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8Days 7Nights Dalian / Panjin / Shenyang / TongHua / Changbaishan / Jingpohu / Hailin / Harbin – Xiamen Airlines



8Days 7Nights Dalian / Panjin / Shenyang / TongHua / Changbaishan / Jingpohu / Hailin / Harbin – Xiamen Airlines

Day 1    Kuala Lumpur ~ Xiamen ~ Dalian        MF 898 (0920/1755)   (D)  Hotel: Furong International Hotel/ SML

Assemble at Kuala Lumpur International Airport for your flight to Xiamen via Dalian. Dalian is a major city and seaport in the south of Liaoning province. Upon arrival, tour to Russian Scenic Street with all Arts of ommercial shops, Dated to 19th and 20th Century Russian Influnce street, combined with century old history and forwarding concept.

Day 2    Dalian ~ Panjin ~ Shenyang                                         (B/L/D)              Hotel: Rayfont Hotel / SML

Red Beach Scenic Spot

Red Beach Scenic belong to wetland eco-tourism area, it the world’s best-preserved and largest wetland resource as the background to the world’s rare Red Beach, the world’s largest reed marshes as the basis, is the perfect combination of natural environment and cultural landscape is set tour, tourism, leisure, vacation of an integrated green eco-tourism area. Red Beach is a plant tissue color. Causes of Red Beach, Suaeda grass, large tracts of salsa grass grow together on converging sea of red, the color more vivid.


Day 3    Shenyang ~ Tonghua                                                   (B/L/D)              Hotel: Manford Hotel / SML

Shenyang Imperial Palace

The Imperial Palace was built in 1625, is Nuerhachi and Qing Taizong construction and use of the palace, the existing more than 100 ancient buildings. Shenyang Imperial Palace is China still preserved Qing earliest palace complex, its historical and artistic value after the Forbidden City in Beijing, known as “outside the Forbidden City.”

ManQing street

where the buildings are built according to architectural style of the Qing Dynasty.

Zhong Street

For shopping.

Day 4    Tonghua ~ Changbaishan                                            (B/L/D)              Hotel: Jinshui Crane Hotel / SML

Tianchi + buggy

Tianchi was the largest crater lake formed by the volcano eruption

Changbaishan Scenic area (Include buggy) is an extinct volcano. In the ancient days, there were 3 times volcano eruptions. That formed Changbaishan special landscape and natural beautiful scenery.

Changbaishan Waterfall is the most magnificent Waterfall, located at the Northern part of Tianchi. The waterfall is also a very famous scenic attractions in this area.

Hot Spring Group Changbaishan Hot Spring name of “Divine Water”.  It belonged to severe hot spring, average temperature range from 60C to 82C.

Day 5    Changbaishan ~ Jingpo Lake ~ Hailin                          (B/L/D)              Hotel: Lilai Guoji Hotel / SML

Jingpo Lake scenic area (Include buggy) It was formed by volcano eruption about ten thousand years ago. The Jingpo Lake was formed due to the blockage of the Mudan River to form the lake.
DiaoShuilou Water Water pour down from the cliff, due to the force, the area is very misty. Under the sunlight, you would see beautiful rainbows.
Boat Ride Take a boat ride in the Jingpo Lake to enjoy the beautiful scenery. On shore, is a many white layers island. The Island accumulate the shits of the sea birds, layer by layer, the special shape named white stone bubble

Day 6    Hailin ~ Harbin                                                             (B/L/D)              Hotel: Mercure Hotel Harbin / SML   

Sun Island Park (Include Buggy)

Sun Island and the surrounding islands formed a Sun Island Park Scenic Area. The scenic area formed by the mountain, lake, waterfalls, pagodas and pavilions.

Siberia Tiger Park (Include eco coach)

currently is the largest man-orientated, to rear Siberia Tiger base. There are 300 different ages of pure      Siberian Tigers, Siberia Tiger Park consist of “adult tiger park”, “Rear tiger park”, “young tiger park” and “Lion Park”.

Flood Control Monument

The Monument is located at the Central Street Terminal Square. In 1957, a huge flood was closing Harbin, with the help of the citizen, the flood was settled. Thus, in 1958, the monument was erected to commemorate the incident.

Europe Central Street

The main commercial street in Harbin; architectural style known as the European museums, including the Renaissance, baroque, eclecticism, Art Nouveau and other kinds of four schools buildings.

Day 7    Harbin ~ {High Speed Rail} ~ Dalian                             (B/L/D)              Hotel: Furong International Hotel / SML   

Beer Museum

using the high technology and multi-media installation, to originate the beer history and beer culture. It was first formed Ice Bar and Beer College, especially experience all-in-one brand.

**May-June Departure Groups Not Visiting Beer Museum replaced by Lilac Flower Park (depend on weather condition )**

St. Sophia Church Square

The Cathedral of the Holy Wisdom of God or Saint Sophia Cathedral in Harbin is a former Russian Orthodox church located in the central district of Daoli, Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province, China.

Day 8    Dalian ~ Xiamen ~ Kuala Lumpur                    (B)        MF 897 (1430/2350)      

Binhai Road (Coach Tour)

coastal road is a very curved road, one side facing the mountain with trees and bushes, the other side is facing the ocean. On the road, you will view the beautiful scenery.

North Bridge

to commemorate Dalian and North Kyushu in Japan as a friendly sister cities, it was completed in 01May1987.

Tiger Beach Park

National Scenic area in the Central part of Southern coastal area. With the blue sea, mountainous rocks formed a beautiful scenery.

Xinghai Square

situated at the Western most of Dalian coastal road, it is also the largest square in China. It was built in September 1999 to commemorate 100 years of Dalian city.

Centennial City Carving

the carving stretch from the square towards the sea, it was a 80 meters carved Foot Print, illustrate the history of  Dalian

Transfer to airport, take a flight back to Kuala Lumpur via Xiamen.

Special Cuisine: Fish banquetDumpling banquet, Changbaishan banquet, DongBei Farm banquet, Seafood Steamboat, Shenyang Roast duck

Optional Tour: RMB 380 / person: Changbaishan Performing Art Show, Sun Island Indoor Ice Sculpture

** Remark: Content of optional tour subject to change.

** The above itinerary is for reference only, and is subject to any necessary changes in accordance to local requirement. **(MF-8SHE)

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