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Osaka can be considered as one of the places in which many foreigners should visit as the destination for their long-awaited vacations. Here are some of the reasons why you too should visit Osaka today!

The city is home to both historically valuable and pleasing locations for tourists to visit. The most famous spot is the Osaka Castle in which the building holds a major role in the unification of Japan. A highlight of the attraction is that it is one of the best locations for to glimpse the traditional cherry blossom trees blooming during spring season or as it is called locally as hanami.

Another beauty of Osaka is the Shitennoji Temple which is the first Buddhist temple and the Sumiyoshi-taisha Shrine which is the oldest shrine in the whole of Japan. A true must see to experience the Buddhist culture in Japan.

In addition to that, the city is known for its passion in culinary to the point that a local expression was created to describe the eccentric feeling. Kuidaore is an expression to eat oneself to ruins and bankruptcy where one spends too much in devouring delicious delicacies. Osaka takes the expression to the heart as the street of Dotonbori offers food enthusiasts the local specialties of the city which are takoyaki (grilled octopus in bitesizes) and okonomiyaki (mixed grilled ingredients).

All-in-all, the beauty of Osaka is that it vibrates an atmospheric feeling of festivity and celebrations through its love for food and appreciation of traditional culture. However, if tourists have scoped through the entirety of Osaka and are still wanting more sightseeing, then neighboring cities to Osaka are as exciting. It only takes 15 minutes to get from Osaka to Kyoto, which is the capital of Japan, through the high quality bullet train service. Kobe, Nara, Nagoya, and Wakayama are also within kilometers from Osaka as these highlighted areas also offer their own uniqueness to the Japanese experience.

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