyo Disneyland or Tokyo Disneysea ( 2 choose 1) ]

Breakfast: Hotel        //        Lunch : OWN EXPENSES        //     Dinner:    OWN EXPENSES    
Hotel: Tokyo .   Shinagawa Prince Hotel    or similar


Day 8    Narita airport / KLIA        JL 723  ( 1115/1810 )

Breakfast: Hotel      //        Lunch : Meal On Board             


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