10Days 9 Nights The Beauty of North Xinjiang

10Days 9 Nights The Beauty of North Xinjiang

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 Day 1    Kuala Lumpur /Shanghai/ Urumqi        FM 864 ( 0705/1245 ) + FM 9221 ( 1805/2310 ) (Meal on board)

Depart by flight to Urumqi ( transit at Shanghai Airport) - the capital city of Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region which is the home of 47 ethnic nationalities.  
Hotel: Local 5*Urumqi. Haide Hotel   or    Hantang Hotel    or similar

Day 2                 Urumqi ~ (6HRS) Fuyun      

Western Gobi Desert Scenery
refers to the landscape and views found in the western region of the Gobi Desert. This area is characterized by vast expanses of arid land, dunes, rocky terrain, and unique desert flora and fauna. The Western Gobi offers a distinctive and often stark beauty, showcasing the natural features of a desert environment in the western part of the Gobi Desert region.
Karemei Li (Drive Pass)
Established in April 1982, the Karamei Li Nature Reserve covers an area of 14,856.48 square kilometers. Located in the Karamei Li area of the Junggar Basin in Xinjiang, it symbolizes a desert of death. At first glance, it appears silent and desolate. However, without exploring it, one would never realize that it is a paradise for wild animals.
Huoshao Moutain
The Junggar Basin, China's second-largest basin, is dubbed the "Prehistoric Geological Museum." It boasts the stunning Rainbow Mountains, vast areas of petrified wood, and dinosaur fossils. Located about 250 kilometers from Urumqi, in the southeastern part of the Junggar Basin, Huoshao Mountain stands out for its vibrant colors, unlike Flaming Mountain known for its high temperature.
Breakfast Hotel       //    LunchLocal Cuisine   //    DinnerLocal Cuisine
Hotel: (4*)Fuyun. Jinhui Hotel or Yuan Fang Grand Hotel or Similar

Day 3      Fuyun (5.5HRS) Burqin

Cocoseiro Swamp (Drive Pass)
Cocoseiro, located within the territory of Fuyun County, Altay Prefecture, Xinjiang, China, is about 23 kilometers away from Fuyun County. It is one of the main scenic areas of Keketuohai National Geological Park and is a naturally formed swamp wetland. Keketuohai.
Keketuohai Scenic Area (included shuttle bus)
The Keketuohai Scenic Area and National Geological Park are situated in Fuyun County, Altay Prefecture, northern Xinjiang. Covering 788 square kilometers, it's 485 kilometers from Urumqi and 53 kilometers from Fuyun County. The area comprises the Irtysh Grand Canyon, Cocoseiro, Iremut Lake, and the Kalasunjer Fault Zone.
Shenzhong Mountain
Shenzhong Mountain, located 40 kilometers upstream of the Irtysh River in Fuyun County, features two bell-shaped giant rocks, around 1000 meters high, adorned with trees and moss. The scenery is spectacular, particularly after rainfall, with swirling clouds and rainbows in the sky.
The Irtysh Grand Canyon
The Irtysh Grand Canyon, in Fuyun County, Altay Prefecture, Xinjiang, is a key site in Keketuohai National Geological Park. It showcases granite peaks along the Irtysh River, with rounded shapes and various formations, often called "108 Peaks". These peaks have unique patterns like honeycomb pits and vertical grooves, resembling fossilized waterfalls.
Couple Tree
In this grassland, six trees stand out, with the birch and pine in the middle forming the iconic "Couple Tree". In autumn, the birch turns golden while the pine stays green, creating a striking contrast as they sway together in the wind. Up front, a small birch resembles a young girl in love, growing into a union with its partner and eventually forming a happy family. These trees exemplify the rich philosophy of nature.
Rainbow Bay (Enter)
The most beautiful Yadan landform in Xinjiang. The rocks of the beach are different in mineral content, so they can display various colors.

Day 4      Burqin (4HRS) Jiadengyu

Hemu Village (Included Shuttle Bus):  Hemu Observation Deck + Tuwa Village
View the beautiful scenery along the way, just like passing the shy spring, amorous summer, and charming autumn.
Breakfast Hotel       //    LunchLocal Cuisine   //    DinnerHotel
Hotel: 4*Jiadengyu. Kanas Birch Forest Resort Hotel     or      Kanas Friendship Resort Hotel     or similar

ay 5       Jiadengyu ~ (4.5HRS) Burqin    

Kanas Scenic ZoneInclude shuttle bus
Kanas Scenic Zone borders Kazakhstan and Russia in the north and Mongolia in the east and covers an area of 10,000 m2.  It includes one National Nature Reserve, one national geological park, and two national forest parks. It contains many natural landscapes such as glaciers, snow lands, high mountains, rivers, lakes, forests, and prairies. The most famous spot is Kanas Lake.
Birch Forest (Drive Pass)
The Habahe Birch Forest, the largest naturally grown birch forest in northwest China, is located in Kulebai Township, Habahe County, Altay Prefecture, Xinjiang, about 4 kilometers west of the county seat. It spans about 28 kilometers in length and 1.5 kilometers in width along the Habahe River and its tributaries.
Dragon Bay (Drive Pass)
The local name for it is Kazan Lake, also known as Guodi Lake, named after its shape resembling the bottom of a pot. Wolong Bay is situated 140 kilometers from Burqin County on the way to Kanas, and it is 10 kilometers away from Kanas.
Crescent Moon Bay (Drive Pass)
Sacred Bay (Drive Pass)
Fish Watching Pavilion (Include shuttle bus)
On the other bank of Kanas Lake overlooking the panorama of Kanas Lake panorama.
Kanas Lake (Included Boat Ride)
Color varies according to the seasons and weather. Sometimes it's blue, sometimes green, while sometimes it's as white as milk.
Hedi Riverside Night Market
The Night is located beside the Irtysh River, Enjoy the walk at the night market with the nice view of the river.
Breakfast Hotel       //    LunchLocal Cuisine   //    DinnerLocal Cuisine
Hotel: 4*Burqin. Mystic Lake Grand  Hotel     or      Gelincheng Hotel     or similar

Day 6
     Burqin ~(5HRS) Kuytun 

Ghost Town (Include mini train)
It is like an ancient city that was built in thousand years ago. It is a workout of nature during the passing years.
Karamay Oil Field (Pass By)
The hundred kilometers spread of oil derricks and nodding.
Breakfast Hotel       //    LunchLocal Cuisine   //    DinnerLocal Cuisine
Hotel:Local 5*Kuitun. Jinhui International Hotel   or    Kuitun Haofeng International Hotel     or similar

Day 7
      Kuytun  ~
  (5.5HRS) Yining     

Sayram Lake (Include shuttle bus) 
The lake is like a brilliant emerald inlaid in the basin surrounded by Tianshan Mountain.
Guozigou (Photoshop)
Hailed as "the most famous tourism resort in Ili. It is located 40km northeast of Huocheng County and is the gateway to the Urumqi-Ili Highway
Six-Star Street (Own Expenses Taste Hundred-Year-Old Handcrafted Ice Cream, Experience local Custom)
Six-Star Street is an old neighborhood built in the mid-1930s based on six major policies promoted by the Xinjiang Provincial Government. Planned by German engineer Vasili, it has a circular layout with six main roads radiating outward, dividing the area into six fan-shaped districts. The center includes public buildings like schools and mosques, while the outskirts are residential areas, creating a unique living pattern.
Breakfast Hotel       //    LunchLocal Cuisine   //    DinnerLocal Cuisine
Hotel: (Local 5*) Yining. Wenzhou International Hotel or  Xinjiang Harbour Hotel  or Similar   

Day 8  Yining
(Ghulja) ~ (3.5HRS) Nalati ~ (3.5HRS) Yining (Ghulja)

Yili River & Grassland View
Nalati Grassland  - Located to the east of Nalati Town of Xinyuan County, the Nalati Grassland is the sub-alpine meadow of the Gongnaisi Grassland that is one of the four largest grasslands of the world. Owing to its high altitude and steep terrain, it is also called ‘The Sky Grassland’.
Breakfast Hotel       //    LunchLocal Cuisine   //    Dinner: Local Cuisine
Hotel: (Local 5*) Yining. Wenzhou International Hotel or  Xinjiang Harbour Hotel  or Similar                    

 Day 9     Yining
(Ghulja)  (5HRS) Urumqi   

After breakfast, head to the train station       Yining > Urumqi  (Included 2nd Class Ticket)           C848 (1010/1500)          
International Grand Bazaar - The biggest market in this region. You can buy some local handicrafts and imported items which come from the neighboring countries
Breakfast:Hotel   //   Lunch:Train   //   Dinner:Local Cuisine  
Hotel: (Local 5*)Urumqi. Haide Hotel   or    Hantang Hotel    or similar

Day10     Urumqi ~ Shanghai ~ Kuala Lumpur   MU 9222 ( 0905/1340 ) + MU 6021 ( 1855/0055+1 ) (Breakfast)   

Transfer to the airport for your flight back to Kuala Lumpur!  ( transit at Shanghai Airport).







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**Special Cuisine:  Roast Lamb, Camel Feet, Dapan Chicken, handmade Noodles, River Fish, BBQ Lamb

By FM-Shanghai Airline + MU – China Eastern Airline
Day 1      Kuala Lumpur / Shanghai / Urumqi      FM 864 ( 0705/1245 ) + FM 9221 ( 1805/2310 )
Day10     Urumqi / Shanghai / Kuala Lumpur      FM 9222 ( 0905/1340 ) + MU 6021 ( 1855/0055+1 )