8 Days 7 Nights Qingdao / Penglai / Yantai / Weifang / Jinan / Tai’An / Qufu / Qingzhou – XiaMen Airlines

DAY 1   Kuala Lumpur/ Fuzhou / Qingdao      MF 878 (0800/1600)   Hotel : Sunny World Hotel / SML

Assemble at Kuala Lumpur International Airport for your flight to Qingtao via Fuzhou.After dinner , transfer to hotel.

DAY 2     Qingdao ~ Yantai           ( B/L/D )         Hotel : Best Western Hotel / SML

%e7%83%9f%e5%8f%b0%e5%b1%b1Yantai Mountain
Yantai Mountain concentrates over 600 years’ history and is the cradle and symbol of the city.
Fisherman’s Wharf

Yantai Haichang Fisherman’s Wharf, east of the Yellow Sea, north of the second beach, south to the original fishery pier, surrounded by the sea.

Beijixing Wastches Culture Museum

Polaris Watch and Watch Museum is the first museum to watch the theme of the museum, the site is located in Yantai City coastal area Guangren Road 21, the museum is a century-old modern buildings.

DAY 3   Yantai ~ Penglai ~ Weifang         ( B/L/D )      Hotel : Weifang Regency Hotel / SML

%e8%93%ac%e8%8e%b1%e9%98%81Penglai Pavilion
is one of the Four Great Towers in China, known as the landing place of the Eight Immortals (Ba Xian) and famous for its occasional mirages.
%e8%93%ac%e8%8e%b1%e6%b0%b4%e5%9f%8eWater City & Ancient Ship Museum
Its history to trace the Song Dynasty. Song Qingli years in this building for a truce ship saury Village, Hongwu nine years built on the basis of the original walled saury Watertown, a total area of 270,000 square meters, is the most complete existing ancient naval base.
Bamboo Charcoal Product Shop
%e6%9d%a8%e5%ae%b6%e5%9f%a0%e6%b0%91%e9%97%b4%e8%89%ba%e6%9c%af%e5%a4%a7%e8%a7%82%e5%9b%adYangJiaBu Folk Arts Daguanyuan
Inside this village, visitors will know how to process a kite and traditional New Year Woodcut Picture (Nian Hua).

DAY 4   Weifang ~ Tai’An                                          ( B/L/D )            Hotel : Gizan Hotel / SML

%e7%8e%89%e7%9a%87%e9%a1%b6Mt. Taishan
located at the north of Tai’an city. Taishan is often regarded the foremost of the “Five Sacred Mountains” and is a mountain of historical and cultural significance.The tallest peak is Jade Emperor Peak with 1547m. Taishan has been listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1987.
%e6%b3%b0%e5%ae%89%e5%8d%97%e5%a4%a9%e9%97%a8South Gate 
is located in Taishan end of 18 , altitude 1460 meters, known as “the day the door shut.”
%e5%a4%a9%e8%a1%97Heaven Street 
by definition is the heavenly streets. Days Street in Daiding, west of South Gate, East Ha Temple only full-length 0.6 kilometers. It is not only scenic, and good in business , is one of the top ten market.
Pearl Gallery and Baoshutang.

DAY 5   Tai’Aa ~ Qufu ~ Jinan                                  ( B/L/D )            Hotel : Gizan Hotel / SML

%e6%9b%b2%e9%98%9c%e5%ad%94%e5%ba%99Confucius Temple
Confucius was a famous Chinese thinker and social philosopher. Confucius temple is a temple devoted to the memory of Confucius and the sages and philosophers of Confucianism. This temple is a group of grand buildings built in oriental style and one of the three largest ancient architectural complexes in China.
 Local Product Shop
%e5%a4%a7%e6%98%8e%e6%b9%96Take a boat ride in Daming Lake
the largest lake and one of the “Three Greatest Attractions” in the city of Jinan.
%e8%8a%99%e8%93%89%e8%a1%97Furong Street
a famous and typical shopping and cultural street in Jinan.

DAY 6  Jinan ~ Qingdao                      ( B/L/D )             Hotel : Jianlong Garden Hotel / SML

Spouting Spring

is a culturally significant artesian karst spring. Baotu means “jumping and leaping” in Chinese. It was declared as the “Number One Spring under the Heaven” by the Qing Dynasty Emperor Qian Long.

Quancheng Square

It was built by the municipal government beside the city moat in the early 21st century; at the center is the statue “Spring” which has become a symbol of Jinan. After that transfer to Qingzhou.


Songcheng is the first city of Qingzhou City to build the ancient city of the project, the overall scope of the West from the crown Street, east Yunmen Shan Road, south from Fan Gongting Road to the north to the town of Wu Temple Street and Wangfu Street, the total area of about 2000 acres.

JingTang Village & Coupled Garden Street 

is a more than 500 years after the vicissitudes of wind and rain, still save the better Ming Dynasty architectural style of the ancient village.

DAY 7   Qingzhou ~ Qingdao                       ( B/L/D )            Hotel : Sunny World Hotel / SML  

%e5%b0%8f%e9%b1%bc%e5%b1%b1Xiaoyushan Hill
one of the best scenic spot along the seaside of Qingdao. From the top of the hill visitors can see beautiful landscape featuring red tile, green tree and azure sky and blue ocean.
%e6%a0%88%e6%a1%a5ZhanQiao Pier
This 440 meter strip that stretches into the sea was the first wharf in Qingdao. This pier is viewed in the eyes of many as the official symbol of Qingdao.
%e5%8a%88%e6%9f%b4%e9%99%a2%e7%89%b9%e8%89%b2%e8%a1%97Picaiyuan Street
a famous place for shopping, dining and entertainment in Qingdao.
%e5%85%ab%e5%a4%a7%e5%85%b3Eight Great Passes (Badaguan)
It is made up of eight streets named after the eight great military forts of the ancient times. Along the streets are many classic European houses built when Qingdao was a German protectorate.
%e9%9d%92%e5%b2%9b%e5%95%a4%e9%85%92%e5%8d%9a%e7%89%a9%e9%a6%86Tsingtao Beer Museum
the first professional beer museum in China, a multi-media tourist attraction comprising beer tasting, brewing archive and state of the art display area.

DAY 8   Qingdao / Fuzhou / Kuala Lumpur  MF 877 (1600/2330)       ( B / L )  

 Donghai Road (Drive Pass)

by coach, this street is decorate by a lot of beautiful sculpture near by the seaside.

Small Qingdao Island

It also has the name of ‘Qin Island’, because its shape is like an old qin, a kind of music instrument. It was opened as a park and become a spot for tour of Qian Sea.

Wusi Square

A large public square in Qingdao’s central business district. Named after the nationwide protest May Fourth Movement that started in Qingdao, the square is best recognized by the large “May Wind” (Wuyue Feng) sculpture near the seaside.

Qingdao Olympic Sailing Centre (Include buggy)

It was constructed for Summer Olympics of year 2008 and the 13th Paralympic Games. This center has been witness of a number of successful both, national and international sports events.

Special Cuisine: Fisherman Banquet, Jiaodong Flavor, Qingzhou Flavor, Qufu Kong’s Special Cuisine, Shandong LuCai Flavor

★Optional Tour – RMB 250/person: Qingdao Germany Governor’s Hall, Qingdao TV Tower, Qingdao Taidong Pedestrian Street, Yantai Zhangyu Wine Culture Museum, Jinan Yellow River Scenic Area. 

    ** The sequence of itinerary, meals and hotel arrangement are subject to the final adjustment of the local ground operator. ** (MF – 8TAO)
** Terms & Conditions Apply **


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