7Days 6Nights  Taiwan West Journey + Alishan – Taiwan China Airlines

( Taoyuan / Taipei / Taichung / Zhanghua / Chiayi / Tainan)


Day 1       KLIA Taipei ~Taipei (Taoyuan)   CI 722 (1425/1900)         

Assemble at Kuala Lumpur International Airport for your flight to Taipei. Upon arrival, transfer to Taoyuan Night Market.

 Hotel : Taoyuan Century Hotel / SML

DAY 2     Taoyuan – Taipei – Taichung                            (Breakfast/Lunch :Own Expenses /Dinner)

Yehliu Geopark.

Yehliu is a long cape formed by Datun Mountain reaching into the sea. Because the rock layer of nearby seashore contain limestone subject to sea erosion, weathering and earth movements, Yehliu is full of seawater-eroded holes as well as numerous rocks in the shape of mushroom, candlewick, ginger and chessboard etc



The town of Jiufen outside of Taipei City is a popular tourist area with great views, a historical market street, and wonderful street food.

Chung-She Flower Market

The blooming flowers attract large numbers of visitors to enjoy the masses of     color and the beauty, as well as the people who love photography would come with their fellows to capture the full bloom.

National Taichung Theatre

The theater is designed by Japanese architect Toyo Ito. Using the concept of the primitive caves and holes, Toyo Ito designed the world first and only Sound Cave Curved Wall for National Taichung Theater.


Hotel : Taichung . Chanyee Hotelday / SML

Day 3 Taichung ~ Changhua Chiayi                  (Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner: Own Expenses)

 Rl-Manor House – A beautiful European style recreation area blessed with a lovely green maze and unique statues & building structure elegantly crafted with mosaics.

** If meet Monday, will change to Tianwei Garden.


Hinoki Village – Consists of 28 wooden Japanese-style dormitories. There are some shops of creative cultural works like wooden furniture and food like fruit popsicle, as well as some small museums like Kano Story House that has been popular since the movie “Kano” was released.
Chiayi Night Market – where famous Chiayi snacks and delicacies can be sampled
 Hotel : Chiayi. Hotelday   / SML

DAY 4      Chiayi ~ Tainan                         (Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner)                                                                                                                                                         

Alishan Forest Park – A natural preserve located in the mountains of Chiayi County in Taiwan and served as a major landmark associated with Taiwan. 




Dakeng Leisure FarmIt was originally a farm breeding chicken, mini pegs and bamboo shoots; now it

turns into a resort with SPA, and hot spring.

* If the event of Dakeng Farm being unavailable, will replace it with a similar grade accommodation.

Hotel : Tainan. Dakeng Leisure Farm / SML

DAY 5     Tainan ~ Nantou ~ Taichung                          ( Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner: Own Expenses)

Sun Moon Lake (Exclude boat ride)

The largest lake in Taiwan that was famous for its clear, sparkling blue water set against a picturesque mountain backdrop.

Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village

An amusement park distinctive with its Formosan aboriginal culture theme and offers tons of thrilling indoor and outdoor activities that will blown your mind away!



Wen Wu Temple

A beautiful temple dedicated to Confucius, Guan Gong and Yue Fei.


Aboriginal Product Shop  A retail shop for Taiwan aboriginal product
Container Market

The largest container market in Taiwan, the trial operation began on 2017-12-22, and

more than 30 colorful container houses were introduced on site with international brands and famous food.

Feng Jia Night Market – Claimed to be the 2nd largest night market in Taiwan located next to Feng Chia University.
Hotel : Taichung . Chanyee Hotelday / SML

DAY 6     Taichung ~ Taipei                                                      (Breakfast /Lunch/Dinner: Own Expenses)  

Pineapple cake DIY

Experience the making of Taiwan most famous pastries, the pineapple cake.

Tianlu Art Centre – A retail shop for Tianlu statues that believes to bring good luck and prosperities to the owner.
Pearl CenterA retails shop for pearl based products such as pearl powder and accessories.

Taipei 101 Mall (Exclude Observatory Deck).

Second tallest building in the world with a height of 509m. It is also a shopping hub for glamour goodies located in the city center.

Raohe Night Market One of the oldest night markets in Taipei that offers variety of local scrumptious dishes and snacks.
Hotel : Taipei . Sinjhuang Chateau de chine / SML

Day 7      Taoyuan  Kuala Lumpur  CI 721 (0830/1315)                                         ( Breakfast )

Transfer to airport for your pleasant flight back to Kuala Lumpur.


« Special Cuisine : Chien-ye Steamboat , Beer Duck Flavor , Taiwanese Cuisine , Local Cuisine,Urn Chicken , Sea King Restaurant
«Shopping Shop : Aboriginal Product House , Pearl Gallery, Tianlu Art Centre

** The sequence of itinerary, meals and hotel arrangement are subject to the final adjustment of the local ground operator. **(CI-7TWJ)      

** Terms & Conditions Apply **

The Life of Pi ─ 主要是在台湾拍摄

如果你还没有看到台湾导演李安最近奥斯卡获奖的电影艺术作品,你一定要看。 如果你从来没有见过台湾美丽的太平洋岛屿,一旦你看到了 The Life of Pi ,你就知道了。

Life of Pi

Pi将大部分时间花在海洋上,首先是货轮,然后是救生艇。 这些序列 – 最引人注目的是强大的风暴和货轮的下沉 – 在退役的水南机场在台中中心拍摄。 这是一个波浪发生池的地方,将作为电影制片厂的一部分向公众开放。 游泳池配有来自美国的气动波发生器,是世界上最大的,75米长,30宽,3深。 它能够创建数千种不同的波浪效果,包括12米高的波浪,使用压力精确控制与12闸门。 台中市政府计划到2015年在这里开设一个电影公园,其中包括声场,舞台和一个编辑复合体。

在他的救援之前,Pi遇到一个神奇的漂浮岛上的榕树,他们暴露的根无处不在。 令人难以置信的环境不是计算机生成的; 它实际上存在,虽然不在一个小的浮岛上。 这些场面在台湾原东南沿海,屏东县白榕公园拍摄。 由台湾林业研究所(TFRI)管理,该公园目前对游客不受限制,因为白榕树易受空气中的褐根腐烂,如果允许游客不断流动,这可能会被无意中引入。 注意,在台湾南端的垦丁国家公园的恒春热带植物园附近有一些树木。 这些树有一百多年的历史; 花园最初于1906年作为由1895年至1945年统治台湾的日本人的研究站开放。

Pi最终漂泊在热带墨西哥一个美丽的荒岛白沙滩上。 您可以在垦丁国家公园参观海湾。 白沙湾/白沙湾,500米长,在公园的西边。 框架由珊瑚礁,沙子由精细壳碎片制成。 宁静的海湾,比较隐蔽,提供精细的游泳,浮潜和水肺潜水,附近还有水上活动装备租赁店。 它被宣布为“最佳保密秘密”在Beach Tomato.com的2011年旅行奖,编辑宣称,“这东方沙地宝藏已经保持在巨大的常青树背后…。 这是一个热带海滩天堂…“

阅读全文: 台湾亚洲之心新闻&活动


台北动物园: http://eng.taiwan.net.tw/m1.aspx?sNo=0002090&id=R60

台中市: http://eng.taiwan.net.tw/m1.aspx?sNo=0002112&key

垦丁国家公园: http://eng.taiwan.net.tw/m1.aspx?sNo=0002122&id=421

屏东县: http://eng.taiwan.net.tw/m1.aspx?sNo=0002122&key


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Alishan Taiwan Tours当您乘坐火车从台北下来到西海岸铁路的嘉义,您可以享受台湾的西部平原的风景。 到达嘉义后,您将需要改用阿里山森林铁路。

阿里山线是世界上仅剩的三条山铁路之一,另外两条是从大吉岭到印度喜马拉雅山的路线,以及从安第斯山到智利到阿根廷的线路。 阿里山线分为两段,一段从嘉义到Zh stretching 14.2公里的平地段,以及从Zh i到阿里山的山段57.2公里。 当火车到达Mt. Duli,因为陡峭的斜坡,它必须绕着山像一个螺丝三转,直到它达到峰值,上升200米在大约五公里。 沿着风景美丽; 当你上升,你将通过热带,亚热带和温带植被的变化,你享受山和山谷的壮丽景色。

一旦到达阿里山,它是必须采取分支铁路到朱山(竹山)看日出,云彩海和自然风景的迷人秀丽。 阿里山国家风景名胜区有许多其他景点,包括姐妹池塘,寿寺,阿里山神圣树,慈云寺和三代树等。

在阿里山森林游乐区享受大自然的美景后,您可以前往汾秋湖,这里以瀑布,溪流,奇石,奇树等自然景观而闻名,均展现原始旷野的特色, 你觉得像一个无畏的森林探险家。 Fen qi hu还生产山菜,笋和其他野生的美味,要求你尝试他们。

(文章来源 : http://eng.taiwan.net.tw/m1.aspx?sNo=0002039&jid=83)




Ten Drum Cultural Village传统台湾移动到鼓的节拍。 在寺庙仪式期间,大量机械化的ud子与钟的收费交替。 当诵经时,道士牧师在小型鱼形实木鼓上保持不变的嘀嗒声。 在每年9月28日在台湾儒家寺庙举行的庄严仪式中,演奏五种不同大小的鼓。

即使在21世纪,鼓,钟,锣,烟花和爆竹形成了用于宗教游行和寺庙庆祝的音轨,并且由于十鼓鼓艺术打击乐团的努力,一个表演和教育剧团,打鼓,但不是 传统 – 正在成为台湾现代城市文化的一部分。


自2007年以来,十鼓的基地一直是台南南部一个废弃的炼糖厂。 在这些美丽的阳光和极度舒适的日子,使得在台湾西南的冬季旅行如此愉快,其中一个旅行在台湾参观了现在称为十鼓文化村,遇见了集团的创始人和“团长”谢谢,并采取了 惊险的性能。

了解更多 : http://go2taiwan.net/monthly_selection.php?sqno=57



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