8D7N Shanghai / Hangzhou / Suzhou / Nanjing / Wuxi + Disneyland – Malaysia Airlines

DAY 1   Kuala Lumpur ~  Shanghai    MH 388 (0900/1420)    ( D )  Hotel : Venus International Hotel/ SML

Assemble at Kuala Lumpur International Airport for your flight to Shanghai. After dinner, transfer in to hotel.

DAY 2   Shanghai ~ Suzhuo              ( B/Own Arrange/D )          Hotel : SuZhou Joy Holidays Hotel/SML

Yi Ou Outlet Shopping Village
Most of this place are in shopping plan, European style, Garden style, foodie streets, originate Oulai shopping town in European amusement park design.
Bird Nest of Suzhou

Suzhou Science & Culture Art Centre (SSCAC), it is known as twin brother of “Bird Nest” in Beijing because is same designer who design the building.

Silk Factory
Yuanrong Times Square LED Screen

It is 500 meters long, 32 meters width, which is the giant LED velarium replace the 400 meters ‘velarium’ in Las Vegas turn into world number one.

DAY 3   Suzhou ~ Wuxi                                              ( B/L/D )             Hotel : Noble Crown Hotel /SML

Eslite bookstore
This is the large space and have four floors with open places, build an urban cultural complex for reading, sightseeing and leisure.
Nianhua Bay Zen town

It is a town that between mountain lake and mountain LongShan Buddha, it is also Oriental Zen cultural resort area , zen residence, zen art , zen area , zen scenery, zen yue into one of leisure resort in china.

Changguanxi National wetland Park

This wetland park is a national level Ecology Wetland Park gathered with ecology, leisure, popular science and humanities.

Pearl Gallery

DAY 4   Wuxi ~ Nanjing                                             ( B/L/D )              Hotel : Hongyang Hotel  / SML

YuantouZhu (Include boat)

You can take a ride on seven mast sail- boat, and also enjoy the beauty scenery of Taihu Lake.

(Note: one of the world largest enjoy cherry blossom area, due to the flowering season, mid – April to May, Mid October to mid – November, visit Xihui Park, enjoy peach blossom & chrysanthemum)

Laomen Dong

The very first south town, visit here to trace the original Ming & Qing from the old town.

Jade Gallery

DAY 5   Nanjing ~ Hangzhou                                    ( B/L/D )    Hotel : Puijing Garden Hotel / SML

Niushan mountain

It cost about 7 billion to build up, one of the Buddha palace is magnificent, full of sculpture, gorgeous design. Inside the Buddha palace present a lying Buddha, the design is learn from the lying Buddha in DunHuang Mogao caves dignified but benevolent face, and will & turn 360 degrees in slow rotation.

Dragon Well Tea Farm
City Wall of Nanjing by bus

Which is the world longest ancient wall, china rare wall preserved ancient wall, Nanjing largest ancient wall.

G20 Summit main venue

Sightseeing of G20 summit main & hall, high and large exterior but the decoration design in Jiangnan style are soft and elegant.

DAY 6   Hangzhou ~ Shanghai                   ( B/L/D )       Hotel : Venus International Hotel / SML

West Lake (Include Boat Ride) & Sudi

You are able to view the old & new 2 west lake over the bridge. And then we will visit the top ten attraction of west lake, Sudi, this name is to commemorate the Sudong who managed the west lake.

(Note: flower season: July – Aug average visit west lake, Sep – Oct visit ManLong Gui Yu, Nov – Dec visit the HuaGang Guan Yu)

Oriental Pearl Tower (Outlook)

The Oriental Pearl Radio & TV Tower is a TV tower in Shanghai. Its location at the tip of Lujiazui in the Pudong New Area by the side of Huangpu River, opposite The Bund, makes it a distinct landmark in the area.

The Bund and Nanjing Road
Traditional Health Centre

DAY 7   Shanghai                ( B/Own Arrange/Own Arrange )            Hotel : Lake Malaren Hotel / SML

Shanghai Disneyland Park

This is the china‘s second Disney theme park, this theme park will provide visitors with unlimited possibilities and have a best memory.

DAY 8   Shanghai ~ Kuala Lumpur    MH 389 (1535/2100)                       ( B/L )

ChengHuangMiao & Huxin Pavilion

Shopping District, is a large number of rebuilt Ming and Qing dynasty-style buildings. It is known as “Kingdom of Shanghai Arts & Crafts and small Articles”, is a good site for specialty Chinese goods ranging from antiques, jewelry to silk threads and so on.

Shanghai Old Street

Shanghai Old Street, historically called Miaoqian Dajie, is an old business street that has a combination of tourist attractions, shops, entertainment and cultural exhibits. It owes its special social attractions and rich commercial background to the fact that the earliest bank, gold shop, jeweler’s store, wine shop and tea house of the city were all to be found here.

Gem Gallery


Special Cuisine: Shengshi feas, Jinling opera feastNanjing 168Yu Shanghai, Brandy Seafood buffet

ManJiangHong, Fisherman FlavourShanghai 57 c  foodShanghai East Chun seafood.

 Compulsory Tour – RMB 300/person: Night view of the street, Nanjing Confusion Temple Shopping Area, Shanghai aerobatics showWuxi Wanda Plaza

 ** The above itinerary is for reference only, and is subject to any necessary changes in accordance to local requirement. ** (MH-8SDY)

 **Terms & Conditions Apply **


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