The Rainbow Mountains of China within the Zhangye Danxia Landform Geological Park are a geological wonder of the world. These famous Chinese mountains are known for their otherworldly colors that mimic a rainbow painted over the tops of rolling mountains.

The Zhangye Danxia National Park is located in the Gansu province in China’s northwest covering 200 square miles. The site was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2009 and is the destination for many Chinese and international tourists.

In 2013, Zhangye Danxia Landform Geological Park was listed as one of the 22 “epic places” in the world by Huffington Post.

Best views are at sunrise and sunset. There are five viewing platforms which provide different sights. Due to the undulating terrain, visitors can feel as if they are walking through a colorful painting.

Maldives, a name that makes people pop out the beauty of heaven in their minds. Its islands, its sandy beaches, its water villas, its sea world, let countless tourists feels excited while heard its name. Every tourist is expected to have a romantic holiday, and the Maldives is the best place to achieve this dream. Each island in the Maldives is a “pearl in the Indian Ocean” and the “last Paradise” in the Indian Ocean. Republic of Maldives, full name of Maldives, is located near to India and Sri Lanka. The Maldives is a small archipelagic country with 820 km north-south and 130 km wide to the east, comprising nearly 1,200 coral islands spread over a wide ocean near the equator. The country covers an area of about 90,000 square kilometers, of which 298 square kilometers of land, with an average elevation of 1.2 meters, is the world’s smallest coral country.


Located in the vast Indian Ocean south of Sri Lanka, the Maldives is known as the last paradise on earth in the Indian Ocean, with thousands of coral islands, large and small, scattered on both sides of the equator. The islands of the Maldives are made up of ancient underwater volcanic eruptions, and the ever-changing topography, with air-clear waters and snow-white sandy beaches, has created an exotic source of water at sea.

On any island in the Maldives, there are plenty of stunning scenery, the lush tropical vegetation, crystal white sand beaches, blue waters, the colorful underwater world, just like a heaven on the earth. Here, you can wake up with the sunrise, listen to the sound of the waves to sleep, feel as if they are integrated with nature, comfortable outside. If you’re planning a trip to the Maldives, don’t miss out on these breathtaking views of the Maldives.




Due to the special nature of the geographical location of the Maldives, each island is scattered over the Indian Ocean, so the formation of the world’s unique mode of tourism, which is one hotel on one island mode. This mode of travel is simple and complex, said simple because no matter which island you choose the Maldives, all accommodation, food, snorkeling, spa, a variety of water entertainment items, etc. , are around the entire island, meaning that you stay in a hotel, so that you do not have to deliberately arrange travel routes, just need to find a professional travel agency in advance to book their favorite hotel and departure point of the big traffic, the entire trip is cover up to 95%.

COVID-19 is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus, which is one of the most serious pandemic throughout history that the world is encountering. Since March 2020, Malaysia has announced multiple times of lockdown and we are now under MCO3.0, speeding up the vaccination progress for the citizens to solve the recent pandemic.

Vaccines are expected to be the one and only way to stop the COVID-19 pandemic. Malaysia has implemented MCO3.0 for more than 3 months, but the cases aren’t falling. As more and more COVID-19 variants (i.e., Delta variants) are detected in Malaysia, vaccination must be sped up to reduce the infection rate and achieve herd immunity.


Other than community infection group, one of the biggest infection groups that worsen the pandemic situation is the factories and workplaces infection group.


As an employer, you are encouraged to arrange COVID-19 vaccination for your staff to prevent infections and ensure workplace safety.


But how can you send the employees to the vaccination center when you have many employees in your company and the current SOP only allows 3 person per car? Here’s the answer:

  • Travelling through tourist bus (bus persiaran)is the most effective and feasible transportation!
  • Currently, the government allows bus operators to operate by following a set of SOP, which allows Hello Holidays to provide service to companies/factories who want to send their staff/employees to the vaccination center for injection.


According to the government, below are the SOPs to be followed:
1. Checking Body Temperature before Boarding.
2. Scanning of MySejahtera is a must before Boarding.
3. Hand Sanitizer must be provided at the Main Door.
4. Wearing a mask is a must in the van/bus/coach during the entire journey.
5. Maximum capacity is 50% of standard coach capacity.


Hello Holidays Sdn Bhd provide transportation service for companies who want to send their employees to the Vaccination Center!

Contact us and make a booking today!

Reservation Hotline: 012-321 2929 (Mr. Tai)


Provide us the details below when making your reservation:
1. Vaccination Date and Time
2. Pick-up and Drop-Off Location together with the Vaccination Center Location.
3. List of your staff: Name and IC Number (Local Staff) / Passport Number (Foreign Staff)


Shikoku (四国, しこく), located between the Seto Inland Sea and the Pacific Ocean, is also 4 major island in Japan (Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku & Kyushu). In recent years, the completion of bridges which across the Seto Inland Sea has made Honshu’s connection with Shikoku more convenient.

The Shikoku has a unique natural environment, a lot secret scenery in Shikoku. There are a lot of attraction to explore.









Likes one of the top 3 mysterious valley, the Iya Valley, you can feel what natural have made for this unique natural environment. Besides, walk through an ancient vine bridge, you may feel walking through as a samurai when in the ancient time.








There are also invincible seascape of Seto Inland Sea. Have a walk in the Naruto Strait Bridge, get closer to look at the world’s most magnificent whirlpool for the Naruto Strait.









Enjoy Dogo Hot Spring (Dogo Onsen), one of the top 3 famous and ancient hot spring in Japan, have about 3000 years. Dogo are full with cultural atmosphere, it have attracted a lot of literati and writers. Wherever you walk on the onsen street, you can immerse yourself into the traditional Japan culture.




Have a ride on a retro steam train “Botchan Steam Train”, also is one of the train worth riding, it has an excellent system of trams for getting around the city.









Take another ride of Yawatahama Train in「Iyo-Kaminada Line」. It is a tourist train,this train are the 4th year of operation in 2018,Yawatahama train was the First of top 10 Tourist Train,you can enjoy the leisure of the railway trip、the beauty sea view of Iyo Beach. At coastal area can fully enjoy the charm of retro railways.



Experiencing The Tokushima Awa Dance, this dance is performing while Tokushima festival, features folkdances performed to welcome the souls of ancestors in the Bon season to learn more about Japanese dance culture.

Japan have a lot famous sightseeing, which is attractive, historic, natural or mystery. For Shikoku, is a place you never can’t to visit, it is natural scenery, historical, festivals, feel the unique local taste and experience local culture. The beauty of Shikoku is waiting for everyone come to explore. Yokoso!

Are you planning having holidays to Japan during Autumn foliage season to experience autumn leave? Finding the ideal tour package.

Autumn Season is the best time to visit Japan. The Maple leaves is the main attraction for tourist to visit Japan every year. We will bring you to visit Japan that have content in Our itinerary Osaka /Shirakawa / Kyoto / Mt. Fuji / Tokyo. Within this tour, you will also explore the world heritage, traditional buildings and streets, experience the convenience of Japan’s transportation system, high technology and quality of Japanese lifestyle, friendly and warm-hearted people, enjoy the various type of shopping/entertainment style.

Another important aspect of Package tour Japan is the easy availability of ‘Halal’ food to Muslim travelers. The following article is among the articles emphasizing on the increasing availability of Muslim-friendly.


If you don’t know how to plan your trip. We will gladly help you. We can make a great deal offer with tips and advice for you to make your travel different.

Ready to enter the colorful world with us? Don`t be disappointed if you missed the sakura season, Hokkaido flower festival will give you a different experience. Plan your japan holiday now and add japan Hokkaido to your travel list when during summer. Weather temperature in Hokkaido on summer season is feel cool, because Hokkaido is the northernmost part of Japan. However, is that can offer some tips and advice on this aspect.


Flower Festival

There are many flowers in Hokkaido are blooming in summer and common flower in Hokkaido is sunflower. One of the attraction we have to visit is Himawari no sato, located Hokkaido Hokuryu, it is seen as the biggest sunflower garden in Japan. In Hokuryu, sunflowers are the emblem of the local people, can be seen in gardens, road signs, street lights and others. The season of sunflower is from mid of July until mid of August.






Then, friends who like flowers must visit to Furano. We have visit to Biei Hills in our japan itinerary. The whole hill is covered with beautiful flowers and paddy fields. Here are planted different varieties of flowers example sunflower, lavender, different type of chrysanthemum and many, look like a large rainbow of nature. Has few famous attraction at Biei Hills like: Ken & Mary Tree, Seven Star Tree, Mild Seven Hills and many.







Next, we have proceed to Tomita Flower Farm. Here are full of lavender and different of flowers. Summer is the best time to visit Tomita Flower Farm. After the lavender harvesting and machining, will be making into different skin care product or make a pillow and other uses.








Hot Spring

Hot springs are very famous in Japan. In our japan tour has stay 3 nights at hot spring resort. The primary reason to visit hot springs is that they offer a sense of relaxation. Since natural  hot springs include silica, you will get to have stronger, have more beautiful hair and skin, and your bones will be strong as well.









Can try different fruits when during summer season and must try to eat Melon in Hokkaido. And our japan Hokkaido tour have to provide fruit picking experience to pick the cherry or plum.








3 kinds of crab must want to try that is King Crab, Matsuba Crab and Hairy Crab.


Can experience to different flower fields to look different type of flower in one journey. Get the value japan tour and travel with us now! Enjoy your holiday with beautiful memories with us and different package tour japan offered by Hello Holidays.

Japan Tohoku, some people may not know where this place is. In fact, the Japanese think of the Tohoku is what we call “outskirt area” or so-called “kampung”. This area here has a sparsely populated, most of the area is covered by forest, four distinct seasons. Because of this, the local people live simpler, and also remain their traditional culture. The similar to Hokkaido’s cold winter is also a special characteristic here. Tohoku are having a total 6 county, which are Aomori, Akita, Iwate, Yamagata, Miyagi and Fukushima.

Japan turns in to winter season on December every year, the cold air from Siberia passes through the Straits of Japan and becomes wet and cold. As the air blows into the coast of Japan, it blocked by the mountains along the coast, resulting a heavy snowfall. Especially Tohoku area, where snow thicknesses can be as high as 3-6 meters. This is why Tohoku becomes a first choice for many visitors who enjoy snow watching or winter sports. The winter in Tohoku has many breathtaking scenery and tourist attractions.


First of all, the most spectacular spot here will be Snow Monster, while taking the bus from the hotel in Sendai City to the Mount Zao, the view outside the window is still sunny. But just about half an hour later, the view outside the bus window changed and the snow began to fall. The mountains around us start to has snow covered on top, the houses are also covered with a layer of snow, the view suddenly turned into a fairy tale-like romantic scene. The beautiful snow scene makes the passengers in the bus start to awake, and taken out their mobile phones or cameras to snap or record down the fantastic view around us.



The snow still falling after we arrived to the Mount Zao. Thousands of visitors come to this place, whether local or foreign, are aim to the snow activities here and also the “Snow Monster”. At the same time, because the fog or water vapor below the freezing point of ice freezes on the branches to form a variety of shapes, some of which look like monsters or some weird shape, this is why the locals call them as “Snow Monsters”. The formation of these very demanding weather and geographical conditions, it must be a fixed direction of strong winds blowing for a long time in order to forming the “Snow Monster”. Only Mount Zao and some northeast regions can see this type of unique scene in the whole Japan. During the riding of cable car up to the Mount Zao, we can see the fantastic and unique scenery clearly.



Another important part of the trip is Ginzan Onsen Street, the 400-year-old town. Its name means “silver mine hot spring”. On both sides of the valley retains the Dazheng to Zhaohe period (1912-1926) of wood-built old-fashioned hotel, the stone-built road, bridge, old-style lamp and so on, the visitors here keep snapping a picture or record a video using their camera or mobile phone. Besides enjoying the beautiful scenery, there are “foot hot-spring” pool everywhere to relax the after the previous jorney.

The tour takes us a retro-typed sightseeing train to Lake Tazawa. You may enjoy the beauty of the Japan Akita countryside while enjoying the leisurely railway trip. The sightseeing train, which was originally used as the Akita private railway for the transportation of timber, was operated until 1989 merged to become the Akita Nairuku Line. Although you can enjoy different scenery all year round, but the winter scene is always the highlight of this railway tour. The special and warm carriages are full of the pictures of Akita dogs, and there are a lady selling snacks and explain the scenery during the journey. Trains will also slow down when pass through a special scenery so that the passengers can take a clearer picture of it.



Besides the beautiful scenery, Tohoku also own a lot of special cuisine which is very tradition based. Although it seems like a simple decoration and simple cuisine, but it full of the considerate of Japanese and they also make the whole cuisine nutritional balance. This is the most authentic Japan style cuisine. Let’s forget about the Malaysia’s food, as we traveled to Japan, we have to temporarily put aside those so-called Malaysian food and eating habits, then can only really experience the Japanese food culture. Below are the sample of Japanese style Cuisine.












Where to go in Japan during Fall? Kyushu – 3rd largest of the main island Honshu


Comparing downtown Tokyo to Hokkaido’s nature landscape, Kyushu is a destination for all ages. Having said that, for those who love Japan’s rich history and the history buffs must not miss immersing themselves in the classical Kyushu island!

It was a difficult choice, but one season did indeed get crowned the best time to visit Kyushu: Autumn!

Kyushu is Japan’s third-largest island and located southwest of the main island Honshu .Kyushu has its charm and rich with historical, cultural, natural scenery and beautiful at every season, whether spring, summer, autumn or winter.

Hello holidays ‘s Kyushu itinerary will bring you Southwest of Japan’s main island during this beautiful season of autumn and providing the best times and destinations to go to for viewing beautiful Maples leaves in kyushu.







Best Spots to See Autumn Leaves in kyushu


Takachiho Gorge in  Kyushu is known as one of the most beautiful gorge & Natural Scenic Area in Japan especialy during Autumn. The waterfall at the gorge is also listed as top of Hundred in Japan




is the highest pedestrian-only suspension bridge in Japan. It has 390 meters long and 173 meters high. This suspension bridge offers view of three differently sized waterfalls.

Scenic view, perhaps more spectacular with the mountains

covered with autumn leaves.


L A K E K I N R I N – K O

Kinrinko Lake, also known as the “Golden Fish Scales Lake”. The lake is the most spectacular in the early mornings when mist clouds over the surface of the lake due to the hot spring and regular spring water from the bottom of the lake mixing. The maple trees were beautiful in orange and red when we visited in autumn

Come Join us and let’s explore the distinctive flavors of Kyushu together.


: 0 3 – 9 2 2 2 2 2 2 8
# : W W W . H E L L O H O L I D A Y S . C O M . M Y

C O M E  F L Y  W I T H  U S .  R E M E M B E R ! H E L L O  H O L I D A Y S  A L W A Y S  M A K E 

Y O U R  T R A V E L  HA P P I E R !

Discover Japan’s Tohoku Beautiful Autumn

with Hello Holidays

Let’s Join our tour pacakage

If you’re eager for a real autumn adventure, No WORRY! Hello Holidays will be the right choices to join our Japan tour package – Tohoku’s  oh-so poetic landscape is exactly where you’ll find one!

Tohoku region retains its old-world charms, traditional lifestyles and distinctive cultures. With its astounding scenery, ancient shrines and unique lifestyles maintained by friendly people making remarkable local dishes, each spot and every person in the region has a fascinating story waiting to be discovered. Autumn – The maples glow crimson, the ginkgo trees turn into towering tufts of gold and the clear autumn skies make the weather perfect for adventures in the great outdoors.

Tohoku is home to some delicious unique dishes that cannot be found elsewhere in Japan but only there. They have meaty mushrooms, sake, fresh chestnuts, juicy apple, persimmons, and fish make their appearance on local menus. In October you can get an early taste of the season and beat the crowds by heading up north of Japan.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to join us to embark on an amazing discovery journey in search of the hidden sides of Japan and create your kind of story in Tohoku.

Do you want to travel to Japan and you have been looking for a quality Japan Tour Package right?Hello Holidays can help you and give you some suggestion. Hokkaido tour can be one of  your choices.You can spend your holidays in Japan. In Hokkaido during wintertime, white snow covers the ground as far as the eye can see.

You will understand the real Hokkaido only if you have seen it in winter. The annual Sapporo Snow Festival is one of the greatest winter celebrations in the world, and is home to massive ice sculptures and endless food stalls. During wintertime, it is highly recommended to experience outdoor activities on snow. Skiing and snowboarding on excellent powder snow are must do’s, plus snowboarding on the snowfield and banana-boat on the frozen lake are assures you to have great fun. If you want to explore nature’s wonders, going on a sightseeing ice breaker vessel, which sailing through the drift ice is for you. You cannot miss taking a bath in an outdoor hot-spring and enjoy very Japanese atmosphere while you are in Hokkaido. These are only some of the things you can do in Hokkaido, and remember that Hokkaido has a lot more to offer and will never ever make you bored!

This is Hokkaido Tour where such four seasonal differences are gathered in one place. Hokkaido has a lot more to offer to visitors than its scenery,you can also try various activities to communicate with nature! There is no other place like Hokkaido, where you can do sightseeing, eating, playing and your will be satisfied to the fullest!