Day 01   KLIA / Bangkok      TG 418 ( 2055/2205 )
( 8:30 pm ) Assemble at KLIA for your flight to Tokyo and transit to Hokkaido.

Day 02   Bangkok / Hokkaido     TG 670 ( 2345/0830+1 )  ~ Lake Shikotsuko ~  Lake Toya Hot Spring          

zi wu huLake Shikotsuko
The second deepest lake in Japan (360 m. At its deepest point) is a caldera lake formed by fierce volcanic eruptions about 40,000 years ago. Boasting an excellent level of transparency, the lake holds Japan’s record for water quality. Do not freeze even when it is extremely cold. This is the most beautiful lake in Japan Lake
tong ye hua huoLake Toya Fireworks Festival
Watching  fireworks show at Lake Toya by cruise
Breakfast: Meal on Board // Lunch: Hokkaido Ramen or Japanese Cuisine // Dinner: Hotel Buffet
Hotel: TOYA.  SUNPLACE HOTEL  (Hot Spring Resort)     or Similar

 Day 3   Lake Toya Fruits Farm ~ Toya National Park: Mt. Showashinzan, Sairo Observatory ~ Yotei Park

tong ye hu guo yuan chai guoLake Toya Fruits Farm
Experience Apple or  Grapes Picking.
zhao he xin shanToya National Park / Mt. Showa Shinzan
Active Volcano
sairo zhan wang taiSAIRO observatory
enjoy the beautiful scenery of Lake Toya.
ming shui gong yuanMeisui  Park
one of the 10 best water sources in Japan
Breakfast: Hotel    //    Lunch: Japanese Cuisine    //     Dinner: Hotel Buffet
Hotel: JOHZANKEI .    DAIICHI HOTEL (Hot Spring Resort)    or Similar

 Day 4   Johzankei ~ Otokoyama Brewery~ Snow Art Museum~ Sounkyo Ginga Waterfall & Ryusei Waterfall

nan shan zhao jiu changOtokoyama Brewery
Tasting Sakae ( Japanese Rice Wine ).
Snow Art Museum
cheng yun xiaSounkyo Gorge , Ginga Waterfall & Ryusei Waterfall
Maple Leaf Viewing : 20 SEP~20 OCT, , depends on the weatherWater falling from Mt. Daisetsu  , Ginga Waterfall is composed of thin, silvery rivulets of gracefully flowing water. In contrast, Ryusei Waterfall comprises a powerful, thick jet of water bursting forth from the rock. Also refer to locals as the “Wife and husband” falls. Both been selected as one of the top 100 waterfalls in Japan.
Breakfast: Hotel // Lunch:   Japanese Cuisine //  Dinner: Hotel Buffet
Hotel: SHOUNKYO .  GRAND HOTEL (Hot Spring)    or Similar

 Day 5    Sounkyo ~ Snow Mountain Kurodake ~ ~ Biei Hills ~ Otaru Canal  ~ Sapporo City

da xue shan hei yueSnow Mountain Kurodake ( included Cable Car )
view majestic scenery  from the top of the mountain by Cable Car
Maple Leaf Viewing: 20 SEP~20 OCT, , depends on the weather
mei yin qiu linBiei Hills
The whole hill is covered with beautiful paddy fields in autumn.
Otaru Canal Drink Coffee, free Hello Kitty cup is the symbol of the commercial city – Otaru that once prospered as Hokkaido’s  economic hub. Gaslights and stone warehouses along tee canal produce an impressive cityscape. Glass Factory Music Box Museum — is well known for beautiful and intricate music boxes.
zha huang susukino streetSapporo ~ Susukino – Hanakoji – Ramen Yokocho ~ Shopping Mall / Underground shopping street
is the largest entertainment district north of Tokyo. About five thousand restaurants and entertainment facilities are operated in this area
Breakfast: Hotel  //  Lunch: Japanese Cuisine  //   Dinner: Local Gourmet at Japanese Tavern
Hotel: Sapporo Excel Tokyu Hotel or similar

 Day 6 Sapporo Nijo Market ~ City Tour ~ White Chocolate Factory ~Outlet ~Tanukikoji Shopping Street

【Sapporo Nijo Market】
(Pass by) Odori Park
Fountains, flower gardens and clumps of trees enhance the comfort of people simply relaxing.(Pass by) Big Clock BuildingSapporois best known outside Japan for hosting the 1972 Winter Olympics. Is also one of the nation’s youngest major cities.citizens relaxing.
bei hai dao jiu dao tingFormer Hokkaidō government office building
The First American style Government Building.
white chocolateWhite Chocolate Factory
included entrance fee
li xiao luTanukikoji Shopping Street
Shops sell kimonos, musical instruments and other specialty merchandise. There are also video arcades and movie theaters. Shops with long histories stand next to newly opened Mall. Shop as you stroll the arcade.
Breakfast: Hotel          // Lunch: Japanese BBQ // Dinner: 3 Kinds of Crab + Soft Drink
Hotel: Sapporo Excel Hotel    or similar

Day 7   Hokkaido / Bangkok / Kuala Lumpur          TG 671 (1030/1530)+ TG 417 (1640/1950)   After breakfast, transfer to airport for your flight back home.
Breakfast       //             Lunch: meal on board

7 Days 5 Nights Hokkaido – Autumn / Maple Leaf

Departure 2022 Tour Packages Airlines Price(RM) Status Season
NIL 7 Days 5 Night Hokkaido -Maple Leaf D7 7388 Closed Autumn
NIL 7 Days 5 Night Hokkaido -Maple Leaf TG 7788 Closed Autumn
NIL 7 Days 5 Night Hokkaido -Maple Leaf TG 7788 Closed Autumn
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