Shikoku (四国, しこく), located between the Seto Inland Sea and the Pacific Ocean, is also 4 major island in Japan (Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku & Kyushu). In recent years, the completion of bridges which across the Seto Inland Sea has made Honshu’s connection with Shikoku more convenient.

The Shikoku has a unique natural environment, a lot secret scenery in Shikoku. There are a lot of attraction to explore.









Likes one of the top 3 mysterious valley, the Iya Valley, you can feel what natural have made for this unique natural environment. Besides, walk through an ancient vine bridge, you may feel walking through as a samurai when in the ancient time.








There are also invincible seascape of Seto Inland Sea. Have a walk in the Naruto Strait Bridge, get closer to look at the world’s most magnificent whirlpool for the Naruto Strait.









Enjoy Dogo Hot Spring (Dogo Onsen), one of the top 3 famous and ancient hot spring in Japan, have about 3000 years. Dogo are full with cultural atmosphere, it have attracted a lot of literati and writers. Wherever you walk on the onsen street, you can immerse yourself into the traditional Japan culture.




Have a ride on a retro steam train “Botchan Steam Train”, also is one of the train worth riding, it has an excellent system of trams for getting around the city.









Take another ride of Yawatahama Train in「Iyo-Kaminada Line」. It is a tourist train,this train are the 4th year of operation in 2018,Yawatahama train was the First of top 10 Tourist Train,you can enjoy the leisure of the railway trip、the beauty sea view of Iyo Beach. At coastal area can fully enjoy the charm of retro railways.



Experiencing The Tokushima Awa Dance, this dance is performing while Tokushima festival, features folkdances performed to welcome the souls of ancestors in the Bon season to learn more about Japanese dance culture.

Japan have a lot famous sightseeing, which is attractive, historic, natural or mystery. For Shikoku, is a place you never can’t to visit, it is natural scenery, historical, festivals, feel the unique local taste and experience local culture. The beauty of Shikoku is waiting for everyone come to explore. Yokoso!

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