8D7N Shanghai / Suzhou / Hangzhou / Huzhou / Shaoxing / Wuzhen

8D7N Shanghai / Suzhou / Hangzhou / Huzhou / Shaoxing / Wuzhen

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Day 1    Kuala Lumpur/Shanghai ~ SuZhou          MH 388 (0840/1415)                    (Dinner)  

JinJi Lake + Gate of the Orient + Suzhou Bird’s Nest
It is one of the largest inland lakes in China. Here, you can also see the 'Oriental Gate,' which is several times taller than the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, and Suzhou's version of the Bird's Nest, a sibling to the Beijing Bird's Nest from the Olympics.
Hotel:(5*)SuZhou.Yajie Hotel   or similar

Day 2    SuZhou ~ Wuxi                                                                                         (Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner)

One of Suzhou's four famous gardens - Ou Yuan (including boat tours)
Originally named She Yuan, Cou Yuan is located in Xiaoxinquan Lane, Cangjie Street, Suzhou, Jiangsu Province. It was built during the Shunzhi period of the Qing Dynasty by the governor of Baoning, Lu Jin.
The Birthplace of the Thirty-Six Stratagems and Sun Tzu's Art of War: The Ancient City Gate and Wall Museum
 Residence of the Loyal Prince of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom and the Humble Administrator's Garden. It is one of Suzhou's four famous gardens. Designated as the sixth batch of national key cultural relics protection units and part of the World Cultural Heritage.
Shantang Street
Shantang Street, also known as Seven-mile Shantang, is a street in northwestern Gusu District, Suzhou, Jiangsu, China. The street connects Changmen in the east with Huqiu in the west, with a total length of about 3,829.6 meters, or a little more than seven li or traditional "Chinese miles"
Wuxi. Qingming Bridge Ancient Canal Scenic Area
Qingming Bridge Historic District, a picturesque Jiangnan water town along the Grand Canal, is renowned for cultural richness, featuring the Ming-era bridge, and charming areas like Nanchang Street.
Hotel:(5*)Wuxi.Mingdu Hotel  or similar

Day 3    Wuxi/ HuZhou/ HangZhou                                                               (Breakfast/Lunch/Own Expenses

Wuxi Three Kingdoms Film and Television City (Include Scenic Boat Ride & Buggy Car)
 Located in the southwest suburb of Wuxi City is the Three Kingdoms City, which is one of the CCTV Television Bases, and a renowned tourist attraction. The Romance of the Three Kingdoms, a historical TV series, was filmed there. The title, Three Kingdoms, refer to Wei (220-265), Shu (221-263) and Wu (229-280) which were the three rival powers during the period of Three Kingdoms.
Li Lake and Fisherman's Island
Li Lake Light, at the junction of Huanhu Road and Lianghu Road, is a vital gateway to the Li Lake scenic area. With a natural and people-centric design, it boasts waterfront platforms, lake-side plank bridges, sail-shaped sunshade pavilions, a spacious viewing platform, and extensive lakeside lawns, showcasing contemporary features and rich humanistic concepts.
Huzhou. South of Lake Tai
Moon Bay + Fisherman’s Wharf
The iconic building is the Sheraton Hot Spring Hotel. Tourists can visit this hotel, explore Taihu Ancient Town nearby, enjoy lakeside walks at Fisherman's Wharf during sunset, and anticipate the beautiful night scenery at Moon Bay. At night, the Sheraton hotel's exterior changes colors, and its dazzling light show reflects colorful radiance on the rippling
Taihu Dragon Dream Ancient TownDinner own expenses
Taihu Dragon Dream Ancient Town, located in Huzhou, Zhejiang, started construction on April 8, 2016. Spanning approximately 12,000 acres, it includes features like hotels, a ancient town, circus, animal and ocean worlds, shopping centers, and more.
Hotel: (4*)HangZhou.Pujing Garden Hotel   or Similar

Day 4
    HangZhou                                                                    (Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner)

Boat Tour of the Beautiful West Lake
West Lake boasts numerous scenic spots along its shores. Taking a boat ride is a classic way to appreciate its beauty, witnessing the boats and visitors creating a picturesque scene. Enjoy the serene landscapes, green ripples, and the enchanting beauty of West Lake, known for its ever-changing charm. With various boat types and routes at different prices, visitors can conveniently choose according to their preferences.
Hua Gang Harbor Fish Viewing Park
is located on the south side of the southern section of Su Causeway. In front of Hua Gang, there is the lush Nanshan Mountain, with Xiling Mountains to the west. The serene Xiolihu and Xilihu, like jade, lie on the left and right, forming a picturesque scene. The park is situated on a peninsula between Xilihu and Xiaonanhu.
Tea Plantation for Enjoying Rural Scenery
Wear a bamboo hat and carry a small basket on your back to take Instagram-worthy photos in the tea plantation.
Wetland Museum
Wetland Museum, located in the southeastern part of West Lake National Wetland Park in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. Originally approved by the National Forestry Bureau, it's a national museum with wetlands as its main theme. Designed by Jiqizaki Shin.
Xixi  Tianmuli
Tianmu Li is a mixed-use urban commercial and artistic complex developed by Hui Zhan Technology (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. It's located at the intersection of Tianmu Shan Road and Gudun Road in West Lake District, Hangzhou. Transforming the area connecting West Lake and West Lake National Wetland Park into a mixed-use space, it integrates offices, art spaces, experimental theaters, and various business formats.
Hangzhou G20 City Balcony + SASSEUR Outlets

City Balcony is located in the core area of Qianjiang New Town, adjacent to buildings such as Hangzhou Grand Theater and International Conference Center. The light show and musical fountain staged during the G20 summit made it a new Internet celebrity attraction in Hangzhou. The beautiful modern urban night scene attracts many people to come for leisure, viewing and entertainment.

Jiaxing Nanguanxiang Ancient Town

Nanxiang Ancient Town is a historic settlement now fully subsumed within Shanghai’s contemporary city boundaries. The town is home to one of Shanghai's five most important classical gardens, the Guyi Garden of Nanxiang, which is designed in the typical style of Southern China’s classical gardens.

Hotel: (4*)HangZhou.Pujing Garden Hotel   or similar

Day 5    Hangzhou / Shaoxing / Haining                                   (Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner)

Shaoxing. Jiangnan Mogao Caves. Keyan
Shaoxing Keyan Scenic Area, a national AAAA-level tourist destination in Keqiao District, Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province, China, dates back to the Han Dynasty, with a history of over 1,800 years. Covering 6.87 square kilometers, it showcases the essence of ancient Yue culture, distinctive ancient quarrying landscapes, and the harmonious blend of Shaoxing's water town charm and mountainous ecology. The four major scenic areas include Keyan, Jianhu, Luzhen, and Xianglin.
Luzhen Including boat tour
Luzhen is a toponym in Keqiao District, Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province. In Shaoxing's history, there was no Luzhen town. The name Luzhen originates from Lu Xun's renowned novel "Kong Yiji," which mentions the unique layout of Luzhen's hotels distinct from elsewhere.
Zhonghua Filial Piety Garden
Zhonghua Filial Piety Garden, in Shangyu, Zhejiang, is a 37.5-hectare scenic area showcasing Yu Shun and Cao'e River cultures, emphasizing the enduring spirit of filial piety in Chinese history.
Haining. Dajianshan Scenic Area
Dajianshan Scenic Area, situated in the southern part of Haining Jianshan New Area (Huangwan Town), is a prominent national 3A-level tourist destination.
Hotel:(4*)Haining Holiday International Hotel   or similar

Day 6    Haining/ WuZhen /Shanghai                             (Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner)

Wuzhen East Gate
East Scenic Area, a primary filming location for the TV drama "River of Time," features quaint homes along the riverbank, inhabited by locals. Explore landmarks like Mao Dun's former residence and Xiuzhen Pavilion, then take a traditional boat ride to experience the serene life of the water town.
ShangHai. Guangfulin Relics
Located at Lane 3260, Guangfulin Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai, this site is a New Stone Age relic. Formerly known as Huangfu Lin, it covers approximately 150,000 square meters with surrounding small peaks like She, Chen, and Fenghuang Mountains. During the Qing Qianlong period, the market thrived, later transitioning from commerce to agriculture. The discovery of the Guangfulin Site filled a gap in the cultural spectrum of the late New Stone Age in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River.
Shanghai Waitan (Included Night Cruise)
Waitan is a famous waterfront on the west bank of the Huangpu River and is regarded as the symbol of Shanghai. Here, the charm of Shanghai as a bustling metropolis combining the century-old history and flourishing future is fully presented, making Bund Shanghai a must-see attraction.
Nanjinglu Shopping Street
Hotel:(4*)ShangHai.Gongkang Holiday Inn Express Hotel   or similar

Day 7    Shanghai                                        (Breakfast/Lunch/Own Expenses

Sightseeing Hall, F88, Shanghai Jinmao Tower (Included Elevator Ticket)
Jinmao Tower 88th floor observation deck(board) gives awesome views of its surrounding architectural giants and seemingly ending cityscape, an unforgettable part of a trip to Shanghai.
Starbucks Reserve Roastery enjoy a coffee break
A paradise for coffee/ Starbucks fans!
Chenghuang Temple Night Market
Shanghai’s City God Temple in English or Shanghai Chenghuang Miao is the commonest, most attractive place and shopping corner for visitors. It is a well-known Taoist temple in that area and is one of the must-see attractions when visiting Shanghai.
Nine-Bend Bridge
Its bridge deck twists and turns with nine curves and thirteen bends, forming a zigzag pattern. For instance, the Nine-turn Bridge on the flat surface of West Lake has nine curves and eighteen bends, each with varying angles.
1192 Lane Old Shanghai Style Food Street  (Dinner own expenses)
Hotel:(5*)ShangHai.Gongkang Holiday Inn Express Hotel   or similar

Day 8
   Shanghai / Kuala Lumpur                   MH 389 (1605/2150)

China Art Palace | Expo China Pavilion
The China Pavilion at the Shanghai Expo gathered various Chinese elements and earned the reputation of the "Eastern Crown." After the expo, this iconic
building and the digital version of the "Qingming Riverside Scroll" were preserved and renamed the "China Art Palace."
After lunch until transfer to Airport


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