Unique Nail Designs – Demonstrating Exquisite Japanese Tastes and Art

Japanese Nail Art Designs

Welcome to our feature story on intricate Japanese nail art. We discuss what sort of nail art is popular here in Tokyo, Japan’s fashion capital, and what the most popular nail shops are. (Top photo: La Couronne)

Mihori Kinoshita

Mihori Kinoshita is the director of the Yumi Kinoshita Make-up & Nail Atelier, president of the La Couronne nail salon, and Japan’s premier nail artist. In addition to activities with the media, she holds collaborations such as “MIHORI with Rika-chan” and pioneers “cute culture” for women.

Japanese nail art, blending sophisticated artistry and cuteness!
We talk with Mihori Kinoshita, a nail artist expert in everything from beauty history to the latest in global affairs. We ask Ms. Kinoshita what the characteristics of Japanese nails are.

“Nail salons began to permeate throughout Japan in the late 1980s. Nail polish was invented in 1932, and nail salons didn’t begin booming in America until the 1970s, so it certainly wasn’t off to a quick start. However, Japanese craftsmanship and manual dexterity quickly brought nail art to unsurpassed levels. As we entered the new millennium, Japan’s “cute culture” is drawing worldwide attention and creating further awareness.

Features of Japanese nails include a full array of detailed nail care, and the use of mostly soft gel. Japanese nails often use designs with big bijoux and finely-wrought artwork.”

Try some decorative and sophisticated nail artwork yourself on your next visit to Japan!

What nail styles are hot this summer?
Japanese nail art is world-renowned. So, what’s in-style right now? We introduce the latest art from La Couronne, a nail salon headed by Ms. Kinoshita. La Couronne also features a complete selection of nail services. If you’re interested in high quality Japanese nail care, be sure to stop by.

Japanese nail art


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