7Days 5Nights Hokkaido(Famous Hot Spring / Crab Cuisine / Shibazakura & Tulip Flower Festival)

Day 01   KLIA / Tokyo               JL 724 (2250/0705+1)
( 8:00 pm ) Assemble at KLIA for your flight to Tokyo and transit to Hokkaido.                                                                                      

 Day 02  Tokyo  / Hokkaido JL 513 (1130/1300)  ~ Hidaka Woodland Road ~ Tokachigawa

Hidaka Woodland Road

Pass through the Hidaka mountains, connected with Tokachigawa. Well known because of its continuously detour and poor transport system, observatory deck can enjoy the panorama view of Hidaka.

【Ryugetsu cake Factory】
【Tokachi HappyTrainStation】
Breakfast: Hotel // Lunch: Hokkaido Ramen // Dinner: Hotel Buffet
Hotel: Tokachigawa Daiichi Hotel (Hot Spring Resort) or Similar

Day 3 Hot Air Balloon Experience ~Shichiku Garden ~Iketa Wine Castle ~Lake Akan National Park ~Akan Hot Spring

Hot Air Balloon experience

A bird’s eye view 360-degree ultra-wide field vision of the Tokachi Plain.(Hot Air Ballon riding depends on the weather. If it is not available, we will refund 1000 Japanese Yen / Person)

Shichiku Garden

The gardener Akiyo Shichiku once had an ambition to make Hokkaido into an island of flowers. This popular garden is creating an ever evolving dream to those who adore the beauty of flowers. This garden is one of the most famous colorful gardens in Japan.

Iketa Wine Castle (Wine Tasting)

Tokachi wine, one of the local specialties of Ikeda Town, is aged and sold in Ikeda Wine Castle. Information on the cultivation of grapes and wine-making processes are on display in the basement of the castle. One can also see a room where a big barrel for brandy aging is exhibited. A shop offers Tokachi wine and other products from Ikeda Town. A free wine-tasting booth also attracts visitors.

Lake Akan National Park

Lake Akan is a beautiful crater lake in Akan National Park. It is home to marimo, a rare algae species that forms itself into beautiful green balls. Left alone for a few


Breakfast: Hotel // Lunch: Japanese Cuisine // Dinner: Hotel Buffet
Hotel: Akan . New Akan Hotel (Hot Spring Resort) or similar

Day 4 Lake Akan ~ Lake Mashu ~ Iozan Volcano ~ Bihoro Touge ~ Shibazakura Park ~Tulip Park

Lake Mashu

Lake Mashu (Mashūko) is a caldera lake in Akan National Park. It vies for the position of “clearest lake in the world”, and is considered by many to be Japan’s most beautiful lake. Lake Mashu is also one of the country’s deepest lakes and although it is usually appreciated for its clear blue water, it is also famously and frequently blanketed in heavy fog.

Iozan Volcano (Free Onsen Egg)

Iozan (“Sulfur Mountain”) is an active volcano in the vicinity of Kawayu Onsen. Its yellow, sulfurous vents can be viewed from a close proximity as visitors are free to walk around the steaming, smoking area. Eggs, cooked by the natural heat of the mountain, are usually on sale near the vents. Further refreshments are available from the Iozan Visitor Center.


Bihoro Touge

View the Lake KUSIRO.


Shibazakura park
Hills covered with pink carpet.
Kamiyubetsu Tulip Park
The Dutch waterwheel in the park is surrounded by colorful tulips.
Breakfast: Hotel // Lunch: Japanese Cuisine // Dinner: Hotel Buffet
Hotel: Sounkyo Choyotei (Hot Spring Resort) or similar

Day 5 Sounkyo ~ Asahiyama Zoo ~ Otaru Canal ~ Sapporo

Asahiyama Zoo

Asahiyama Zoo is a very popular zoological garden just outside of central Asahikawa City in the middle ofHokkaido. Its popularity lies in the enclosures which allow visitors to observe the animals from various angles, many of which are unique to Asahiyama Zoo.

Otaru Canal ★Drink Coffee, free Hello Kitty cup bring home

Is the symbol of the commercial city – Otaru that once proposed as Hokkaido’s economic hub. Gaslights and stone ware-houses along tee canal produce an impressive cityscape.

★Glass Factory
Visit a wide range of stained glass. Is the largest and most historical glass workshop. ★Music Box Museum Is well known for beautiful and intricate music boxes.

Susukino –Hanakoji. Ramen Yokocho                                                                                                        Is the largest entertainment district north of Tokyo. About five thousand restaurants and entertainment facilities are operated in this area.
Breakfast: Hotel // Lunch: Japanese Cuisine // Dinner: Local Gourmet at Japanese Tavern
Hotel : Sapporo Excel Hotel or similar

Day 6 Sapporo City Tour ~ Mitsui Outlet ~ White Chocolate Factory ~ Tanukikoji Shopping Street

(Pass By) Odori Park Fountains, flower gardens and clumps of trees enhance comfort for citizens relaxing.
(Pass By) Big Clock Building
Former Hokkaidō government office building

The First American style Government Building.

Mitsui Outlet
No matter what seasons or weather, customer can also enjoy your shopping moment at here. There is a 650 seats’s food court and selling local vegetable and unique handicraft’s “Local Farm”.
White Chocolate Factory (included entrance fee)
Tanukikoji Shopping StreetShops sell kimonos, musical instruments and other specialty merchandise. There are also video arcades and movie theaters. Shops with long histories stand next to newly opened Mall. Shop as you stroll the arcade.


Breakfast: Hotel // Lunch: Japanese Cuisine // Dinner: 3 Kinds of Crab + Soft Drink
Hotel : Sapporo Excel Hotel or similar

Day 7    Hokkaido / Tokyo / Kuala Lumpur      JL 3040 (0800/0940) +  JL723 (1120/1810)                 ( Breakfast  )

After breakfast , transfer to Airport for your flight back home.


7Days 5Nights Hokkaido(Famous Hot Spring / Crab Cuisine / Shibazakura & Tulip Flower Festival)

Departure 2022 Tour Packages Airlines Price(RM) Status Season
05, 13, 20 May

7Days 5Nights Hokkaido-Shibazakura & Tulip Flower Festival 

JL 7888  Available Spring

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